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  1. Excellent photo of the new King Megan. Now we await the King's Coronation Medal. Jean-Paul
  2. Thanks for the hi-res image of the back of this unusual ribbon bar. At first glance, the stitching looks good, but on further observation, it doesn't look like the stitching is 75 years old. Stitching looks more recent, so still leaning towards someone adding the US WW2 Victory Medal ribbon to fill an empty spot/missing ribbon on this ribbon bar. Jean-Paul
  3. Is it possible to see an image of the back of this ribbon bar? I have the feeling that this might be a "made-up" ribbon bar. Jean-Paul
  4. Hi Erik, I was in Alert in 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1985. Each time for 6 months continuous. Yes, weather conditions are extreme. Sorry, no pictures to share. Jean-Paul
  5. Hi Erik, Very interesting blog. I've had the opportunity to visit Thule Air Base on 6 or 7 occasions, sleeping there on my way to the Canadian military base in Alert, NWT. We always had a good laugh while in Thule when seeing the various signs saying "At the top of the world". Knowing that the next day we'd be flying 500 miles further north to Alert. Alert is the most northern permanently populated location in the world. Alert is truly "At the top of the world" being location approximately 500 miles from the North Pole. Here is a link to a map showing Thule and Alert. Here is the link: Good luck with this very interesting blog. Jean-Paul
  6. Hot off the press: Joly’s office confirms no Canada 150 medals — despite ‘enthusiasm’ from previous minister The Ministry of Canadian Heritage still has no plans to issue commemorative medals for Canada’s 150th anniversary, despite recommendations and proposals from officials. Bureaucrats briefed Joly on their progress after a proposal to the previous minister, Conservative Shelly Glover, was met with “enthusiasm,” according to documents obtained via an access-to-information request. Joly has not explained why the medals project has been dropped. “The contribution of great Canadians will be recognized through a wide range of projects,” her office said Monday. The cancellation has drawn the ire of some, including the Royal Canadian Legion, which said it was “shocked and disappointed” and this summer wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Governor General, Joly and opposition leaders. Joly was given a detailed memorandum and presentation, including an illustration of a medal featuring the Canada 150 logo. A source close to the project said designs for the medals and medal certificates were ready, and regulations and Letters Patent were drafted by the time Joly decided not to pursue the project. Read the complete news article: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/jolys-office-confirms-no-canada-150-medals-despite-enthusiasm-from-previous-minister Jean-Paul
  7. Hi Gordon, According to Kevin R. Ingraham in his book " Honors, Medals and Awards of the Korean War 1950 - 1953", a total of 5,650 Ethiopian issue UN Medals were struck. As for the Ethiopian UN Medal, a total of 3,518 "combat personnel" served with the three battalions. I presume there was also a number of "support" troops with the battalions. Hope this helps. Jean-Paul
  8. Hi Rob, Here is the link to the South African National Archives, which might be of assistance: http://www.national.archives.gov.za/ Good luck with your research. Jean-Paul
  9. Hi Chris, Thanks for your observations. The box is plain with no writing. Let me know if you still want me to send some photos. Jean-Paul
  10. Hi Brian, Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated. Jean-Paul
  11. JPL

    help to ID medals

    Hi, These two medals are from France. Official title is "Medaille d'Honneur du travail (Ministere de la Defense - Marine). Translates roughly to: Medal of Honour for Work (Ministry of Defence - Navy). The medal is awarded to civilian employees for distinguished/long service. The bronze medal is awarded for 25 years of service, while the silver medal is given for 30 years of service. The gold medal signifies 40 years of service. Hope this helps. Jean-Paul
  12. I recently came across an EK2 and just couldn't resist buying it. Since this is not my area of expertise, I'd like to see what our forum EK experts have to say regarding this piece. I've taken a few photos which I hope will provide enough details. The case has no writing on it and there is a small mark on the ring of the award. The mark is too small for me to make out, but it looks like it could be a B or and E. Jean-Paul
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