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  1. I noticed that on two of the pictures, one listed by paja and one listed by myself yesterday , the awarded people were wearing the Cross of the 1st Class of the Order for Civil Merit on the neck. I suppose they were very impressed by the Cross Notice the Star from the yesterday listing - it is with diamond cut rays
  2. Hi Gordon, Yes it took me a while till i got the Set The prices of them doubled for the last 1-2 years i was lucky to get them earlier Yes, I have seen few named ones single or in a Grouping It could have been nice to have one named. Nevertheless, My Goal was to get the Set of three. My major interest in collecting is in other areas. I simply wanted to get Baronet Badge I was lucky to get one named (see my other topic) and The Set of the three models of the Knight badge I am still chasing a miniature of the first and/or second model Hi Marcon1 Thank you for the additional information. I hope any of the members, who has Named Badges will list them on the forum Here are more pictures of the miniature Regards Graf
  3. First Model -Large Breast Badge The enamel is featured Second Model - smaller Breast Badge The enamel is plain Third Model - Neck Badge -much smaller size introduced by Queen Elizabeth in 1974 The enamel is also plain Also a miniature of the Badge
  4. Hi JohanH Yes It is very impressive Star It is not marked The size is 80 mm wide, 80 mm high and 87 mm in diagonal It is pierced Note -couple of tips are tarnished but no repaired. I did not clean them because it is how the Star looks on the picture of the Grouping of Admiral Sir Colin Keppel
  5. Hi Hendrik, Thank you for the information. I could not find any other Officer with this date of birth. Only two Pierre Huot are coming The news as you stated i I do not take it as a bad at all. Just additional motivation to keep looking into the topic during those horror times around the World Looks like your President is getting exited with what he is doing. like the Leaders from around the world I hope the history and the people of France will forgive him one day. My Main interests of collecting is not The French Order for National Merit as you can see from my posts. I have only couple of the Order of National merit items This one and an Officer This Commanders as you see is a luxury Model with Gold Central Medallions and the miniature is with a Diamond also luxury one Cheers
  6. Hi Igor , I looked at your point that only one size Star was made for both 1st Class and 2nd Class I have information from a person who is familiar with the Russian Orders and he stated that The Russian Orders had only one size Star for both Classes. The assumption that because the 1st Model of the Order of St Alexander was made in Russia and they copied the Russian Model sounds reasonable. However i still we have to try to explore this lead. BTW i found the sale where it was stated that the Star is 1st Class, however they did not specify the size. i am not sure I the came to the conclusion that it is 1st Class..or they knew that the size is the same and listed the Star as 1st Class to get a better price. I looked again the late Prince Romanoff book He did not specify about the 1st model Star his description is general of all Models 1st Class Stars Now we need to come across of more 1st Class Stars and somehow to obtain their size to make better conclusions. Regards Graf
  7. Hi Hendrik, Thank you for the hint Does that mean that at the time he was awarded the Commander -1981 he could have had the rank of general Unfortunately not much information i can get from the internet Best Graf
  8. Hi JohanH, Thank you for the nice information Now I have quite a bit information for the provenance of the Star It was a pity that his Grouping was split, however sometimes the dealers do if they feel they can sell the Orders if they separate the Orders and decorations. An way It worked nice for me because i was looking for a Star of the Orders of the sword and buying a star with provenance was additional bonus Regards Graf
  9. I found pictures of him in a book. Sadly the first page is not very clear
  10. For me looks like GC The Star is Very big The 1st Class star is 84 and this one looks like bigger That mean the size will be 95 mm which is a Grand cross Also the rays do not look flat more like with diamond cut surface There is a point to discuss If he was awarded GC When he was awarded it. If it is before 1937 and the 1st was given later The Model with flat medallion was Special Edition He might had been given only the Cross from this edition That can explain the missing Star. Also this Model was awarded only on one special occasion the Protocol might be different and the 1st Class could have been given after the GC ??!!! Just speculating
  11. I got not long ago this nice grouping for the Commander of the national Order for Merit i It was awarded to Colonel Pierre HUOT That is the information I managed to get Pierre Huot (1904–1987), commander of the 2nd GFC. Taking command after the death of Heilbronn, Lieutenant Huot distinguished himself in the defense of the village of Boos during the Defense of the Seine. Following the Armistice, Huot traveled to North Africa and joined the {Free French Forces]] as a Captain in the 1st Regiment of African Chasseurs (1st RCA) in July 1941. He went on to land in Provence in August 1944 with the French 5th Armored Division (5th DB). By March 1945, he commanded a squadron of the 6th African Chasseurs (6th RCA). In April 1945, he was wounded while fighting in Germany in the closing days of the war. He went on to be promoted to Chef d’Escadrons (Major) the following December. Huet served in Indochina from 1953 to 1955 and then in Morocco from 1955 to 1958 before being promoted to brigadier general in 1961. Huet finished his career as second in command of the French School of Cavalry at Saumur. Also I found that he was the last Commanding Officer of the French troops in Morocco..but not sure What is pazzle me that according to this information he was promoted Brigadier general in 1961 while in the Document dated 12 May 1981 the rank is Lieutenant -Colonel Any more information
  12. There you are Getting more and more information. Because the topic was not touched till now it does not mean that there is no more information out there Thank you Ilieff for the picture
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