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  1. Baghdadi2007

    Erbil, Iraq markets and medals

    I can supply you some of them in future if available at hand, I am resident at Baghdad. I can ship what will be agreed on to your country also via Express Shipping like as DHL Express. kindest regards.
  2. Baghdadi2007

    Royal Medals of Iraq - For Sale

    Sorry for that, Thanks.
  3. A group of 7 King Faisal II Development week Medals, issued in years 1955-58, all are bronze, swiss made, in excellent condition. As Rogi points out - Sales Section is the ideal place.
  4. Hello William, It's So Nice Collection, Never seen before like as it , very close to be complete collection if swords & other CWM + RCSM are added to the collection. Good Luck & keep in touch. thanks for photosharing with the members here.
  5. They Are Strling Silverware with two first Arabic letters from two words: first "F" from " Faisal " & second "Gh" from "Ghazi" as know the last king of Iraq was: Faisal Ghazi Faisal bin Alhussain bin Ali of Hejaz. So nice pieces, but a very large collection of Silverwares include: Cup Holders, bowles, knives, Spoons and more. All the collection was stolen from "Al-Zohoor Royal Palace" by Iraqi theives + American soldiers ". A very bad Theft happened in the history of Iraq !!!!!!!!!! Cheers
  6. Baghdadi2007

    2010 Iraqi Navy Command neck Medal

    Thanks for photosharing. I think its mere a medal for some celebration may be related to Navy, But the issue do u have any documentary which points out to the issue of this medal ?? !!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Baghdadi2007

    Iraqi Al Bakir University Stars

    Thanks for photosharing its really nice looking star seen.
  8. Lorenzo is very crazy in loving of Iraqi militaria stuffs. Good Luck.
  9. Also I share this beautifull photo of Iraqi Royal Air Force patch, later in Early republic after 14th of July 1958 a new patch was created for the Republic Air Force only different from the Royal type with the crown at the top was removed.
  10. The Parachutists corps pins here as shown
  11. Here are several wings patches related to Iraqi Air Force & some related to Republican Guard Parachutists Corps,
  12. AS-Salam Alaykoom Owain, Thank u very much for joining this forum and for the very nice information u wrote for giving benifit to all members & visitors of GMIC. Cheers
  13. thanks Chris for passing on the forum. Really I did my best work to find these 4 British Medals of Iraqi Levy Army personality. Cheers & Regards for all.
  14. Hello Bill, they r very nice looking medals, my request is the first one @ LH Egyptian for King Fau'ad ? Which type of Medal is it ?? Have a very nice time.