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  1. Duncan, eMedals has an archived listing of 3 US Environmental Protection Agency medals in gold, silver, & bronze (https://www.emedals.com/three-american-environmental-protection-agency-medals#:~:text=Three American Environmental Protection Agency Medals United States%3B,Commendable Service%2C Individual and Group (bronze%2C 38.3 mm).). They have different ribbons than the example you illustrated. The auction listing text states: "United States; Gold Grade Medal for Exceptional Service, Individual and Group (bronze gilt, 38.5 mm); Silver Grade Medal for Superior Service, Individual and Gro
  2. Since a few years prior to the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the US Dept. of State Diplomatic Security Service (the descendant organization of the Special Agents' Division) in 2016, there has been an increased use of a logo derived from the design of the original 1917 Special Agents' badge. Below are 2 examples of this logo. Motto for the DSS using the original 1917 badge logo from page 2 of the online pdf document History of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the United States Department of State, printed October 2011, Global Publishing Solutions,
  3. Dear ChrisW, 


    Great follow up on the photo! What persistence to keep looking until you were able to identify Ali Mahmoud Showery and provide such a detailed biography, bravo! I did not want to clutter up the thread or section by stealing the visibility of your addition with a simple recognition of your having done the work.





    1. ChrisW


      Thanks very much Rusty, you are too kind! I just happened to be scrolling through one of my Facebook groups and saw this same, memorable photo posted with a nice description. Best, Chris

