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  1. Hi guys thanks for the nice comments, I have found a better and cleaner way to mount my medals so they now have a better look will need to remount a few more as a result lol regards C
  2. hello just finished mounting my latest addition to my collection a BEM to Sgt. J. Collett, Army Catering Corps, his service number would indicate he served in the Royal Artillery during WW2 regards C
  3. Have just received two pairs of police medals that will now be part of my growing police medals collection QVJM, 1902 MPCM pair to: PC Courtier, A. Warrant number 73433 / 2197 - "A" Division (Whitehall); DM, SCLSM pair to: Allan. A.M. Regards C
  4. looking at this the center is a British army rank "pip" and the star is all wrong as I would guess it is possible French as there are four Fleur - de - lis in the place of where loins should be and to my knowledge I don't think the British used Fleur - de - lis in their orders I would certainly keep away from this C
  5. I thought I would share my first 2 metropolitan police 1911 Coronation Medals awarded to: Pike. E. PC , "P" Division (Camberwell). Joined 30.11.1908, Retired 03.12.1934; Reserve Officer WW2; Warrant number 96370 Pratt A. PC , "J" Division (Hackney(Bethnal Green)). Joined 30.11.1908 , Retired 04.05.1922 (Died) ; Warrant number 96530 I noticed that their warrant numbers are very close and they joined on the same day, so chances are they knew each other regards C
  6. Hi Peter The reason for the interest is I have just purchased a AGSM with 2 clasps awarded to a member of the Baluch Camel Corps so are always interested in the involvement of the unit regards Caz
  7. hello I am trying to find any information on the Baluch Camel Corps especially the period around 1900 - 1910 if anyone can point me in the correct direction would be appreciated regards C
  8. Hi I just wanted to share my first AGSM with Nyasaland 1915 clasp The medal is heavily polished both front and back, I think there was only 84 Nyasaland 1915 clasps awarded to this battalion - correct me if I am wrong or misinformed I have had problems truing to find his medal roll, if anyone can assist where I maybe able to find this would be appreciated named to: Name: Miswake, Rank: Sgt. Service number: 177 1st Battalion KAR
  9. Hi all I know the Soviets issued a variety or orders and medals to other countries such as the US, Mongolia and Poland, and know some where issued to Pilots from the RAF, but does anyone know if any OGIII where issued to British troops If so is there anyway I could access the information such as recipients names, unit and the award number regards and thanks #C
  10. Hello all I am have been working on a database focused on the OG III for several years I am interested to see if anyone has a list of awards given to non Soviet servicemen I am interested in the award number, name, date of awarding, unit, rank if anyone can be of assistance would be appreciated regards C
  11. I Peter Yes I have made up the cards with borders and then I can store them in postcard boxes regards
  12. Hi I have decided to remount my NZ cap badges in a different way. Trying to find numerals to complete the format is proving to be a major challenge, so if anyone is looking to sell any NZ numerals please feel free to contact me regards C
  13. Hello I have just acquired a Victory Medal to a trooper who served with the Auckland Mounted Rifles and he was listed as serving in "E" Squadron but I cant seem to locate any information on the sqd's in a letter format only number Would appreciate any assistance with this regards Caz
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