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  1. Valgor

    KuK bar, large silver bravery 2x

    Well, that bar sure is something else! I suspect the silver 2nd class may be zink. Compare the color and material to the truppenkreuz and the silver first class. I have a few other bars. I will post them later on.
  2. Hello, Are there Henkelöse (1798 until 1918) for silver tapferkeitsmedals? There is a funny looking first class silver one on emedals, marked sold.
  3. Valgor

    Signum laudis Bronze and silver

    Hello Spolei, I have wondered about that myself, zink or silver. The material is not zink but it does not really look like silver aswel. It is as if the silver had a zinky wash over it. Anyway, it has a silver stamp on it. It must have looked at it upside down at first, becouse only now i see it is an "A" in a circle. Only solid silver gets a silver mark i gues, so it must be silver. I have resisted cleening it sofar. I think i will clean the outer rim and i expect to see shining silver appear . I forgot to mention that the silverstamp is at the bottom an not even near the suspension ring. Hello Christian, that is a sweet collection! Never seen such a mini and that nr°64 looks good enough to steal! I forgot to mention that the silverstamp is at the bottom an not even near the suspension ring.
  4. I'm no expert, far from it. I think this is a german produced nineteen thirties piece. Quite a few Austrian -Hungarian 1914-1918 medals are in the 1939 St&L catalogue, for example. Someone more knowledgable then me should comment. But it is awfully quiet in this part of the forum lately.
  5. Is this originally a 4-place medalbar, with the Bavarian Long Service Medal added later on? The needle ends at 4th medal.
  6. I think the second class silver ones without engravers signature are wartime zink versions.
  7. Hello, These are my signum laudis. The silver has a silvermark. Mfg, Phil
  8. Hello gents, I could not resist this one. The silver medal has a silver mark, I believe an A in a circle.
  9. Valgor

    1914 screwback

    Thank you Greg!
  10. Valgor

    Biggest EK mystery ?

    Chris, i'm not sure how you read my post. I meant no irony. Looks like you thought i did. i personally do not doubt, cross or stamp. I would ad it to the collection in a hartbeat. Seriously, the typical 30-ies EkI 's, 1914, with these deschler pins, can they al be 22's?
  11. Valgor

    Biggest EK mystery ?

    Every badge or cross with that pin is called "Deshler" made. Guess that's not true then?
  12. I since long got bored with yet another PAB or IAB, but a new EKI screwback always gives me joy. I hope you like it to. The pictures dont do it justice. In hand it looks like it was made 10 years ago.
  13. Hello Gentlemen, I bought this bar this summer; Would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  14. Thanks guys, Both are paid for and will (hopefully) ,make a safe journey. This is the N° 1 emperial EK place for me, and posting them here always makes me enjoy them even more.
  15. I'm guessing this one is fine. But i have only seen these with a different and shorter hinge. what do you gentlemen think?