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Just a few more, some shown elsewhere on the forum.

Risaldar-Major Mir Alam Khan, Sardar Bahadur, IOM, 1st Punjab Cavalry

1- Indian Order of Merit, 3rd class - unnamed

Admission to the IOM3 was for the action at Rampur Kasia on 3 Nov 1858 during the early stages of the so-called 'winter campaign' in Oudh.

Advancement to the IOM2 was for gallantry at Syad-but in Shorawak on 27 March 1879 where the escort to Mr O.T. Duke, Asst Agent to the Gov-Gen for Baluchistan, fended off an attack by 1,600 Baraitch Pathans. Mir Alam was also mentioned for Ahmad Khel on 19.4.1880 where he 'set a good example to all by his forwardness'.

The group was acquired years ago in India with this IOM along with it. Where are his other medals?!

2- Mutiny Medal - no clasp - "Naib Risaldar Mir Alam Khan 1st Reg Punjab Cavy"

Enrolled 1 April 1858 as Jemadar without prior service in the ranks

Ressaidar 1 May 1868

Risaldar 1 November 1878.

Risaldar Major 13 June 1882

retired in 1885 or soon thereafter

My guess is that he was entitled to three campaign medals: Mutiny no clasp, IGS one clasp NWF, Afghan one clasp Ahmad Khel.

His awards were:

IOM3 GGO 645 of 29 April 1859 (wef 3 November 1858)

IOM2 PGO 190 of 19 March 1880 (wef 27 March 1879)

OBI2 GGO 571 of 21 October 1881

OBI1 GGO ??? of 17 October 1885

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Havildar Golab Singh, 1st Regiment Sikh Infantry

1- Punjab Campaign Medal, 1848-49 - Sepoy ___aub Singh 1st Sikh Local R.

2- India General Service Medal, 1854-95 - NORTHWEST FRONTIER - unnamed (see below)

3- Indian Mutiny, 1857-58 - Havr Golab Singh 1st Regt Sikh Infy

One of the first Sikhs (probably a veteran of earlier Sikh service?) to be recruited into the Indian Army?

The IGS54, I have to admit, is an unnamed representative "restoration" (an ethically "gray" act by my personal standards). The group was obtained in India in the midst of one of the mid-70s silver "booms". I was able to save Golab Singh's Punjab and Mutiny medals even while watching his IGS with NWF clasp dissolve in front in my eyes into the silver melting pot, chocolate fondue style. The nightmare image still haunts me.

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The "Defence of Lucknow" that I led off with is named, by the way, to "Sirdar Peeroo, Lucknow Garrison". Most likely an Indian civilian who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Research is ongoing.

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As they happen to be on "home leave" just now, a few more, to reinvigorate the thread:


2- "Naick Dawah Singh, Regt. of Ferozepore"

3- Central India - "Duffadar Birjies Khan Gwalior Camel Corps"

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And three for Delhi.

4- "Rifleman ___aladad Groon, The Sirmoor Rifle Regt"

5- "Subr Major Hummer Singh 3d Coy Seikh Arty"

6- "Sepoy Gomaun Sing Kumaon Battn"

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