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  1. Hi New World, Thank you for the adding to my point Here is a low grade fake Not only the high classes are safe from the fakers At least ,who ever buys it will not depart with handsome sum of cash
  2. Hi Petar, Thank you for your opinion. Also you do not have to feel sorry for the "bad name" created by the fakers. That is the human nature and greediness that makes those people to do such things. Comparing to what has happened with Orders and decorations from other countries that is a very small problem I can reassure you that even people with a "good" names and reputation such as well known Experts, Dealers, Sellers and Auction Houses have closed their eyes and for the sake of nice profit cheated the collectors community..and still doing it I have been keeping an eye on the Market and i can notice what is going on. However that is a very small issue comparing to much bigger frauds in our society It will be very nice from you if you have pictures and information of the "hew wave" of fakes of Bulgarian Orders Regards Graf
  3. Hi Petar, You have more exposure to those fakes in Bulgaria. Always is a good experience when you have in your hands both the fake and the original item and carefully analyze and compare both (as on your picture) Then you can have a better chance to detect fakes even from pictures, although no one is bullet proof We all have our bad experience with fakes. With time we develop a nice guts feeling to accept or reject an item Regarding the enamel i am sure that as we improve our knowledge and experience the fakers do the same and they perfect their work It is their job Our job is to keep the collectors informed to prevent fakers making profit at our expense eBay is a good site for the fakers and most of us keep ourselves alert. Unfortunately, some professional dealers are buying and selling such fakes knowingly or not knowingly to make profit. There are few books out there how to detect fakes i suspect they are read by the fakers and they correct their work accordingly. BTW Welcome in our Forum. You already contributed few nice listings with rare items i suppose you are not novice in collecting Bulgarian Orders Graf
  4. Hi Petar, I agree with you and the other members - The Star is a fake I suspect that the enamel is a new soft one and will not pass the "needle test" The Star has so many bad spots to be original 1st Class Prince/King Ferdinand Model I also believe that the back plate cup with the maker name could have been copied from an original one There are Stars with the maker mark and also ones without this mark. The nuts on the back could be different Nevertheless all have very high quality finish You can see the nicely rounded edges of the stars arms See pictures provided It looks like that there is a new wave of fake Stars on the market I saw couple of similar Stars on the Bulgarian site -Auction.bg Well if there is a demand for Bulgarian Orders there will be always someone to try to "provide' them to the collectors. BTW Always be careful when the seller has a "story" and pretends not to have any knowledge. That is an Alarm bell ringing loudly Graf
  5. Hi Christophe, In addition of those makers , Very small numbers of the Bravery Order were made in France Here is a picture to what is believed to be the very first model of the 4th Class of the Order for Bravery made by V.L The miniature is also made by V.L French makers made Those Orders are extremely rare You can see the distinctive features of this model when compared with other models made other non French makers Note the Bulgarian makers stepped-in in the later stages of WW2 and post War period. Mainly in the Regency and the Republican periods Their quality was not not very good, since the Orders were made in small private workshops Graf
  6. Hi, It is Bulgarian Single bar More likely to be for the Order for Bravery, although such a ribbon was use for the Order for Military Merit and The Order for Merit in wartime periods On the picture you can see all above mentioned Orders on display From left to right Order for Bravery Order for Military Merit (without crown) and Order for Merit The Period is difficult to be identified More likely WW1 Also the crown is not typical Bulgarian which suggests that the owner was non Bulgarian Regards
  7. Hi Igor, Yes it is very nice In real looks even nicer It is more likely to be WW1 period It is the small type 53 mm x 30 mm German made Stamped, as you see "SILBER" on the top Godet?! Perhaps yes, however without maker mark difficult to say Recently 14 Carat Gold badge by Godet was sold on auction in Germany It was a stunning piece and the price was also stunning Sadly I was not the lucky buyer Graf
