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    1. Yes I agree Fake Star Somebody paid $1400 plus commission Cheers
    2. It is a very nice book i have in mind 2011 Edition Weak point is the evaluation of the decorations The current market demands much higher prices. I do not recommend you to buy the older 2001 Edition It is smaller book and the information is not as good Most of the pictures are black and white. For starting point is OK, however the 2011 Edition is much better Late Prof Pavlov books are the best however they still demand much higher price then Denkov book(s) Cheers
    3. Very nice explanations Those crosses could be 1st and 2nd class Once the ribbons from 1 to 4th Class were introduced then the class could be identified easier 1nd and 3rd Class had crossed ribbons Here is an overview of the Order for Bravery You can see that the pentagonal ribbon was used till the end of WW2 Yes Todor Petrov book is a good reference
    4. Hi Steve It is made by Austrian maker. As you noticed it might be not Shield The cross is typical Austrian made During Prince/King Ferdinand all Royal Bulgarian Orders were made mainly in Austria and smaller numbers in France There are single numbers made by Swiss or Hungarian makers King Ferdinand was not keen any Orders to be made by Bulgarian Makers He was crazy about quality. Cheers
    5. Yes you are correct No Swords I do not know why i saw swords The time looks correct as well Cheers
    6. Yes it is nice 5th Class Cross Austrian made in the beginning of last century Prince//King Ferdinand period War time awarded with swords in the middle Usually they are silver made -marked or unmarked If it is made by Shield the mark will be on the ribbon ring Price 150-180 Euro Cheers
    7. Very nice photo Very nice photo The Commander of the Order of St Alexander is with swords in the middle -given at a war time
    8. Welcome in the Club It is interesting badge It is better to list it in the North Europe Section Regards Graf
    9. Graf

      Legion of Honor

      Hi Welcome to the Club, Very likely the front medallion was lost and who ever repaired the Orders attached what he had in hand Those medallions get detached/lost quite often, since they are hold in place only by a stiky wax On close inspection, in my opinion the blue and the white colours central medallion were re-enameled and they made a mistake The white enamel of the cross also was repaired
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