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  1. Hi Jim thanks for the info the NZOSM is genuine, issued nu-named as many were and the naming on both Korea medals are official replacements and seem correctly named in the same style as another NZ Korea pairs I have in my collection as I think only New Zealand named the UN Korea regards Hi again Jim I take it that ""the NZ Korea Roll" by Howard Chamberlain is a book and where could I buy one regards
  2. Hi just finished mounting my latest NZ group and nice three medal group for Korea War Service Awarded to: Name: Wilson A.A Rank: LSG Service Number: 106125 Service: Royal New Zealand Navy Medals: New Zealand Operational Service Medal, Korea Medal, United Nations (Korea) Medal Regards C
  3. Hi John I tend to agree with comments listed above I have my grandfathers WW1 Trio as well my fathers WW2 medals and know that the ribbons have been replaced several times by them due to they always wanted them to look pristine as over time they faded or just had some slight wear and tear, but I feel that new ribbons never detracted from them both proudly wearing them on memorial services. in my collection I have at times have needed to replace ribbons especially on trios as I like to court mount my trios (again a personal choice which it self is a different debate) due to one or more of the ribbons have been badly damaged or missing. Often I buy medals with no ribbon, so I replace them with good quality ribbons like many others I have a box or original or possible original ribbons placed in medal envelopes marked from the where they came from so if required when of if I go to selling them I can offer them as part of sale again I feel that it comes down to the individual on how they wish to maintain the ribbons on medals they collect in a manner that makes them happy and allows them to enjoy their hobby C
  4. OG III # 115895 was part of a block (115301-117300) and was Issued according to the Act to Capt. Savchenko D.P., 2nd Baltic Front on the 03.08.1944 and possibly to the 3rd Army for issue to units that formed the 2nd Baltic Front regards C
  5. Hello all I have a few LOF badges (NZ) in my NZ Badge collection and have now received my first medal it is a New Zealand Legion of Frontiersmen Long Service & Efficiency Medal made by Mayer and Kean as is marked to front of medal (Wellington NZ) I don't know much about this medal or the period of issue but is made of silver and I might think it would have been the first issue, to which period I am not sure Also are these commonly found medals any help on this medal and information would be appreciated regards C
  6. Hi Paul thanks for that, it looks like that could fit, shame the naming is so hard to see as is a great medal regards C
  7. I have just received my first IGSM 1895 - 1902 and are having trouble with the name I would like to see if anyone can define the name better than I have the only number I see is --9-, but it could be 3294? rank ()sepoy is fine as is the regiment (2nd Punjab Infantry) name is my challenge it could be Faitlyilli? regards C
  8. hello I am trying to see if there is a medal roll for the 2nd Punjab regiment for the IGSM 1895 - 1902 If so would someone be able to point me the right direction regards and thanks C
  9. Hi Peter yes I feel it is the 10th Bengal Infantry the name is 424 Havr Basgit Jewari regards here is the medal
  10. I have just purchased my first IGSM 1854 - 95 medal with a Burma 1887 - 89 clasp I am trying to find out more about the regiment, the medal is named to 10th BI, would that be the 10th Battalion, Burma Infantry Regiment? If so would anyone know where more information could be found regards to that regiment and would the medal roll be on line? regards Caz
  11. Hi guys thanks for the nice comments, I have found a better and cleaner way to mount my medals so they now have a better look will need to remount a few more as a result lol regards C
  12. hello just finished mounting my latest addition to my collection a BEM to Sgt. J. Collett, Army Catering Corps, his service number would indicate he served in the Royal Artillery during WW2 regards C
  13. Have just received two pairs of police medals that will now be part of my growing police medals collection QVJM, 1902 MPCM pair to: PC Courtier, A. Warrant number 73433 / 2197 - "A" Division (Whitehall); DM, SCLSM pair to: Allan. A.M. Regards C
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