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  1. Kevin, have you tried the Old Bailey website? You never know he might have given evidence at some point. I’ve discovered a wealth of information from this source whilst researching the medals in my collection. Certainly worth a try!! Gordon.
  2. I agree with or without the Mizen connection, £15 is a bargain of bargains!!!! The collar numbers letters and studs alone are worth that!!!!
  3. 😆😆😆 you might well be onto something there Paul. Wonder whether his medals still exist?
  4. Ladies & Gents, Saw this picture yesterday in the Malta Police Museum in Valletta, thought it might be of interest? I believe this chap is wearing the Egypt Medal & Khedive’s Star? Assume he must have either had previous service in the British army or navy and then settled in Malta When he was discharged? Or perhaps he was Maltese? His collar number appears to be 387 and he is also wearing RHS medal perhaps? Wonder with this information is it possible to identify who he is?
  5. Thought this might be of interest? (click on the image).
  6. Cracking write up on PC RAVEN Alan!! Interesting that he lived on New Union Street, PC PHIPPS lived there in 1871. Wonder whether this was a block of Bobby addresses? That being said could RAVEN have in fact been stationed at Bishops Gate?
  7. Saw this earlier on another platform, thought it might be of interest? Noticed the medal ribbon is slightly different. But it is reported to be to DOD specs? Although authorisation for wear is still pending it seems. This would be a step in the right direction as the Iraqi's originally said "we" were to produce it ourselves and issue it to our troops.
  8. Happened across this photograph recently. What I found particularly interesting was the custodian helmet being worn by the chap on the right. Not sure when the photo might have been taken?
  9. Have found a few more tantalizing pieces of information..... 1888: 44 Prince's Block, Petticoat Square, Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Register of Freemen being liverymen from The British Library] This is curious as according to the baptism entry they were living at 5 King's Block in 1887 and then 1890: 5 King's Block, Artizans' Street. Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Electoral Register 1890 from The British Library]. So unless they moved out briefly perhaps? Prince's Block and King's Block are next to each other with Queen's Block between them. There's also this 1884: 20 Block B, Peabody Buildings, Whitechapel. Registered only under the name of Joseph Phipps (as opposed to Joseph Daniel Phipps) so it is not a definite that this is the correct entry [Electoral Register, St. Mary Whitechapel]. Not entirely sure about this information as there appears to be two Joseph PHIPPS living in Whitechapel in the 1881 census, so it's possible this is one of them?
  10. Unfortunately, it appears that because Isaac died in service, his papers haven't be retained. However given the nature of his illness, I suspect that he contracted it during the Canadian Campaign on 1836-37. I have however been able to ascertain a bit more about the family... Family tree Phipp - the name under which Isaac's death was registered. According to the tree, Joseph's mother was Charlotte Noakes who married Isaac in 1833. She remarried to William Knight just before the 1851 census. Joseph is in the 1861 census as Joseph Knight, 13. His mother is Charlotte Knight born Essex, Ongar. They lived at White Horse Yard, St Stephens, London. Four siblings for Joseph are listed. Joseph's birth was registered as 'Phipp,' Q2 Marylebone 47. Joseph died: 18-11-1933, Hendon, Middx.
  11. Joseph & Jack................. Interesting points to note. PHIPPS lived at 8 King's Block in 1891. Was he living there in September 1888? The Ripper is purported to have fled Mitre Square his footsteps being following in that direction before being lost, via King's Block. It is alleged he left graffiti there, that was subsequently photograph by the City Police. Was PHIPPS involved in crowd control or securing the Mitre Square scene, we'll never know. But one thing that we can say with some level of certainty is that given that he served with the City Police from at least 1871 to at least 1891 or indeed 1897. He would without a doubt have had Mitre Square as part of his beat at some point?
  12. Few more pieces of the jigsaw have come to light. Charles RITCHARDS is in fact Sarah's brother. Joseph and Sarah got married on the 26th April 1868 as St James's Church Clapton (Hackney). Joseph is aged 23 and his occupation is Porter his address looks like 26 James's Walk Clerkenwell Green. Sarah is aged 26 and her occupation is Service her address is unreadable Road Clapton. But................ the really interesting thing is Joseph's fathers occupation is "Guardsman"!! So he may well have been born in the Tower of London after all. He would have born in 1845 and his father was still serving in 1868. There is a good chance that Isaac fought in the Crimean War? *** 26 St James's Walk is a stones throw from where Clerkenwell Prison once stood, which was attacked by Fenians on the 13th December 1867, was Joseph living there at the time??*** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerkenwell_explosion
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