  8. Hi Vazov, This is a very interesting topic. Congrats If we assume that this is the Original top of the famous "Samara Flag it could be a prove of one of the theories for this rare emission. This theory speculated that it is the very first one dating 1880 This theory was supported by some Bulgarian Authors This Emission was short lived at that time and replaced by the Emissions we know for this period Then this Emission surfaced again during the period between WW1 and WW2 believed to be around the 1915 Emission period. It was speculated that left overs were found and awarded ??!! Why it is still mystery, which will be resolved one day Then again it was used in the final stages of WW2 when a very famous Soviet Marshals and Generals were awarded with "Tree Dots" Emission I suspect because this Emission did not have any date on it to relate to any of the Tzarist Periods It was even suggested that new rings were made featuring "Three Dots" to replace the rings with 1915 dates and these new rings were somewhat different in size and text format from the original. Late Prof. Pavlov rejected the idea of this Emission to be the first one pointing several reasons He believed that this emission was awarded more likely during King Boris III period, although never have been proven. He also mentioned that this Emission was awarded to top Soviet Military personnel in the final sages of WW2. Because he was and still considered to be the biggest expert for Bulgarian Military Awards, the theory that the THREE DOTS" Emission is the very first one was not followed and/or forgotten. Graf Insert other media
  9. Enamel of the front central medallion is missing??!! Otherwise the Order is in very good condition It looks it is Gold
  10. Hi Lars, Welcome. Here is a variant of the second model of the Cross 1915-1916 With a pin system on the back. However, the most common seen is with the ribbon loop on the top as yours Also a picture from the Queen Eleonora badge The text says "Druzestvo Samarianka" (Samarianka Society) which reinforce my belief that this is not a a model of Queen Eleonora Cross but a badge/sign of this Society. I am still researching when it was founded It continued trough WW2 period I found among my Documents a Certificate of Completed Course for Samarianka run by the Bulgarian red Cross It is from King Boris III period -1940. It appeared that those medical personnel were trained to be deployed during war and crisis situations
  11. Hi Lars, Yes, It seems the correct colour of the ribbon is red. i have seen it mainly in two shapes -Austrian type and strait one as seen on the picture with the Queen Eleonora photo. The page on the picture with Queen Eleonora signs, medals and crosses is from a book by Veselin Denkov According to the book there are four models of the of the Commemorative signs. Your sign is described as the 3rd variant -1915-1916 However when i looked the existing literature and information i am more inclined to think that that there are three different signs/ awards 1 Medal of Queen Eleonora in three grades Gold, Silver and Bronze 2. Red Cross of Queen Eleonora two variants 1912-1913 and 1915-1916 Your Cross is the second variant The text says "God's is our work/deed" This Commemorative Red Cross was introduced in 1913ian it was awarded personally by the Queen to people in recognition of their services to the Bulgarian red Cross during the Balkan Wars 3. The third sign with the green enamel and no ribbon It comes with a pin system on the back. In my opinion was a sign/award given to the medical personnel members of the so called "Samarianka' organization to which Queen Eleonora dedicated significant time helping the ill and wounded military personnel.. Sadly she contracted an infectious disease during rendering services to the sick and wounded personnel and that caused her death I hope that helps Regards Graf
  12. Hi 922F Thank you for the comment The Neck Cross is part of a Set This size Cross is used for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st Classes of this Emission i have never seen yet Grand Cross Set from this Emission The Order of Military merit from this Emission is far more difficult to get I have seen only 2-3 pieces of it and mainly 5th Class with crown and without crown Sadly this nice Medal bar below is not mine I have so far only one with a crown
  13. Hi, That mean that this cross is not an Officer bu 1st Class and the Emission is as i suspected early King Boris 1918-1932 Period From the information you gave us it looks like he was high ranking Diplomat It can explain the high Classes awards including the Bulgarian The Cross Badge is worn on a Sash therefore comes only with ring ( no ribbon loop) The Star of this class is -95 mm in diameter In 1933 King Boris of Bulgaria introduced The Grand Cross The Cross Badge is similar as the one of the Diplomat, however the Star is different it is diamond cut type I doubt that this Diplomat was awarded this Class simply because it was given in a very special occasions and to a very very high ranking persons It is very interesting fact that this Diplomat never had a post in Kingdom of Bulgaria. Either this Cross came from somewhere and was added to the Group or he was awarded for his contributions to Bulgaria without being there, however involved in some way Did the Group come directly from the family? More research is needed Here are the two Emissions i just described 1 Th 1st Class - early King Boris Emission 1918-1932 picture from a book 2 The Grand Cross 1933 King Boris Emission - in the box from my collection Regarding the GO Star of L2 The crown is typical Heremens It can come in any box The Box looks early Fonson not late made one Here is GC by Fonson You can see the crown on the Star It is from my collection
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