  4. Numis, I assume you have seen the F.K. Mitchell 1955 article referenced on page 175 of the portion of the document I included in my post of 30 January on this thread from an online pdf of the City of Johannesburg Africana Museum's: Military Medals of South African Interest: An Exhibition of the Collections in the Africana Museum and the South African National War Museum, Johannesburg, Augmented by Special Loans, 22 July-10 August 1957 (a typed manuscript made in Johannesburg, 1957). That manuscript article identifies the Mitchell article as the most authoritative publication on the Sir Harry S
  5. I have just a note from 1851 about the designer of the Sir Harry Smith Medal for Gallantry 1851, Charles Davidson Bell. I was only previously acquainted with him for some of his watercolors of "Bushmen" (San) from his participation in 1834 at the age of 21, accompanying Dr. Andrew Smith for 2 years on the "Expedition for Exploring Central Africa" via Kuruman mission station to the Tropic of Capricorn in modern Botswana. Self-portrait of Charles Davidson Bell (1813-1882) in crayon (70 X 57 cm), painted c.1858, the William Fehr Collection. Bell was the Survey-General in
  6. The description of the ribbon for the Sir Harry Smith Medal for Gallantry 1851 on the top of pg. 15 of The Story of the 1st Battalion Cape Corps: (1915-1919), by Captain Ivor Denis Difford, 1920 (shown above in my post of 17 March) states that it was based on that of the Sutlej Medal. The Battle of Aliwal led by Sir Harry Smith, was the 2nd major battle of the Sutlej campaign, and was a great tactical success for Smith, resulting in several awards ("...a knighthood, a baronetcy, the award of the Grand Cross of the Bath, the formal thanks of both Houses of Parliament, of Wellington, [as Command
  7. Attached is a low-resolution image of a more recent restrike of a version the original 1917 US Department of State Special Agents' Division badge design. The blue enamel in the "US", the lettering of the banners, and between the outer margin of the lower scrolled shield and the inner margin of the banner with the inscription contrasts with the black enamel that is only within the "US" portion of the other example of a restrike badge that I illustrated in a high-resolution image on this thread as the 1st the photo in my post of 25 March, 2017. This restrike would normally be encased in lucite w
  8. Numis, most of what I've contributed is ground already quite familiar to you. I hope a couple of threads of this information may be useful to your research project's continued searches. My meagre information today identifies a few collectors who at one point owned 3 of the Sir Harry Smith Medals of Gallantry 1851, and below a couple identifications of recipients. This first collector's identification is probably known to you, I include it just to trace the ownership path of the John Keiberg medal. I was reviewing the online version of the catalogue for the 24 July, 2018 Spink auct
  9. Above is a pretty good illustration of a Lattes-made 1st Class sash badge of the Order of Ismail attached to the sash. The angle of the photo leaves the 5:00 and 7:00 arms of the star unfocused, but the 12:00 arm is clear enough to see the engraving (the engraving on the 9:00 arm also is fairly visible). It shows the 3 pairs of lateral engraved marks (slightly uneven?) on the most distal flower with a single engraving mark in the central petal. The middle flowers have the 3 lateral marks and the single engraving mark in the longer and most medial petals of each flower. The other engraving cann
  10. Probably this list is well-known to you, but I came cross it on the same site that had the images the obverse & reverse of the named medal for Lt. E. Lister-Green, Online Medals, that are posted as the 4th & 5th images on this thread on 30 January (http://www.onlinemedals.co.uk/medal-encyclopaedia/pre-ww1-medals/sir-harry-smith’s-medal-gallantry). Maybe they are useful for other folks interested in this thread or shaking some trees about these medals. At the end is a note about the Henry Evans medal. "Known Recipiants Of The Medal - Taken from various sources, the list bel
  11. Here are a few additional images of examples of the Sir Harry Smith Medal for Gallantry 1851. All of the images come from archived auction listings by Dix Noonan Web (Numis, I'm sure you have all the DNW information already, but there is a mention, unfortunately no photo however, of an example awarded to Henry Evans, C.M.R on one DNW auction listing with a link provided below). I also am including a small amount of information from a numismatic publication of 1953 listing another named example to a "Hottentot" (Hendrik Ferrara; "Khoikhoi" would be a less derogatory term than "Hottentot", but a
  12. While putting on some reggae to celebrate the life of Bunny Wailer after his death on 21 March, 2021, I read through a few news stories and tributes to him and found he had been awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit (October, 2017) and the Order of Jamaica (August, 2012). Apparently, other well-known reggae artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff also were given this honor. Peter Tosh was given the award posthumously in 2012. Although there is a discussion of some Jamaican Military and other awards in the "Great Britain: Empire: Colonial Including South Africa and India: Awards, Military &
  13. Above is another portrait photo of Ahmed Hassanein wearing his Pasha costume and numerous awards. This photo shows him wearing what is probably the Grand Chamberlain's badge on the upper right (the viewer's left) portion of his sash (possibly that of the Grand Cordon Class of the Order of Ismail). It also shows the breast star of the 1st Class Order of Ismail prominently on his left breast. This portrait appears to come from the same sitting as another common image of the intrepid Hassanein that I previously illustrated on this thread in my post of 30 April. 2018 (low-resolution) and in 2 high
  14. Owain alerted me to a couple of auction listings of interest, one including a silver badge for the Mixed Courts. Above is a moderate-resolution image of a silver Mixed Courts badge from a current auction listing by Ader of Paris, Lot 227 (https://www.ader-paris.fr/en/lot/110892/14446654?offset=200&). The badge is identified as being marked with the name of "FROMENT-MEURICE" and a boar's head hallmark (a French silver fineness hallmark indicating a .800 minimum silver fineness). The size is given as 112 mm X 88 mm and it's weight as 150 g. The image in the Ader website listing i
  15. Above is an undated studio portrait of a seated official of the Mixed Courts from a 28 July, 2018 eBay auction archived on the WorthPoint website (https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/egypt-vintage-photograph-white-1939040741). The margins of the photo have been dodged, he appears to be seated in front of a cloth backdrop, and is smoking a cigarette. The listing does not provide any identification of the man, his court role, nor the studio that made the portrait. The lack of the stamboulin coat almost certainly indicates he was not a judge, and his role would likely have been as either a leg
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