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  1. just wanted to add some further medals that I have just finished mounting there are a variety of units covering Lancers, Hussars, Yeomanry, N.Z.E.F., Coldstream and Grenadier Guards, infantry and corps regards C
  2. Just located his MIC, he has two which sometimes happens Also has service records on line and suffered a GSW to chest and shoulder 13th April 1915 please find attached C
  3. Hi yes the medal looks fine and correctly named. In the UK you would pay between £25 - £35 for a 14/15 star to a British infantry or corps unit, more for a harder or more desirable unit such as Yeomanry regards C
  4. Hi Gunner thanks for that much appreciated, I have some how managed to locate the gazette entry kind regards C
  5. hi Gunner thanks for that, would you by chance have a link to the entry as I never can figure the gazette out regards C
  6. Hi Noor thanks for the information, will be interesting to see if you can locate his MBE entry regards C
  7. Hi all just a quick question to see if anyone can assist me with locating the record of a London gazette entry for the following person: Clark, Horace Gordon, it will be for a MBE, could have been awarded during WW1 regards C
  8. Hi Mike with the ribbons when I can use the original I do, most of the WW 2 ribbons are original, most of the WW1 are replacements as most of the ribbons where not in great shape or short lengths. I do though keep them all as cant bring myself to throw them out regards
  9. Hi Mike Would you believe I have managed to collect this lot over the last 14 weeks so have been lucky with some of my purchases regards C
  10. Hi all I have over the last few months started collecting New Zealand Cap and Collar badges and have got around to sorting them all out and thought I would share my collection so far regards
  11. Hi thought I would just share latest medals and cap badges to my ever growing collection, there is a mix of British as well Commonwealth medals Trios: 6-6846, Pte Sinclair. J, Gordon Highlanders 2979, Pte Mutch. JWL, Gordon Highlanders 1899, Pte Allan. J.R., R.A.M.C. 22679, Pte Eaton A.D., R.A.M.C Pair: 3891, Pte Stuart. A., Gordon Highlanders South African Trio: Dvr Tonneson. S.B. S.A.S.C. South African WW2 Groups: G304306, Pte Swarzt. P, South African Army 6124235, Pte Van Aarot, South African Army 612435 V, Pte Ismail. G., 22nd Field Regiment, S.A.A. British TEM Groups 2086484, Gnr Isaacs, Royal Artillery 825400, Sgt Thompson. A.G. Royal Artillery British GSM Group N.55276, Pte Dickson. R' Kings African Rifles BWM: 78650, Pte Penfold. G.W., N.Z.E.F 10/8024, Pte McQuilkin. A.N, N.Z.E.F 53206, Rflmn, N.Z.E.F 46733, Pte Bailey. J.F, South Wales Borders VM: Lieut, Baker. R.A.C, Royal Welsh Fusiliers 18329, L/Cpl Andrews, Canadian Forestry Corps 781546, L/Cpl Lees. L.F., 46th Canadian Infantry 426573, Cpl Scrygeour. J.W., 58th Canadian Infantry 1914/15 Stars: 1/728, Pte Swinburne. S.E., N.Z.E.F (Samoan Exp Force) 7143, Pte Conner. J., Royal Irish Regiment GSM (Malaya) 23142197, Pte Hindmarsh. M., R.A.M.C.
  12. Hello all thanks for the feedback and comments I have also questioned the 1939/45 star but it came with the group so I take it he must have had entitlement some how. Over all this is still my favourite group for many reasons including the double gallantry awards as well the Russian award he was given, shame not with group regards Caz
  13. hi again thanks for your assistance much appreciated regards
  14. Hello I would like to know if anyone can tell me what this document was issued for and how common is it? thanks in advance C
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