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  1. Saw an operational service medal on TV a short while ago. Curious as to why the chaps regimental number is at the end? Is this common practice for OSM’s? My two named medals GSM & Iraq both have my regimental number first.
  2. Over the years I’ve bought and then subsequently sold hundreds of medals. The one I regret parting with the most is this one, if anyone should happen to know it’s current whereabouts I would very much like to hear from you.
  3. Awarded to Sgt Llewelyn H Jones, Denbighshire, although letter from Chief Constable sent to Sgt Jones at Ivy cottage, Menai bridge, Anglesey, and its dated 26th november 1952.
  4. Many thanks Marcon1, greatly appreciated. That is ideal!! Is this a medal you have in your collection?
  5. It appears there is to be a Platinum Jubilee Medal. But as to what it will look like or what the ribbon will be like, we’ll have to wait and see...... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Elizabeth_II_Platinum_Jubilee_Medal
  6. Thanks Marcon1. The Elizabeth ii Dei Gra Britt Omn Regina FD example is certainly proving to be a difficult medal to track down. I know it exists and was issued only for a very short period of time. I have found a picture of a miniature example but the full size one eludes me!!
  7. Has anyone got a good quality photo of one of these medals that they'd share with me? Have scoured the internet and am unable to find one? Has anyone got one in their collection? They seem to be very difficult to come by?
  8. Thought this might be of interest? https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/cy/request/737076/response/1769491/attach/html/3/FOI2021 02914.pdf.html Would appear that there, is in fact no plans to award a Covid Medal to the military?
  9. I think some of the Australian ones are quite appealing?
  10. I couldn’t agree more, truly awful looking thing!!! Really I thought they looked ok? But am open to discussing any examples you’d like to share? 🙂 I always thought that American ones looked tacky, but even they are nicer than the EU ones! I maybe being totally bias here, but no country can hold a light to British medals (Jubilee medals excluded, I hasten to add).
  11. Well nearly a year on since this article, claiming such an award could be issued as early as September 2020? With numerous other countries having already awarded a medal. But as far as I’m aware there has been no further mention of it in the U.K.? Had a little tinker about with what it could have looked like.... Thought the ribbon should be green for the virus, perhaps? Gold on the edges for the effort made fighting it? The 5 red stripes are for the army, navy, RAF, ambulance and police services (scope for two more if the Fire & Prison s
  12. Mile End pogrom a week after the battle of Cable Street. I suspect Constable LAMBERT, would have been involved in the police response to this as well. Certainly an overlooked if not forgotten piece of East End pre WW2 history... https://romanroadlondon.com/mile-end-pogrom-battle-of-cable-street/
  13. Thanks Dave, I don’t suppose you took a photo did you? I’ve scoured the net and can only find pictures of miniatures?
  14. Have seen two examples so far, North Wales Police Northampton Police Has anyone seen any others?
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