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  1. Hi 922F Thank you for the comment The Neck Cross is part of a Set This size Cross is used for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st Classes of this Emission i have never seen yet Grand Cross Set from this Emission The Order of Military merit from this Emission is far more difficult to get I have seen only 2-3 pieces of it and mainly 5th Class with crown and without crown Sadly this nice Medal bar below is not mine I have so far only one with a crown
  2. Hi, That mean that this cross is not an Officer bu 1st Class and the Emission is as i suspected early King Boris 1918-1932 Period From the information you gave us it looks like he was high ranking Diplomat It can explain the high Classes awards including the Bulgarian The Cross Badge is worn on a Sash therefore comes only with ring ( no ribbon loop) The Star of this class is -95 mm in diameter In 1933 King Boris of Bulgaria introduced The Grand Cross The Cross Badge is similar as the one of the Diplomat, however the Star is different it is diamond cut type I doubt that this Diplomat was awarded this Class simply because it was given in a very special occasions and to a very very high ranking persons It is very interesting fact that this Diplomat never had a post in Kingdom of Bulgaria. Either this Cross came from somewhere and was added to the Group or he was awarded for his contributions to Bulgaria without being there, however involved in some way Did the Group come directly from the family? More research is needed Here are the two Emissions i just described 1 Th 1st Class - early King Boris Emission 1918-1932 picture from a book 2 The Grand Cross 1933 King Boris Emission - in the box from my collection Regarding the GO Star of L2 The crown is typical Heremens It can come in any box The Box looks early Fonson not late made one Here is GC by Fonson You can see the crown on the Star It is from my collection
  3. This rare Emission was believed to be made around 1937 for a very short period It has specific flat reverse medallion . Also the text is different from the other emissions -Ferdinand ! 2 VIII 1891
  4. The Bulgarian Order for Civil merit, without the size details, looks like 4th Class -Officer with missing ribbon. The correct ribbon has a rosette If you provide the size of the cross, especially the width this can be confirmed the The correct size/width is 50-51 mm for this Class We need the size.It look early King Boris Period -around 1920-1930 It is a pity that the GO of L2 i has a missing central medallion. Very likely this central medallion has a French text only typical for the before 1951 pieces. Any maker marks on the back? It looks like piece of Fernand Heremans. Usually the central medallion by this maker does hot have decorative trim surrounding it Regards
  5. Just added to my collection This one has a gold crown I wander how many variations are existing just for this cross
  6. Hi 992F, Those Stars with the very slim text appeared around 2009 First on Ebay then on some Auctions around Europe, It was a work of well known distributor of fakes on eBay Viktor or Victor. We discussed him in the very early listings, when i started this topic He ended his activities and now he is selling high end Russian and Bulgarian fakes watches, and jewelries His Shop is called Viktor antique jewelries or similar His new adventure is to sell very expensive "original " items claimed to be Royal Russian and Bulgarian ones. He also sells many fantasy gold rings and jewelries with skuls Apparently he found selling fake Bulgarian Orders and decorations not very awarding money wise
  7. Here is another shot of the Star The upper arm of the Cross is off the central line by a quite a bit Also the text is very slim and not quite clear The body of the Star looks OK i suspect the rest was added later I might be too critical, however there are too many warning signs.
  8. Just saw on eBay this shocking fake. Unfortunately a nice 4th Class of the Bulgarian Order for Bravery was butchered to create a fantasy Order -Russian White Army Price Tag $ 1800 Also This Star of the Order for Military merit brought my attention The seller is selling it bellow the market value I do not like this wide black line of the edges of the enamel. Also the way the swords were ?aged" I would not be adding this one to my collection
  9. Small update of the 1915 Red Cross Three variations
  10. Hi New World, Thank you for finding this treasure and listing it It is a 1st Class The owner of this miniatures bar must had been a very high ranking person Amazing Few more mini bars . Not as impressive but very nice You can see the 3rd Class with green enamel on one of them PS. I just read the tread Yes it was an important person
  11. Hi Here is a picture of Lot 53 and the result of this Auction to support the Great Dane information One of the seller, who is selling the Catalog I listed above, was very kind to send me them If this Set is not in this Cataalog The seller stated it does not feature on the back cover of the catalog, then ith might be on the back cover of a book/catalog written by Graf Clenau about Orders from Europe, which was published in 1978/1979- -picture provided Hi Ilieff, do you have any access to the King Simeon Office. They might have information what was ordered Set or a cross. The might have the answer of this question I still support the 922F statement " Gustav Tammann had a 1940's C & M small collar with a much later thin arm badge that he said was Cejalvo work. He had a new star with that collar, most likely a 1960's Rothe. I suspect that some of the Cejalvo Crosses were married to late Rothe Stars like in this picture The cross on the right is typical Cejalvo with the SS Brothers not painted directly to the center
  12. Hi Great Dane, Thank you for the picture Without seeing a color picture I can tell you that this is a real one, also the size is correct 75 x75 mm The cross with the blue enamel discussed on the Forum and sold on eMedals site is much smaller 59 x59 mm
  13. Hi Great Dane, Do you have the Auction Catalog If you have can you list picture of the Order I found one for sale on internet One thing emerges as a fact that Cejalvo Crosses could have been paired with late -postwar Stars to make Sets The question remains who and when those Mystery crosses with blue enamel were made. Whether they are post war Rothe work and someone copied them later on to make those crude sets recently sold on eMedals site.
  14. Those are better pictures of the Medal with the the hinged crown Click to choose fThe medal and the crown look much finer and slimmer The crown is very small There is only one mark on the hinge "VI" and is it engraved The size of the medal is 31 mm wide
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