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  1. hi again thanks for your assistance much appreciated regards
  2. Hello I would like to know if anyone can tell me what this document was issued for and how common is it? thanks in advance C
  3. Hello I have been going through some of my collection and came across what I think maybe a full military file of sorts. The are a 50 + documents in this file and have attached a few to see if anyone can help The documents seems to range from 1916 up to early 1970's If anyone can be of assistance with some translation / ID on the documents would be appreciated regards C
  4. hello I am trying to find the medal rolls for the following: Pte Sinclair, John service numbers: 3/6846, TR/1/28571 Gordon Highlanders I have only found his MIC on national archives and found nothing on ancestry, if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated regards
  5. hello I would like to know if someone could help me I am trying to confirm that the following was awarded a MBE time frame 1953 -54 Fraser. A.H. 5932255 W.O.I Royal Artillery regards and thanks Caz
  6. hello guys thanks for comments, looking at the Canadian list based on that having a MC, MM to same person is not too common. I am very lucky to have a group with the MC and MM but it is missing the BWM, VM and a Russian order, I have posted photos of the group here regards Caz
  7. Hello all I would like to share my newest group of medals, misfortunately it is a broken group (Missing the BWM, VM, Order of St Amma 3rd class with swords) The group is to Lieutenant Walter George Butteriss, MC, MM He enlisted in the Army on 5.9.1914 and joined A Company 8th Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment. On 7.11.1914 he was promoted Lance Corporal, and with 8th Bn he entered France on 29.7.1915. He was awarded the Military Medal for his part in the attack on Gueudecourt on 25/26.9.1916 (L. G. 6.1.1917, page 344). This would have possibly been for actions for “Grid Trench” He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on the 29.7.1918 and return to the regiment. He was later posted to the 13th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment and departed for Russia on the 16.10.1918, arriving to Murmansk 27.11.1918. He was awarded the Military Cross for actions near Bolshie Ozerki (L.G. 15.07.1919), citation attached to this tread He was also awarded the Russian Order of St Amma 3rd Class with swords on the 24.04.1919, which reported made his decorations combination unique (MC, MM, Order St Anna) He the was commissioned on the General list in 1942 as a 2nd Lieut and ended up as a Major in the 6th (Quorn) Battalion, Leicestershire Home Guard He was a builder by trade as well as an accomplished sportsman playing for Leicestershire C.C. 2nd XI in the Minor Counties Championship in 1924, also coached Cricket at Melton Mowbray Grammar school (town of his birth) as well he played hockey for Leicestershire and Melton Mowbray as well rugby for Melton Mowbray He was born in 1896 and died in 1966 Caz
  8. hello all I am just trying to see how many soldiers where awarded both the Military Cross as well the Military Medal during WW I or if there is a database of such regards Caz
  9. Just brought my first 1882 Egypt Medal with Tel - el - Kebir clasp and just finished mounting them Blount, W. Sergeant, 3278 Coldstream Guards, later The Royal West Kent Regiment (On LSGC) before joining the Coldstream Guards he had previously served with the Stafford Militia he later became Colour Sergeant, and served for 18 years 177 days He was born in Atherstone, Warton, Warwickshire medals are well worn and naming a little hard to see in places but happy to have in my collection Caz

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    A cased Thai Order; The Most Noble Order of tthe White Elephant Knights Commander 2nd class, cased. This award was issued / awarded in 1991 The order is in perfect condition with no enamel damage, have some patina on the silver which is normal for there age. The case has minimal wear and is in good solid condition with no damage to the hing, some light staining to the lining Payment through paypal and £5.00 postage to UK, Overseas POA


  11. hello I am looking to find more information into the battles that the 13th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment would have been involved in while in North Russia in 1918. I think the battalion arrived into Murmansk November 27th 1918 looking for actions they where involved in as well how long they where based there. just on a side note would anyone know how many Military Crosses would have been awarded to british troops for the North Russia campaign regards and thanks Caz
  12. Hi just wanted to share a little more about Challan. He was born in Jabalpur. India around 1895 and was a boiler maker before joing the army he joined the army 18.07.1916 in India prior to joining he also served in the East India Vol Rifles, Mussoorie Vol Rifles regards
  13. Hi Paul thanks for that, do you have link to the gazette entry by chance and will keep you in mind if i wish to move this BEM on regards Caz
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