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  1. Hi all I know the Soviets issued a variety or orders and medals to other countries such as the US, Mongolia and Poland, and know some where issued to Pilots from the RAF, but does anyone know if any OGIII where issued to British troops If so is there anyway I could access the information such as recipients names, unit and the award number regards and thanks #C
  2. Hello all I am have been working on a database focused on the OG III for several years I am interested to see if anyone has a list of awards given to non Soviet servicemen I am interested in the award number, name, date of awarding, unit, rank if anyone can be of assistance would be appreciated regards C
  3. I Peter Yes I have made up the cards with borders and then I can store them in postcard boxes regards
  4. Hi I have decided to remount my NZ cap badges in a different way. Trying to find numerals to complete the format is proving to be a major challenge, so if anyone is looking to sell any NZ numerals please feel free to contact me regards C
  5. Hello I have just acquired a Victory Medal to a trooper who served with the Auckland Mounted Rifles and he was listed as serving in "E" Squadron but I cant seem to locate any information on the sqd's in a letter format only number Would appreciate any assistance with this regards Caz
  6. can you supply his name, service number and rank regards C
  7. Hello all I am just seeing if anyone would be able to shed light on how many Radfan clasps where issued to the Royal Navy regards and thanks in advance C
  8. Hi Peter Samoa was the first victory for the allies in WW1 without a shot been fired. On the night of the 6 August 1914, the New Zealand government received a telegram from London that it would be "a great and urgent Imperial service" if New Zealand forces seized Samoa, which was a German territory. This was approved the next day, and four days later a mixed force of 1,413 men plus six nursing sisters. On the 29th August they landed unopposed at Apia. Thus the island of Upolu was the first German territory to be occupied in the name of King George V. Regards
  9. Hi all I have just received my first medal to a NZ officer and wanted to share a medal that belonged to a solider who served in three wars Lt Charles Henry Salt N.Z.E.F. He was Born: 11.08.1882 in Pigeon Bay, Lyttleton, New Zealand and died in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand on 18.06.1957 aged 75 years old Service number on medal: 4/230 (1914/15 Star) He was an Electric Linesman who worked for the New Zealand Railways, then later was a storekeeper periods of service: Boer War: Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 6th New Zealand Contingent , Trooper, 2845, QSA (Cap
  10. Hi I have just started collecting medals to what I would say is an under estimated unit in the army. I know that they are not a famous line regiment but I feel they certainly should be acknowledged for their commitment to ensuring troops are feed The Catering Corps is a unit that is always working to feed and ensure soldiers are always feed, they don;t have the same down times as other units in the field be it in training or operations and often have to work under very trying environments and conditions, just as their civilian counter parts do as well. Yes they like chefs in the oth
  11. Hi Mike great collections something for me to aspire to regards C
  12. Hello Peter and Mike thanks for the information appreciated, I am happy that I have this small group in my collection of growing QSA medals Regards C
  13. Hi all just been trying to research a few of my QSA and have just started on a QSAM BWM, VM group as I am still new to collecting QSA medals is it common for only 1 person to be issued a clasp in a company /battalion? It was issued to: Lieut Eric George JEFFREYS, 87th Company, 22nd Battalion, he also served in the 20th Battalion He joined as a Pte, March 1900 then promoted to L / Cpl in July 1900, then commissioned to Lieut in March 1901 He was listed severely wounded in Heckpoort (I think ) 16th September 1900 what I found interesting is he was the
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