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    I am interested in cap badges or headdresses from British Colonial Singapore and Unfederated Malaya States badges such as Johore, Perlis, Tregannu, Sarawak, Sabah etc.
  1. Hi all, I realized that between 1947 to 1952, the British Colonial Singapore police force issues Detectives tags to its members. Does anyone have any information on other Colonial police force adpoting such practice. The only known Colonial police force which introduced the Detective tag/badge was the Colonial Hong Kong Police Force. I have been to HKP museum and saw that there was a badge on display. However the year introduced was unknown. I would like to know which year was the Colonial Police Detective badge introduced or issued. Thank you, regards, Kit (Singapore)
  2. Hi, Thanks for your comments, I have only seen it in old colonial black and white pictures taken in the 1920s. The measurement may be about 4 cm. Regards, Kit (Singapore)
  3. Dear all, Was there ever a metallic rank or badge bearing the King crown in the center surrounded by wreaths of laurels in a circular shape. Not the commonly seen RSM or WO ranks in oval shape. Please send me scans and advice where I can get one. Many thanks, Kit (Singapore)
  4. Dear all, I am seeking information on a King crown metallic badge which had a center King crown surrounded by wreaths of laurels in a circular shape. It is not the commonly seen RSM or WO ranks. Please send me scans and advice me where I could get one. Many thanks. Kit (Singapore)
  5. Hi Mervyn, the 1st badge with the King crown was likely to be from the Victorian era. As there was traces of refitting of the crown, probably to save production cost. I have a couple more KC SS Prisons hat badges with similar conditions. Yes, it may be the possible pattern used on ceremonial dress only, before the Japanese Occupation. regards Kit
  6. I agreed that it was a wonderful posting for the Europeans Officers posted in Singapore. Thank you for your interest. I am not a veteran and I had simply done up the website for our local forgotten regiment. Although they were many more, but I shall cover them within my availabilities. In future, given enough materials and time, I would like to cover the British SAS trained Police Field Force, Jungle Squads/Company as well as 'Senoi Praq/Pra'aq/Praak' also known as native aboriginals scouts.
  7. Hi Peter, sorry about your experience with the above link. You may wish to do a google search on Kit's history & insignia of Singapore Guard Regiment. British Colonial SIngapore Guard Regiment The Locally Enlisted Personnel (LEP) Guard Unit from the Royal Military Police, Singapore was formed in March 1948 in Selerang Barracks by trained soliders of R.A.S.C, R.A.O.C and some veteran soldiers from the former Malayan and Singapore Units such as the Royal Artillery and Royal Signals. The Guard Unit duties included senrty duties at the General Officer Commanding, Singapore Base District, 443 Base Ammunition Depot and 41 Base Workshop. The unit also performed guards-of-honour parades to the searching for old Japanese shells in the West Johore Straits. At times the Guard Unit were required to escort ammunition convoys travelling in to Malaya. The Unit became a regiment in its own right in 1955, when it servered its connections with the Royal Military Police. The Unit was renamed as the "Singapore Guard Regiment" and recieves its independant in 25th April 1955. SGR with the strength about 600 strong had eventually severed all connections with R.M.P. Compianies took up additional operational duties in Masai Johore, Malaya from 1955-1956. In Jan 1964 a platoon was ordered at very short notice to asssit in the defence of Kuching Airfield and RAF stations, Malaysia and by Apr 1964 the the defence of the Airfield in Kuching became the entire resposibility of the Regiment. For that reason, the detachment was increased to a Company strength and enable it to assume a major role in the security of the local defence sector with regular patrol area. The detachment finally discontinued their deployment at Kuching in Aug 1966 when Confrontation with Indonesia finally ended. However the last member of the detachment did not returned to Singapore until Jan 1967. In Jan 1965 the regiment was once again re-organised and the Companies were re-designated as X, Y and Z Companies. In Mar 1971 the Regiment was reduced to a Head-quarter Company and two Rifles Companies and was finally disbanded on 1st Nov 1971.
  8. Thank you for all the help and directions. I have attached some Prisons badges used in both Straits Settlements and Malaya. Regards, Kit
  9. Hi, I have a small collection of British colonial Prisons badges on Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States. Can anyone guide me how to add images to share with you gentlemen. Thank you, Kit
  10. Dear all, Requesting for help on photos, biographies or any material on SGR. I am gathering more information to improve my website http://singaporeguardregiment.webstart.com/index.html Your help is much appreciated, thank you. Regards, Kit (Singapore)
  11. Dear all, Requesting help on photographs, biographies or any materials on SGR. I am trying to gather more information on SGR for my website http://singaporeguardregiment.webstart.com/index.html. Any sharing is much appreciated. Regards Kit.
  12. Hi Shanghai girl, I have some Straits Settlements police and Unfederated Malay States police items as well. However, none of my collection bears the word "Penang" or "George town" on it. Regards, Kit
  13. Hello dear member, I belived that the Eurpoean superior officer belongs to the Federated Malaya States of Police (F.M.S.P) the similar design was also used by the Federated Malaya States Railway Police and subsequently used http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2010/post-4774-127822857157.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2010/post-4774-127822857157.jpgby the Malayan Police. You may like to visit my website for a closer look on the badges mentioned. I live in Singapore and I have a fair collection of Straits Settlements, British Colonial Singapore and Malaya Police, Military, Prison and Fire forces cap badges, insignia and uniforms fro trade. My unfinished website address can be found in my profile; http://kitinsignia.tripod.com/singaporepoliceforceinsigniacollections/index.html Do feel free to contact me for trade or sharing of common interest. (I am interested in items from Singapore and unfederated states such as Johore, Sabah, Perlis, Kalantan etc.) Regards, Kit (Singapore)
  14. Will do so the soonest . Yes, I do have a complete 1970s Singapore British forces cap badges. However, I have gave it away 2 years ago to another collector without photographing them. I only kept the colonial 1950s, Singapore Naval Police Force cap badge for myself. Regards, Kit