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  1. There is a very good article on this "medal" in the latest JOMSA. I assume you have seen this?
  2. Sorry to intrude (where I'm not welcome) . . . but . . . . I posted this review over at the OMSA website -- http://www.omsa.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5098 =============================== After some delay with the post office, these two volumes are now in hand. From the looks of things, they delayed the shipment so they could allow large toothy animals to chew on the package (bears, maybe?). At least the books came through intact, mostly. Artan Lame, Medaljet Shqiptare / Albanian Medals, 2 vols. (Tiranë: [botimet Toena], 2010; ISBN 978-99943-1-593-2 for both volumes) The firs
  3. Sorry to break in where I'm not welcome. This is not the wound medal. It is the West Bengal Governor's Medal. This is why it is in Bengali, not Hindi. The name of the recipient is there at the bottom.
  4. A very brief post to correct some dangerous and persistent errors and misinformation regarding Korea medals above: -- The GSM 1947 with clasp "Overseas Korea" was issued (in very small numbers, smaller than some seem to realise) to members of the 60th Para Field Abulance only. This was a very controversial clasp for some very embarassing service. -- The UN Korea Medal was, initially, supposed to have been struck in Hindi (not "Sanakrit" as the UN believed). Some specimens were made at the Calcutta Mint and are still closely held there. The government policy did not, however, allow the ac
  5. Not to elbow in where I know, oh so VERY well, that I am not welcomed, but . . . . . . just to add one item to the mix (and then go quietly and obediently away again). . . Havildar Jagat Sing, I.O.M., 5th Gurkha Regiment Indian Order of Merit, 3rd class, 1839-1911 - Named: Sepoy Juggut Sing 5th Gookhir Regt. Not in the April 1891 IAL, so he seems to have died by that date. For services on 13 December 1878, when serving as a rear guard in the Mangiar Pass, Afghanistan. This was the same action for which Sepoy (later Subadar) Kishanbir Nagarkoti received his IOM3 (later IOM1 a
  6. Data point! Thanks. While not active (for OBVIOUS reasons), I still monitor what goes on here.
  7. A nice award. The old guys certainly deserve it and most Mongolians should be reminded of their history.
  8. In case anyone is interested, many of these will be in the next FJP sale and in the sale after that (the "SOS Sale").
  9. As, in essence, a Soviet republic (unlike Mongolia), I suspect Soviet uniforms were used. Mongolia kept independence, while Tuna lost theirs.
  10. Yes, they were essentially Soviet uniforms, but with uniquely Mongolian insigniae. Battushig's book gives the best information available to date. Please contact me by e-mail for more details.
  11. No. If it would make any sense without the accompanying commentary, I might think about putting the seminar PowerPoint online (over at the OMSA forum, of course).
  12. While there was another thread on this topic, it seems to have been purged at a time other forum purges were underway. In case anyone with a Mongolian interest will be at this year's Orders and Medals Society of America meetings, two items of possible interest: -- I will be doing a seminar presenattion: "Variations on a Red Theme: Soviet Inspiration for the Awards of Mongolia and Afghanistan" -- I will have a display: "The Sukhbaatar Order"
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