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  1. Thanks for your Information.
  2. Hi there, does anyone know this badge. Maybe it is british. Thanks Michael
  3. Hi, SUP - Supply Sgt.? Michael
  4. Hi Odulf, the second could be Landfried. Oberlt. u. Rgts. Kdr. Michael
  5. Hi Grey, this is a socalled "Knopfloch"-miniature (buttonhole) for civil jackets, like this in this eBay auction. Michael
  6. Yes, the "st" is cut, because the paper is a little bit folded
  7. Hi, I paid for the medal and the case, shown on page 1 of my article and the Diplom on page two, both together 50 Euro from a legionnaire . Michael
  8. Hi, can you give me the source of this Information. Michael
  9. The 100th-pin was given out with the registration. I think the other do so.
  10. Here is a ribbon, i took the photo 2014 at the Swiss 2day march, with the Pins for 50, 75 and 2006.
  11. Hello, herr is a photo of the clasp for the participation of the 100. 4daagse in Nijmegen. It is from a friend from Austria. Michael