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  1. Seem to recall the KSLI had something to do with this? Not sure if their medals were officially issued named? I suppose it was like the Ebola medal of it’s day, or dare I say it Covid... if a medal is ever awarded for that. Thought this might be of interest? https://www.dcmmedals.co.uk/a-medal-for-the-black-death-hong-kong-1894/
  2. Unfortunately it’s virtually impossible, especially to Corps. You could see if there’s an old comrades group on Facebook, perhaps someone may remember him. Certainly worth a try. Regimental journals can also uncover some info or a picture if your lucky.
  3. This medal is currently up on EBay. Thought the positioning of the rank curious. Has anyone else come across it’s like before?
  4. The Castle January 1973 - The capture of James Emerson Bryson and the ventilation of Mr. Lynton have been the highlights of the tour so far The events surrounding this action are so well described elsewhere that no more need be said. Twelve hours after 'C ' Coy, under the command o f Major Neil Crumbie. arrived in Belfast, they moved in to search a derelict house in Grosvenor Road. Within minutes it was patrolling the streets. During the search 'Sniffer' (a device for sniffing gelignite) uncovered these items under a carpet in the corner of a first Hour room. About the
  5. Found a couple of period newspaper articles relating to some of the fallen lads from the 1972 Belfast tour.
  6. I don't think anyone would argue with me, when I say researching a "modern" General Service Medal, is not the easiest thing to do. Especially the Northern Ireland campaign! It's certainly not my normal area of expertise, but when happened across this one I thought I'd give it a go. Although they do pop up from time to time, still in there boxes, I don't recall ever seeing one that included the reciperents battalion. A few things that struck me other than the naming on the box, was the fact that it didn't appear to have ever been worn? I made some enquiries on the battalions Facebook page hopin
  7. Old gin bottles and gold sovereigns.. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/true-story-lawrence-arabia-180951857/
  8. Lawrence wishes to fulfill his promises to unite the Arab tribes when he continues his work in the desert with British support of arms, money, and training: Lawrence: Arabia is for the Arabs now. That's what I've told them anyway. That's what they think. That's why they're fighting. Allenby: Oh surely. Lawrence: They've only one suspicion. We let them drive the Turks out and then move in ourselves. I've told them that that's false, that we've no ambitions in Arabia. Have we? Allenby: I'm not a politician, thank god. Have we any ambition in Arabia, Dryden? Dryden: Diff
  9. Bengal Covid Medal. https://thebengalstory.com/english/covid-warriors-police-doctors-nurses-felicitated-with-medals-and-certificates/
  10. Article appears to contain a picture, but as the Bobby’s are having to buy it themselves, none of them have by the sounds of things? https://www.deccanherald.com/amp/national/south/demand-of-money-for-covid-19-medal-draws-flak-from-kerala-police-900561.html
  11. Article contains picture, but it looks like the Bobby’s have to buy it themselves and they have refused..... https://www.deccanherald.com/amp/national/south/demand-of-money-for-covid-19-medal-draws-flak-from-kerala-police-900561.html Seem to remember a similar situation, when the U.K. handed Hong Kong back, there was a medal that the Squaddies had to buy themselves?
  12. Still no picture available of the Indian award, but it certainly is causing controversy!! https://keralakaumudi.com/en/news/news-amp.php?id=406790&u=
  13. Still no picture available of the Indian award, but it certainly is causing controversy!! https://keralakaumudi.com/en/news/news-amp.php?id=406790&u=
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