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    Rank insignia in general, espacially Foreign Legion music, pioneers and rank insignias with 5-years-chevrons for service.
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  1. I read - "Major ... als Gast mit den Offz des Brig Stab" - "Oberst (not Oberstleutnant) Gottberg am (not zum)" "
  2. aubagne98

    Fourragere Ferret Question

    Hi, these are older ones, non-official ones. watch this http://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ausgabe78.pdf , Picture 10 and this http://fourrageres.blogspot.de/ Maybe you do not have a fourragere ferret, you do have a ferret of an aiguillette. These are worn on the other shoulder an are no Croix de guerre decoration. Michael
  3. Thanks for your Information.
  4. Hi there, does anyone know this badge. Maybe it is british. Thanks Michael
  5. aubagne98

    indian rank on medals

    Hi, SUP - Supply Sgt.? Michael
  6. Hi Odulf, the second could be Landfried. Oberlt. u. Rgts. Kdr. Michael
  7. Hi Grey, this is a socalled "Knopfloch"-miniature (buttonhole) for civil jackets, like this in this eBay auction. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Bandschleife-mit-Schwertern-Knopfloch-Miniatur-EK-Orden-Ungetragen-/252715451879?hash=item3ad703c5e7:g:xPkAAOSwopRYcnt9 Michael
  8. Yes, the "st" is cut, because the paper is a little bit folded
  9. aubagne98

    Libya - The Great Fatah Decoration

    Hi, I paid for the medal and the case, shown on page 1 of my article and the Diplom on page two, both together 50 Euro from a legionnaire . Michael
  10. aubagne98

    ODM of Andorra

    Hi, can you give me the source of this Information. Michael
  11. aubagne98

    Nijmegen 100th march 2016

    The 100th-pin was given out with the registration. I think the other do so.