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  1. Rick, Here is his DKIG doc. I aquired the group a few weeks ago, with it came a deutsche sportabzeichen in gold booklet dated 23rd August 1966 Duisburg. The previous owner had listed his promotions, award dates etc, just thought it would be nice to see if I could find out what happened after 1966 [attachmentid=33291]
  2. Hello Matt, I should have mentioned they are German doc groups, I wondered if anyone had tried this before and to what route they took and if they had much success regards Paul
  3. I have a few document groupings that I would like to do extensive research on. Having no experience in this field how would you go about looking for info. Some have pow discharge papers etc, is it possible to find out if and when they died, where they lived etc? Regards paul
  4. [Dave, Many thanks for your help Paul quote name='Dave Danner' date='Feb 21 2006, 22:19 ' post='58701'] First says at the top "Together with our company tailor", followed by "1 May 1941, your brother Robert". Below that is "Photographed by _______ Herbert Klein, Frankenroda in Eisenach." Second also says at the top "Together with our company tailor", followed by a name which looks like Rudolf Kummell. Below that is "My little ____ ______ in war year 1942, Robert." Last says "Roberts Geburtstagsfeier", or Robert's birthday party.
  5. Gents, I have just received a batch of photos. Can any one help with the inscriptions on the reverse and also the shoulder board. Thanks. [attachmentid=28388] [attachmentid=28389] [attachmentid=28390] [attachmentid=28391]
  6. Glenn, Thanks, I have a werhpas and photo group and this was amonst them. I will dig them out and post a few more. regards paul
  7. John, Very nice, I do like these personal item. Would like to see any more you have if you get time. Regards Paul
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