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  1. Saw this thought it might be of interest? https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/medal-for-every-northern-ireland-police-officer-in-recognition-of-working-under-terror-threat-38589918.html
  2. This is what I've been able to piece together about Neville YATES. Neville YATES Born Blaenau Ffestiniog 1935 Grew up in Bodedern near Holyhead. Went to school Holyhead. Nickname Wsti & Yapper National Service - RAF? Collar number 427 and 27 Rossett early 1960's Wrexham 1965 (CID) DC Gresford 1967 (Gwynedd Constabulary) Sergeant Denbigh mid 1967 on promotion from Wrexham. Lived in police houses on Maes Stanley. (Gwynedd Constabulary) gave Richard Morris's daughter and angora rabbit as a present. Inspector Llangefni late 1970's (Gwynedd Constabulary / North Wales Police) Inspector Llangefni between 1973-1976 Inspector Llandudno eary 1980's North Wales Police) Liked the ladies. Was married three times. Married a nurse before moving to Llandudno (third wife) ?Retired 1985? Mayor's consert Llandudno Mayor Llandudno (worked Ops Room Colwyn Bay at some point) Played snooker on nights. Lived Penryn Bay Walked his West Highland Terrier Hamish on Penryn Beach. Daughter called Sandra married Chris Redmayne. Died 2018.
  3. This group has been listed a couple of times now with no takers. Interesting as there was a time when H Division commanded a feeding frenzy no matter what? Are people now becoming wise that H doesn’t necessarily equal Jack?
  4. Not seen one of these since. Wonder if it’s worth while getting attached to them just before you 20 years and qualifying for this medal, instead of the Police one?
  5. I agree Alan, it’s a travesty when groups like this are split up for financial gain. I’ve lost count of how many EBay sellers I’ve contacted about the woes of splitting groups up.
  6. Has anyone got any medals to Bobbies that can be confirmed as having been involved in the siege?
  7. It is surprising that such a high profile case at the time, didn’t mean his photograph was readily available and all over the papers. Having said that you would have thought that Insp Aberline of Ripper fame would have been the same, yet no photos of him are known to exist either!
  8. Alan, this book is well worth a read too, if you can track down a copy? Gordon. Just looking now to see if any of your chaps are mentioned in it.
  9. Interesting KPM currently up for auction on Ebay, but you'll need deep pockets.................. eBay item number: 323945628353 Important King's Police Medal (Fire Service) group attributed to Norman Coombs, Chief of the Bombay Municipal Fire Service King's Police Medal for Distinguished Service (Fire Brigade) LG: 01/01/1938 p.20:- Norman Coombs, Chief Officer of the Bombay Municipal Fire Brigade in presentation case with original and replacement ribbons. Medal is unnamed as issued and therefore sold as attributed to, rather than awarded to. Silver Jubilee Medal 1935 with presentation certificate from the Viceregal Lodge, Simla by Command of His Majesty the King-Emperor, 6th May, 1935. Medal in box as issued Coronation Medal 1937 with presentation certificate from the Viceregal Lodge, Simla by Command of His Majesty the King-Emperor, 12th May, 1937. Medal in box as issued Although Coombs received his KPM in 1938, he rose to fame in on 14th April, 1944 when the SS Fort Siskine, carrying a heavy load of ammunition blew up in Bombay Harbour with 1,376 casualties, including 64 firemen killed and 83 injured. An account of this terrible incident is contained in "The Great Bombay Explosion" by John Ennis, a copy of which is included in this sale
  10. Police Constable Joseph Daniels Metropolitan Police. Joined 17th May 1886, posted to C Div PC 387 (St James), 10th August 1888, posted to J Div PC 223/PC 502 (Bethnal Green) 20 days before the murder of Polly Nichols, at Bucks Row. 15th August 1890 posted to E Div PC259 (Holborn). He received a pay increase on the 23rd May 1891. Then on the 23rd May 1892, he died on duty, from choking to death on his own false teeth, whilst effecting an arrest. A local paper, The Holborn and Finsbury Guardian ran the following story??. The Danger of False Teeth On Wednesday evening at St Clement Danes Vestry-hall, Strand, Mr John Troutbeck, the coroner for Westminster, held an inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of Police Constable Joseph Daniels 259E aged 27 years who was killed early on Sunday morning whilst taking a prisoner to Bow Street Police Station. Superintendent Steggles of the E Division, was present, Joseph Daniels a registration agent of 9 Meeting House Lane, Peckham. Identified the deceased as his son, lately resided at Jubilee Buildings, Waterloo Road. Sometime ago he had erysipelas in the face, and the divisional surgeon ordered him to have some of his teeth extracted and replaced by false ones. These he was wearing at the time of his death, PC 379E Alfred Smith, said that on Sunday morning at about 12:20 he was in Kemble Street, Clare market, taking a prisoner to Bow Street Police Station. A crowd of several hundred persons had assembled and an attempt to rescue the man was made. Witness blew his whistle and in response the deceased came running up. He took hold of the prisoners other arm and they had only proceeded a few yards, when the witness missed the deceased, and on looking round saw him lying on the pavement. Another constable came up and witness went oh his way. PC350E William Stewart said that he was on duty in Newcastle Street when he heard the whistle blow, and on going to Kemble Street saw the two Constables with a man in custody. Witness broke through the crowd, and then he saw the deceased lying on the ground. He immediately undid his collar and sent for an ambulance, on which he conveyed the unfortunate man to the hospital. By the Coroner: the deceased was not knocked down, kicked or otherwise assaulted. Dr Eric Law Pritchard, house physician at Kings College Hospital, said that the deceased was dead when he was admitted. He made the post-mortem examination, which revealed that the deceased, was an exceedingly healthy man. Just about the larynx witness found a set of false teeth impacted, which had produced suffocation, the cause of death. The teeth were of a very inferior make, no doubt they became loosened through the deceased running, and an inspiration drew them down his throat. The jury returned a verdict of ?Accidental Death? and added that they thought the deceased was over anxious to do his duty. Entitled to the 1887 Jubilee Medal.
  11. I’m inclined to agree with you Dave. I assume this particular medal is locally engraved?
  12. If anyone is interested, there's currently a Hong Kong Police Special Constabulary medal to an Insp on eBay item number: 362778634564
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