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  1. Hi Igor, I got the Lemaitre Knight cross This one has a French mark "boar head' for silver. The Officer is also French and also marked with "boar head" It look exactly the same as per the drawing on Lemaitre Catalogue I took picture next to each other, so you can compare Lemaitre one is a bit smaller by around 1mm in all dimensions The arms on the side do not taper as much as the arms of the Officer Class You can see also difference in the central medallions Interestingly This Knight cross is not as thick as the Officer cross you have ??11 Also
  2. Hi Igor You are right About the GC with the swords above the cross Th Cross badge is not GC size it is , as you suggest 2nd/3rd Class one. I have seen few such Sets that have been "mix and match ". Even in The Museum of Military History in Sofia they have few of those Sets on display. Even ion the picture you listed of the GC Set the Sash is from 1st Class Do you mean this one Graf
  3. Hi Igor, Congrats. If you manage to get such rare "birds" during this crazy times with almost all countries in some form of blockades That is an achievement Your collection of early St Alexander Order is getting very nice This is from a friend collection GC Set from Sheild I just found this pictures in my files with the early French model and a bit later Officer also French made You can see the difference Enjoy it as I did Graf
  4. Hi Igor , Did you manage to open the links It looks like the site is protected I got this Order and it is on the way to Australia If you were not able to open the links , once I got the Order i will list pictures of it It is the same as per the Lamaitre Catalogue with out the crown. I assumed the crown on the officer, as i discussed somewhere in the thread, was added to match with the new rules One thing is for sure this is a very old model and is marked BTW The Ivan Osipov Orders are very nice Are they yours? Graf
  5. 140934_366955463_52741d760d4bfb0c716f7f1fae504d9e.webp 140934_594343866_05482f8ecb3729b16b1947a0ccc4679b.webp
  6. Hi,

    You have a miniature of GC of LOH on Ebay.fr.

    I am interested in this miniature , however I am not sure whether you can send to Australia.

    Also are you happy to sell it direct and What will be your Total to Australia


     Best Regards



    1. larsb001


      Hello Peter, good to get in touch again.

      Shipping to Australia seems to be a problem for the moment as you're not on the list of countries which I can ship to, but sometime in the future things should be normal again.

      I'm normally quite reluctant to close auctions as I hate when others do so. But as we have dealt before I believe I can do so, but I would ask the listing price plus postage and the 4% PayPal fee (a bank transfer is without fees within EU so that's why PayPal isn't listed as an option). If this is of interest we can do so but when you'll receive it is unclear, your guess is as good as mine. I may also have a Bulgarian Medal of Merit in Silver mini which perhaps could be of your interest?

      Kind regards, Lars


    2. Graf


      Hi Lars,

      Thank you for the reply

      The reason I asked you is because our Government put 10% Tax on all sales from overseas on Ebay.

      However if there are any doubts for the Post simply forget it  I will leave for times better the now.

      It looks like the Post in some parts of Europe does not include Australia at the moment

      It is nice to have the mini, however it is not a must


      Good Luck with the sales.. I noticed you listed several miniatures





  7. Hi 922F, Thank you for the comment. I also, like you, have been looking for a such mini for a while My latest Red Cross The ribbon looks modern one and not the correct, however this Cross is difficult to get, therefore i can not be very picky
  8. I agree wit Sal. Modern item. Also I am not convinced that it is a Grand Cross More likely Commander Just explore this Dealer site, including the Sold items as well and you can make your mind Best
  9. My latest Miniature Grand Cross of the Order of St Alexander
  10. My latest Red Cross Miniature Part of a small Austrian Group
  11. Hi Thank you for your opinion I agree with Eric That it could be a nice post war production using original parts I assume the maker used different core either because the original tools were damaged or to distinguish the post war production from the earlier ones I have not asked whether the core is magnetic. Just came across this EK while browsing on internet I do not know the size , however comparing the frames the cross looks wider the any of the known early production. Pity i had one few years ago, however I sold it as part of trimming and reshaping my colle
  12. Hi Gordon, Thank you for the reply In another Thread Those four clam shell were posted It looks the clam shell on this cross looks OK My question was about the cross itself So far I have never seen before a cross with closed arms of the number 4 all of Deumer crosses I have seen were with open arms of the number 4 of the date Graf
  13. Hi, I came across of this 1941 EK1 WW2 production by Deumer I know that the two well known Variants of this cross have open 4 on the Date 1914 This particular one has a closed 4 Graf
  14. Hi New World, Thank you for the adding to my point Here is a low grade fake Not only the high classes are safe from the fakers At least ,who ever buys it will not depart with handsome sum of cash
  15. Hi Petar, Thank you for your opinion. Also you do not have to feel sorry for the "bad name" created by the fakers. That is the human nature and greediness that makes those people to do such things. Comparing to what has happened with Orders and decorations from other countries that is a very small problem I can reassure you that even people with a "good" names and reputation such as well known Experts, Dealers, Sellers and Auction Houses have closed their eyes and for the sake of nice profit cheated the collectors community..and still doing it I have been keep
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