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  1. Gordon, Thank you for taking the time to post this information. It clears up my question on the Korean War Service Medal plus other information I didn't know. Bob
  2. These are Kuwaiti Patches. Top left - 5th Inf. Bde. Top right - 74th Transportation Bn. Lower left - Air Force Lower middle - Artillery Lower right - anti- aircraft Bob
  3. Gro, It is an Iraqi 1980-1988 War Subscription Badge. It has Saddam's signature at the top and below is Subscription Badge, Qadissiyat Saddam (Iraqi-Iranian War). On the reverse is the Italian Maker. It is described in my book on page 81. Bob
  4. This is an Al Bakir University Star which was awarded between 1976-2003 to the distinguished students in Al Bakir University for Military Higher Studies. There are two types of Al Bakir Stars. 1 - Italian Made higher quality),used between 1976-1991. 2 - Iraqi Made (used after 1991). The only difference is the center disc of which the Italian one is better made and higher quality. This center disc can also be found on a leather pocket hanger which was awarded to officers who graduated from the university. It was used from 1980-2003 although it has been seen still being worn to date. This information can be found in the first book I published in February 2011 titled" Iraqi Militaria,Identification Guide with Translations" on page 124-125. Below is a picture from 2009 showing the leather hanger being worn. Bob
  5. Paul, Thank you for your information. I have seen the brown Afrika Cuff tiles but not a green one. The lettering and palm trees have the silver bullion thread. This one is faded and looks like it had been sewn on at one time. Bob
  6. I had posted this cuff title in a different forum and it was suggested to me to post it here to maybe get more answers. What or who is this cuff title for? Is it real or a reproduction? It is 15-1/2 in. long and 1-1/4 in. wide. Thank you in advance. Bob
  7. What (who) is this cuff title for? Is it real or a reproduction? It is 15-1/2 in long and 1-1/4 in. wide Thank you in advance. Bob
  8. Paul, You have a Black Republican Guard marked beret in your collection already! It is the first one on your pile. If you look in my book on Iraqi Militaria on page 148, you will see the label and translation for it. Bob
  9. This is the current Kurdistan Police Hat Badge. It is a well made metal badge. It is 2-5/16 in. across and has a threaded post on the reverse with a flat retaining nut. It was made by Donatim Ticaret in Istanbul, Turkey. Bob
  10. Maskedkhan, A beautiful dagger. You don't see these very often. This is the second one I've seen. Bob
  11. Has any one ever heard of a 8 Year SS Service Medal that is 42 mm. in diameter? Around 20 years ago I received one that came out of a opera house that was being torn down. There was a West Wall medal included. No one knows where it came from or how it came to be in a opera house. Is this a reproduction? The diameter is 42 mm and the rim is 2.74 mm. at the top and 2.70 mm. at the bottom. I wasn't sure if this was the correct topic to post this in. Thanks in advance. Bob
  12. Current Iraqi Military College Arm patches. The patches are machine sewn, 3-1/2 in. wide and 4-1/16 in. high. Translation below: the Military College. Bob
  13. Two different colored metal, Iraqi Ground Forces Command Chest Badges. These badges are made of brass, 2-9/16 in. wide, Light blue bottom - 2- 1/16 in. high Light green bottom 2 in. high. It has a spring pin fastener on the reverse. This badge is also made in cloth. Bob
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