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  1. There is no officer of this name as active in the July 1939 Army List of Officers, so perhaps he had retired by then. ttfn
  2. Leigh; These are Chaplains Scarf badges. The stole is something different and quite a bit smaller. Indeed almost certainly produced for museums or re-enactment as the originals were embroidered directly on to the Scarf itself. They look well made. Regards Matt
  3. The first thing I thought when I saw that short rows bar was Navy, specially made to fit at the top the jacket above the pocket and at the side of the lapel. They are often seen like this in photographs, specially if the chap was pretty small, sometimes they are 3 wide but since he only had 4 awards this makes sense. I had a medal group with the post war Yangtse bar and the photo I got of the owner showed something similar to this. The most you usually on 1 line on navy uniform is 3, often 3 top with 2 rows of 2. Defence medal awarded to members of HM forces who served in the UK or overseas in locations subject to air attack or closely threatened, so possibly this might have included Malta, Gibraltar etc. This included Royal Marines Police Reserve and the Admiralty Civil Police. I
  4. MattGibbs

    Medal Ribbons....

    I have found a colour still from a 16mm cine film I have taken in 1944 showing a 1939 - 43 star ribbon being worn in a group of medals by an officer. When I get chance to reduce the file size and crop it down I shall have a shot at posting it, but just wanted to let you know I found it.
  5. MattGibbs

    Medal Ribbons....

    There is a letter written to a local newspaper in Harrogate in the spring of 1944 [i shall retireve the date later] where a servicemans wife writes in to ask if her family has a record, all 3 men wearing the ribbon of the 1939-43 star. I submit therefore that it was being issued at that time. They were all in the RAF as Harrogate had a good number of displaced offices here where the large Hotels were taken over by the services evacuated from London. Its possible that the local CO had presided over an issue of them to qualifying personnel at Christmas since the timing is right, but I am uncertain. I'm off to get a copy of the article because its available on microfiche, I read it a while ago. [Just for Ed I might add a pic of Churchill visiting in 1944 with adoring crowds ] Regards Matt
  6. MattGibbs

    Medal Ribbons....

    I am not 100% certain, but IIRC it was a case of wearing either the 1939-43 star OR Africa star during late 43 to 45 period. I think this might have been in BL Davis book? ttfn Matt
  7. Brilliant point Chris and such a simple idea. However J R Gaunt and son were taken over by Firmin in the 90's. So I emailled them instead, awaiting with interest their reply regards Matt Gibbs
  8. The implication has to be impossible. The RAChD has always been an officer's corps only, it has no Other Ranks. The lowest rank is Chaplain 4th Class, equivalent to Captain, and uses the same 3 pip rank style. The additional inference to draw would be that there was a vast need for such a badge from the end of 1918 up to 1940 which also isn't the case because the RAChD had no official Jewish Chaplain at this time. Dayan Gollop, Senior Jewish Chaplain to H.M. Forces was administering to the Jewish armed forces personnel as an honourary office, with so few practising Jews in the ranks there would hardly be a need for a plethora of badges. In WW1 by mid 1915 there was only 2 Jewish chaplains, and by the close of hostilities in 1918 there were only a total of 16 commisioned chaplains. Hardly enough to warrant a big badge order from a supplier.
  9. David S - sorry not right now, I never took pics of the back and I am too busy working 05.30 to 17.30 shifts all week to do it, but these were from several bars, that I got from Stogieman and another forum member on here, in the sale section 2 years ago [or more as time flies!] - does this help to answer your unspecified questions? I am certainly happy from their reputation, and that of the forum, that they are OK. regards Matt -edit - PS I forgot to add that I have recieved an offer and subject to viewing and monies arriving they are sold. Many thanks to the members who have helped me out, this forum is always a friendly place.
  10. Nice summing up Leigh. I just quoted you on the bits I was interested in [to save space] but I agree with all the above. When I have recieved permission from the RAChD Museum I hope to post my photos of the sealed pattern of the Jewish Chaplains badge which I took when I was there in September. The silvery round one on this thread certainly ain't it. There WAS a 'dress' version of the RAChD badge which was produced in small numbers in Silver [and also collar dogs I believe] produced in the same style as the wartime bronze Jewish chaplains badge, that was authorised in 1940. See attached pic. Regards Matt
  11. Hi Guys I haven't bought anything on the 3rd reich side for ages - for about 3 years I have been collecting Brit Home Front for my Home Guard re-enacting group and non combatant stuff. I tried to list some bits and pieces on one of the reenactors websites but obviously they were more interested in uniforms and stuff. What I have left is pictured. I thought about selling to a dealer but recent experience suggests they are maybe having a hard time and wanted to pay nowt. None are really valuable but I want to move them on so want an idea of realistic prices to ask. Then I shall be dropping them all in the for sale section. I thought since I had bought items on here and experienced such good transactions [as all Gentlemen should!] I'd let them go on here for the benefit of the members. See pics for details. I can give additional info any time. Silver War Merit Cross has a maker mark of a 3 in a square on the reverse [this came from Stewart Wilson in a trade a couple of years back] Party long service mini is RZM and maker marked M11/1. Red Cross Helferin is B replacement type Silver Wound Badge has LDO box and 65 on reverse Anything else please ask. All help appreciated thanks. Regards Matt Gibbs
  12. Hi James; Well you'll have to ask the newspaper reporter who I quoted on the issue of it coming from this Colonel from Palestine then, I'm passing the info on. I have seen another website quoting this chap but I never saved the link because it's not a badge I am interested in for itself, only trying to stop people confusing it for what it's not. I just happen to dislike sellers on places like ebay misrepresenting their sales. [and reporting them, oh yes] Since we're still untangling wires I can let you know I have seen the official sealed pattern of the Jewish RAChD chaplains badge, and it's not the same as the badge I pictured - see my avatar for something closer. I have some photos of the sealed patterns out of the RAChD Museum safe but without permission from them I am not allowed to reproduce my images. I will ask them and check if it is ok, but they wanted to make sure I respected their copyright. Also there is a discussion on this badge subject here: http://www.britishbadgeforum.com/forums/sh...=jewish+brigade regards Matt
  13. Thats nice to see, because I saw this post earlier, admired the nice photo and thought to myself, knowing this forum I bet someone just might some up with something like that great stuff regards