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  1. Hi I came across this Civil Merit Commander with a strange crown. i do not classify it as fake Simply the crown was replaced due to unknown reasons at one stage Still,,, strange item Any idea about the crown origin.... Order???
  2. Hi, I got across this nice 1939 EK2 -unmarked It looks better in hand It has polishes frames Opinion wanted about the Maker Graf
  3. Hi 922F, Although the person who met was not Raynov, the scenario you met this collector sounds like one of Bobomil Raynov crime books. I only mentioned his name because who has very advanced collection. i assume they could be few other Bulgarian collectors during this time. Recently i was contacted by a person who wanted to act as middleman to sell his "friend" collection His friend had a very advanced collection that was passed to him by his late father. He was reluctant to sell it in Bulgaria. According to him his father was not a big shot during the Communist p
  4. Hi 922F, From the picture and the information it looks like this is an Original Star. The finish of the surface is quite genuine to me, although i have not handle an original with this type of fitting. At that time not many people in Bulgaria would be able to collect Royal Orders. Many of those items were in the hands of high officials or well connected to them people with good income. It was romoured, however i can not confirm that The mentor of late Prof Pavlov was a very famous Bulgarian Crime story writer Bogomil Raynov. He was well connected to the high profile
  5. Hi 922F, The picture New World listed, from another forum, is of fake Star but with better finish I found a picture of same fitting, sold as original on on of the Auction in Europe BTW The sword on the left is the same as the sword on the right are the same simply photo illusion.
  6. Hi 922F, Here are pictures with fake or copy Star -first three pictures and the Original the last three picture You can compare the difference Still, i want to see the reverse to be convinced, however as New World stated cracks mean hard enamel it is a step to identify the Star is it Original or Copy/Fake one Best
  7. New World, You are correct with your assessment It is Second Class Cross. Knowing the seller I am more inclined to pick the first possibility I will be very surprised if he sells it because on such level there are only few collectors and i suppose they are with a good knowledge. Also what is bothering me that the seller did not display the reverse of the Star, like he did for other countries stars Best
  8. Hi Laurentius I used to collect the Italy Order of the Crown, however i cleared most of the. I have only two left From my experience most of the gold crosses are not marked Only if they are in silver they have mark 925 on the ring loop or on the side of the cross The construction is very light Actually the only metal is the gold/silver strip covering the edges and the wire and of course the central medallion ( they are also very thin) They are small numbers of crosses wit a bit thicker construction however the gold is not much as for tother orders in Gold Here ar
  9. Hi Graham, All Bravery awards are prestigious Some as the German Iron Cross and British Victoria Cross are most famous. However the importance of the other countries Bravery Awards can not be ignored. The Soldier Cross as part of the Order for Bravery has its own place. While the Officers Crosses of the Order for Bravery are very high quality and very handsome the Soldier"s Crosses quality are not The reason is that they were awarded to the low ranks. The Soldier's crosses you listed is the Second Emission with the year 1915 on them You are correct that they came
  10. I forgot to tell you that the Orders and the paintings were already framed as they are on the photos The Orders are between two glasses and the ribbons are glued to the back glass All done by the previous owner/s The photo shows the size of the two frames
  11. I suspect because it was the least awarded class According to Todor Petrov only 187 in total and only 59 to Bulgarian. I also suspect that because it is not as impressive as the 1st Class many of those 6th Class awards were lost with the time, which made them more rare to find. Yes, New World you are correct about the price tag. The same one was sold 10 years ago on Auction in Germany for the price of a 1st Class Set Lucky for me the seller of this Cross was not aware of this fact and i got it on a very good price. Also when i compared this Model crosses (Plenty of time now days) i
  12. Hi 922F, Thank you It was simply luck at the right time The place now days is the usual -in front of the PC
  13. At last i got , probably the rarest item from this Model, 6th Class with crown The box is as with rounded edges and oak leaves on the cross are hand chiseled on the back.
  14. Hi I recently did buy this interesting grouping of French Navy Officer The Grouping is : First Empire 3rd Type of LOH -Knight Class July Monarchy LOH Knight Class Monarchy modified 1/2 size LOH Second Empire LOH - Knight Class Order of ST Louis 1/2 Size Louis-Philippe Period The portrait of the Officer Oil painting. It looks like he is wearing the 1/2 size modified Monarchy Period LOH No name is known. Is it possible the military service to spread for such a long period ? Is this grouping assembled in a late
  15. Hi, The more I look the Set the more I think that the Star and the Cross are not King Ferdinand model. Also it is very strange for a Grand Cross Set not to be marked at all. The Austrian and French makers usually marked their Sets. especially if they are silver gilded. This strange Set is more likely early King Boris German made one That is why the crown is not as big as the ones of the King Ferdinand model. Most likely the Set was made piece by piece< I do not believe the box was made especially for the Set later on. The missing sash is a mystery because they are not
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