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Dear All,
I recently picked up this picture from ebay, and am curious to find out more or indeed anything about this man.
On the rear of the picture (which I will attempt to post below), it says `Portrait of a Special Constable - (a word I can`t distinguish) attended by his Staff January 1868`.

Has anyone any idea who this guy was?
Did Hull Police have Special Constables in 1868?
Why would a Special Constable, be attended by his Staff?

I did think that maybe he was the Chief Constable at that time, but this is not the case. Another thought was maybe a Special Constable, might have been written by a sweet heart or something, as regards, a special person? Who knows.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please, do drop me a line.

I intend to consult a census for as near 1868 as I can, to see if there are any John Gough`s living in Hull in 1868.

Having problems posting the pictures, will try below.

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It looks a bit like "not" attended by his staff. Strange one, but maybe it was a group photo and he wasn't there for the event, so this was taken separately.
I wish I had some staff to 'attend' to me. Hmmm Swedish air hostesses, maybe rolleyes.gif

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