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  1. 1914 screwback

    Thank you Greg!
  2. Biggest EK mystery ?

    Chris, i'm not sure how you read my post. I meant no irony. Looks like you thought i did. i personally do not doubt, cross or stamp. I would ad it to the collection in a hartbeat. Seriously, the typical 30-ies EkI 's, 1914, with these deschler pins, can they al be 22's?
  3. Biggest EK mystery ?

    Every badge or cross with that pin is called "Deshler" made. Guess that's not true then?
  4. I since long got bored with yet another PAB or IAB, but a new EKI screwback always gives me joy. I hope you like it to. The pictures dont do it justice. In hand it looks like it was made 10 years ago.
  5. Hello Gentlemen, I bought this bar this summer; Would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  6. Thanks guys, Both are paid for and will (hopefully) ,make a safe journey. This is the N° 1 emperial EK place for me, and posting them here always makes me enjoy them even more.
  7. I'm guessing this one is fine. But i have only seen these with a different and shorter hinge. what do you gentlemen think?
  8. Hello fellow collectors, I'm happy to add 2 more emperials to the treasure chest. Hope you like it.
  9. 1914 Zimmerman

    thanks Joe, I've made a pair now with a '39 screwback zimmerman wich i'm told are far from common aswel. I'm very happy with both. Some day i'll add an '39 EKI clasp to the collection. I had another disc 1914 EKI in mind to put next to the clasp. But maybe i should make this duo a trio. We'll see...
  10. 1914 Zimmerman

    Here you go Joe:
  11. 1914 Zimmerman

    The sound of crickets... Thumbleweed passing by...
  12. Its been a while since i added an emperial to the collection. :-)
  13. The pitures are terrible. I cant see what i want to see. Based on these i think it looks like a heavily messed with original or a bad one all together. Find a better one from a seller who isnt scared to make decent pictures.
  14. That is not how they should look. they are messed with or not correct. Where is the front?