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  1. Hi 992F, Nice to "hear " from you again This is WWII Bulgaria Kingdom Police Officer Visor Hat Cockade Keep safe Regards Graf
  2. Hi, I am glad that the topic became "alive" Nice to see your minis Lars know that i am into other country minis, however Swedish Order always are fascinating me. Hi Lars i hope one day i pop up in Copenhagen and i have a look of your' private" Museum... if i am included in your 'by invitation only" list
  3. Hi Larsb001 Nice to "hear" from you again, As usual - nice am rare items Congrats Graf
  4. Very nice mini displays Hi JonasE I like all, however you have few very rare and old minis that I like the most Congrats. Hi JohanH Well done for identifying the owner of the miniatures Congrats Cheers Keep safe Graf
  5. H TJLA, It is a good work It looks you are very dedicated in your research Here are few photos of - Documents It will be very difficult to prove whether the medal and document from the Auction are not 'married' later on Only a strong provinance from the family member can prove this. Also I am not sure whether thre were different Documents for the "Cent Gardes' Model Medals - Photo of General de Failly with the "Cent Gardes" medal. That is a proof that those medals did exist and are not a late creations The Question is whether they were awarded as that or the crown was added later on by request of the owner of the medal to give more dramatic look. It is known that the French Orders were awarded as standard model . Later on people with deep pockets ordered luxury models to show their status in the society Also many High ranking officers and Officials got luxury models as presents by their Officers or friends or employees Général de Failly, campagne d'Italie [PE1443] Catégorie : CDV > portraits > Militaires Année : Circa 1865 Type : Tirage albuminé Format (cm): 6,5x10,5 CDV vintage albumen. Pierre Louis Charles de Failly Le général de Failly Le général de Failly Naissance 21 janvier 1810 Rozoy-sur-Serre Décès 15 novembre 1892 (à 82 ans) Compiègne Né à Rozoy-sur-Serre dans l'Aisne, il est le fils de Charles, Louis comte de Failly et de Sophie de Mons de Maigneux. Il intègre l'École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr en 1826. Il fait ses premières armes à Paris, dans l'affaire de la rue Transnonain, où il gagne une réputation de cruauté militaire. Le crayon de Daumier a reproduit l'épisode de la maison Doyen avec une singulière énergie. Colonel au mois d'août 1851, général de brigade le 29 août 1854, il participe à la guerre de Crimée et revint général de division. Il épouse en 1857 Felicité de Frézals de Bourfaud née à Compiègne (Oise) le 19 avril 1821. Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur depuis 1842, il est nommé grand officier de l’ordre le 25 juin 18592, après la campagne d'Italie. En 1867, il est chargé d'arrêter net la tentative de Garibaldi sur les États romains ; c'est alors qu'après Mentana il écrit : « nos fusils Chassepot ont fait merveille », phrase qui lui est durement reprochée. Sénateur depuis le 12 mars 1868, il commande le 5e corps d'armée durant la guerre franco-allemande de 1870. Le favori impérial donne la mesure de son esprit militaire en laissant écraser Mac-Mahon à Reichshoffen, le 6 août 1870. Le 30 août, méprisant les avertissements des habitants de Beaumont-en-Argonne, il se laisse surprendre, près de la Meuse, au moment où ses soldats mangent la soupe. Victime de l'impéritie de son chef, la division de Failly écrasée, découvre le corps principal de l'armée, en marche sur Sedan, et sa déroute précipite le désastre final. Failly est démis de son commandement, et se retrouve prisonnier après la capitulation de Sedan. À son retour d'Allemagne, le général de Failly échappe au Conseil de guerre et se fait oublier avant de prendre sa retraite.
  6. Hi TJLA, First the red cloth, as you noticed, looks modern one. Some collectors and dealers like to add the red cloth to give more dramatic look of the Orders and medals with crowns. i am not aware that this was a fashion among the awarded persons, however it might have been done by same of them. This in no way increase the value of the order/medal The other issue is whether the crown could be added later on to increase the price. The answer is -Yes it is possible ..and not only by jeweler but by any more skilled collector or a Dealer. It has been happening with all Orders and Decorations around the world. It is tempting..it brings more $$$ and collectors value of the item. I opened a Special dedicated Topic for fake Bulgarian Orders and decorations on this Forum. It is very popular. How we can detect. That is the Million Dollars question. In my experience only collectors that are specialising in certain Orders and decorations and have extensive experience and handled many of those awards can be successful in some extend. No one is bullet proof to fraud. My simple advice is -Listen your guts feeling and the very first impression. This comes on top and with long experience. I have seen some suggestions for the campaign Medals that the models without crown have the ring connection on top of the medal more rounded like a ball while those ones with the crowns are also round but a bit flatter. However this is just speculation One had to do a proper research with a big sample Your theory info is very interesting and can not be ignored. The photos are of help. Only problem how often we can come across of photos with Millitary people wearing those campaign medals, especially the ones with crowns. I will be very happy if you come across one ore more of those photos and post them here. Regards Graf
  7. Hi Triadoro, Thank you for your opinion Regards Graf
  8. Hi 1812 Overture, Thank you for the nice comments. Yes life is , like you say, like a sea waves. The collectors life is even more wavy, because we have the passion, which sometimes does not get matched with our funds. However we learn to live with that. I, personally restructured and trimmed my collection several times in order to generate funds. I also realised that is difficult to have everything and tried to restrict the scope of my collecting It is easier to manage. We have to l accept the fact that sometimes we can miss an item. However life showed me that in many occasions I got similar item in better condition and on better price. Just we have to be patient. Cheers Keep safe Graf
  9. Hi Guys, Thank you for the posts and information provided. I am amazed how inventive were the Germans during WW2 ..well ahead the time
  10. Hi Terry37, Welcome ! A very Nice Start I like what I see so far Cheers Graf
  11. Hi TJLA, Thank you for the information It is nice Original medal, although on the expensive site. I like the efforts the Dealer made to give very nice and extensive information Cheers Graf
  12. Any information whether the Firm Juncker, Berlin ever made 1957 RK. At one stage I had two 1957 RK 1957 Model, however the quality was not at the best. Both of them were marked L/12 800 I sold them because i suspected that they were side line of the fake made 1939 Models .Those RKs appeared on the market very briefly 10 years ago
  13. Hi JohanH, Nice minis. Yes to get attributed bars and chains is better, especially if they are part of a Grouping. I simply try to get minis for the full size Orders I already have It looks nice I send you mere info regarding the Mini of the Commander of the Order of the Vaza on the other topic site. It is not marked and it is double sided . very detailed work. Silver Regards Graf
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