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  1. I have 2 pretty good photos of an example of this Abbas Hilmi II 1909 commemorative medal to illustrate here. Moderate-resolution image of the obverse of an Abbas Hilmi II medal commemorating the anniversary of his coronation and return from Hegaz. This illustration, and the one below of the reverse of this same example, is from the flickr photostream of Hassan Kamel Kelisi-Morali (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kelisli/3048892065/in/photostream/) and is copyrighted by Hassan Kamel Kelisi-Morali. The image, and that below of the reverse, are credited on Kamel Kelisi-Morali's flickr
  2. I recently stumbled on the moderately low-resolution images of an example of the Abbas Hilmi II medal commemorating the anniversary of his coronation and return from Hegaz in my older computer files that I initially mentioned at the end of my post of 25 March, 2017. I first encountered this example in an eBay listing, that included only a very low-resolution thumbnail image of the medal. I noted that I had found the listing and low resolution images of the medal archived on the WorthPoint.com website at the end of my post of 9 December, 2017, but did not include that image as it does not provi
  3. I have several miscellaneous contributions about the Egyptian Indigenous Courts and the commemorative medal for the closing of the Egyptian Mixed Courts in 1949 to add to this thread today. This moderate resolution portrait image shows an individual in a Royal Guard uniform wearing the bicolored sash (green above & red below) and crescent & star pin that I believe are the regalia of the Egyptian indigenous Courts (the national counterpart of the international Mixed Courts). This photo comes from a 15 February, 2015 eBay auction listing archived on the WorthPoint.com website
  4. 922F, The additional information & clarification is most useful. So this is a version the Protocole volume I have not been able to track down through interlibrary loans yet, most interesting. As an underpaid part-time professor, I do not have the $ to bid on this through eBay if someone else is interested. I don't know if the price will drop again if this listing is not bought, the seller is willing to consider offers.
  5. I recently found the case for the Abbas Hilmi II medal commemorating the anniversary of his coronation and return from the haj (in 1909) that my wife's great-grandfather, Pierre Crabités obtained during his time as a judge on the Egyptian Mixed Courts in Cairo from 1911-1936. Although I was unable to open the frame and get any good pictures of the actual medal while visiting my wife's family, I have some information on the case to add here. Photograph of the framed Pierre Crabités memorabilia that includes: the visible obverse of the bronze Abbas Hilmi II medal Crabités obtained th
  6. Owain, Many thanks for providing the additional reference information on this publication and the very useful table of contents. The eBay listing identifies this edition as lacking any bilingual text and being only in Arabic. Happy New Year, Rusty
  7. The following book illustrations of Kingdom of Egypt awards come from a current eBay listing for a 1946 book of Egyptian medals (https://www.ebay.com/itm/EGYPT-BOOK-1946-medals-and-military-ranks-ISSUE-150-PCS-ONLY-RARE/274630500280?hash=item3ff140dfb8:g:degAAOSwrKNf3ff1) by a seller who specializes in older photographs of Egypt. The price was halved this week from US$999 to $500. The listing identifies the book only as "EGYPT BOOK.1946 medals and military ranks - ISSUE 150 PCS ONLY ,.RARE", and in Arabic the seller's notes include: “الرتب المدنية والعسكرية والقاب حامليها - الاوسمة والانواط وا
  8. Above is a moderate-resolution photo from a Spink archive (https://www.spink.com/lot/18002000236) of a 24 July, 2018 auction (18002, Lot 236), of a Sir Harry Smith Medal for Gallantry 1851 to John Keilberg. The Spink listing states that: "31 such medals are believed to have been awarded and, of the 22 known surviving examples, 11 are unnamed; this suggests that they were issued thus." Higher resolution versions of this same image can be viewed & zoomed on the salesroom website (https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/spink/catalogue-id-srspi10178/lot-65be9677-5c0a-4733-836e-a
  9. Photograph of the framed Pierre Crabités memorabilia that includes: his 2nd Class Grand Officer Class Order of Ismail neck badge and ribbon (upper left); the Order of Ismail breast star (upper right); the obverse of the bronze Abbas Hilmi II medal commemorating the Khedive’s coronation anniversary and return from the haj, probably struck in January 1909 (lower left); and a 1911 photograph of Crabités wearing the regalia of his role as judge on the Egyptian Mixed Courts’ District Court of Cairo where he served from 1911-1936, consisting of a maroon tarboosh, black stambouline coat, a red sash o
  10. Below are a few good illustrations of a 3rd Class Commander neck badge of the Order of Ismail made by Tewfik Bichay. This is a good example of the Bichay workmanship that is very comparable to that performed in the Lattes workshop. These photos come from a 4 December, 2020 auction listing (No. 43), Lot 193, on the La Gazette Drout website (https://www.gazette-drouot.com/lots/8238067). The offering included the neck ribbon and case. Although the recipient is named, no information is provided whether a brevet is associated with this award. The illustrations on the website can be zoomed for great
  11. An historically interesting story was reported today about a medal sale that has resulted in the recognition of the first mixed-race individual commissioned as an officer in the British Army in WWI and the first black British Army officer killed during that war, Second Lieutenant Euan Lucie-Smith of Jamaica. The commemorative plaque of his death was recently purchased by the The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum (Warwickshire) from a November, 2020 auction by Dix Noonan Webb (https://www.dnw.co.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/article.php?article_id=446). The commemorative plaque sparked resear
  12. To return to information about the real Order of Ismail, I am including a photo below of an individual wearing the neck badge and breast star of the Order of Ismail, probably the 2nd Class Grand Officer. The individual is not named in the captions I have been able to find for this image that shows the Prime Minister Mahmoud El Nokrashy Pasha during part of the Mahmal ceremony in Cairo. This photo shows Prime Minister Mahmoud Pasha El-Nokrashy being handed the reigns of the camel that is carrying the Mahmal as part of the Holy Carpet ceremony before the Mahmal makes its journey from Cair
  13. A second eBay seller from the Russian Federation also is offering a modern copy of the Egyptian Order of Ismail, this seller is identified as running the MedalsShop (https://www.ebay.com/str/RusMedals?_trksid=p2047675.l2563). This appears to be the same workmanship as the example I illustrated yesterday, which is a good-quality copy of the design elements of authentic regalia of this award. This listing also identifies this as a copy and describes the materials as a "molding color alloy" of nickel, tin, brass, & zinc and calls the colored portions "enamel". The dimensions are given as 8 xm
  14. A current eBay listing is offering a copy of the Egyptian Order of Ismail from a seller based in the Ukraine (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kingdom-of-Egypt-imperial-award-Order-of-Nishan-Al-Ismail-1915-y-type-copy-/114479374343). The eBay description does clearly identify this as a copy, as are other offerings from this business, AwardsEmpire. The description states that the materials are alloy plating and cold enamel (painting?). Although a copy, the detail is fairly accurate, if much less beautiful than the real thing. Obverse of this eBay seller's copy of a neck badge of the Order o
  15. Above is another photograph from a current eBay auction of a member of the Egyptian Upper House of Parliament, the Chamber of Senators. This low-resolution portrait is from the same eBay seller who offered the other images of members of the Egyptian Parliament that I have posted previously (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Egyptian-vintage-photographer-Judge-with-the-judicial-scarf/274549368559?hash=item3fec6ae6ef:g:Aa4AAOSwvddflthA) on my 24 July, 2020 in this thread. The eBay listing states that this is an original print and the size is 14 X 9 cm. No studio name is visible on the photo and none is i
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