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  1. Hello, Thank you for the analysis! Response to Garf: It is not a secret. So the origin of the star remains unknown. My family inherited it from my great-great grandmother who was not by any means a royal. She was commoner in central/eastern Serbia at the time (Very beginning of 20th century). We assume she found it somewhere or it fell off of someone like that. We have no supporting documentation, no box, anything else. Since than, star has been in our family for 3-4 generations as our "little treasure". That's everyting we know about the origin (we know nothing about how it landed in my family's hands since my family was never a part of any royalty.) Hopefully we will continue researching together. Good day!
  2. Yes the maker is indeed C.F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim. But he used to produce orders mostly in 20th century. I have seen stars produced by Rothe but never by C.F. Zimmermann. The diamond issues were being ordered separately from the generic ones, as they were produced in very limited numbers.
  3. Hello. First, I want to say that I am very happy and thankful to be with all of you in this community. I own a diamont breast star. Without swords. I already have a lot of information about it. But I also miss a lot of information since it is very rare and most likely completely unique. I am not sure to whom it belonged exactly. Here are some pictures, maybe some of you can help me with your profund knowledge.
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