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  1. Well done Chris. If I'd have seen it I would have certainly have bid too.
  2. Thanks for the compliment mate, but please don't underestimate your photos, they're as every bit as good as my material, the difference being I tweak mine with some digital enhancements. The originals are more often than not faded, smoke stained, coffee cup stamped, torn and drawn on. Sometimes when my "care packages" arrive from the Fatherland, I have to air out my study afterwards on account of the smell of 90-something year old cigarette smoke emanating from the cards.
  3. Tony, you're a better man than me if you can find anything decent in Melbourne by way of postcards. My main sources are Ebay Germany (Australian Ebay is rubbish) and a small network of dealers with whom I deal direct, but before you go making room in those shelves, you should know that prices for decent cards have skyrocketed of late. Take the first card in my post for example, a photo from the same studio depicting three artillerymen with holstered C96 semi-automatic pistols went for around $240 on Ebay last week. I suspect it was the presence of the C96s that pushed the price up, but we're not talking flamethrower troops' sleeve insignia here, pictures of C96s are still quite common. I'm still scratching my head over that one. Brett
  4. A couple from my collection. I have deliberately not included Germans toting Mosin-Nagants as these are as plentiful as flies at a barbecue.
  5. Captured kit

    Captured kit.
  6. The picture in the background shows the Schneekoppe mountain, part of the Riesengebirge.
  7. If the Minister of Finance and Tourism ever lets me off the leash, I hope to do the same one day. The cards must've been commercially available, Tom Wictor used a copy in his assault troops book.
  8. A small collection of photos from RIR 39.
  9. Verdun assault troops

  10. It's had me bamboozled too Chip, although that's not terribly difficult.
  11. Gebirgs Kanonen Batterie 2, Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 19. Front and rear of a postcard in my collection. > >Gebirgs Kanonen Batterie 2, Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 19 by drakegoodman, on Flickr > >Geb. Kanonen Batterie 2 by drakegoodman, on Flickr
  12. Gentlemen, For your viewing pleasure I present a set of small 90mm x 60mm, slightly digitally enhanced photographs depicting young men from Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westfälisches) Nr.16.
  13. Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr

    Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westfälisches) Nr.16