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  1. Saw this thought it might be of interest? https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/proposed-90th-year-commemoration-queen-elizabeth-medal-for-those-who-have-served-in-harm-s-way/
  2. The term “Hen’s Teeth” springs to mind! When/if examples appear on the open market, will certainly be interesting to see what if any, premium they command?
  3. Very interesting!! Thanks for sharing. Wonder if they’ll be an update to the effigy following the Platinum Jubilee?
  4. Not heard anything since either, I fear it went the same way as this one… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/frontline-heroes-to-get-covid-medals-within-months-rlbmk8tzb
  5. Well observed! Would be interesting, if medals could be equally roughly dated by the styles of engraving used to name these medals over the years. The rhodium plating certainly proved very problematic. Although it maintains a nice shine, it doesn’t come without a cost, some examples of the faintness and chipping experienced due to the rhodium plating.
  6. Fascinating glimpse back in time, via this little piece of silent film. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-the-battle-of-cable-street-1936-online
  7. William PRICE Born 01/08/1884 Highgate London Bricklayer before he joined the Met (employed by an A Chapman of Noel Park Estate, Wood Green). Joined 19/02/1906 as a PC in H Div (Warrant No 92896), Height 5' 10 1/2" Weight 11 st 2lbs Complextion dark Eyes brown Hair dark brown Single man when joined. His address then being 38 Eleanor Road Bowes Park. William & Martha Jane nee Gibbons, married on the 20/11/06, at Ferme Park Baptist chapel, Hornsey. Awarded the 1911 Coronation Medal. Remained at H Division until the 04/04/1914 when he was posted to K Division. The Sidney Street Siege, took place during William's service in H Division, around 200 officers from the Met & City police involved. Given his address at the time it is highly likely that he took some sort of part in the events. He was promoted to Station Sergt in 1923 served there as both a PS and SPS in K Div. 21/09/1923 92896 William PRICE from PS101K To SPS. Posted to J Division as Insp on the 26/02/1926 Pensioned 16/03/1931 as an Insp in J Div Recalled as reserve officer 31/08/1939 and joined K Div (Bow) which is next to his old J Div – he was living in Dagenham in 1939. 81 Oval Road South Dagenham (with Martha). He resigned as Insp in K Div on the 31/07/1942 - his police service was one month short of the three years for a Defence Medal On the 1911 census he is listed as living at 37 Dellow Buildings Dellow Street, Shadwell, with his wife Martha Jayne (26) and two sons William George (3) born Whitechapel and Alfred Frederick (1) born Stepney. Another son, Stanley was born 1912. Martha died in Norfolk 1962. William died at 3 Kirkley Park Road, Lowestoft, on the 10th July 1963. The first picture is a famous Sidney Street siege photograph. I believe William Price is the Bobby identify as 3. Picture 1 was taken around 1914 Picture 2 was taken in 1902 Picture 3 was taken in 1911 Picture 1 he would have been 18 Picture 3 he would have been 27
  8. Although these medals are not specifically police related. I believe that members of the The Post Office Investigation Branch could be awarded this medal? Do any rolls for these medals exist? Do these rolls confirm what role the recipient worked in, or do they just say Royal Mail?
  9. Apparently there’s been a big stink, in the medals office due to the leaking of this photo 😱, oh well 😆 🎖 🎖 🎖!!
  10. Found this group to a Ceylon Police Officer, thought it might be of interest? This trio to Insp T A Miskin.
  11. PC feared account of Hillsborough tragedy would be 'magicked away' if changes refused, jury told Jurors were today told of claims made by Maxwell Groome, a former PC with South Yorkshire Police https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/pc-feared-account-hillsborough-tragedy-20591452.amp A PC's account of the Hillsborough disaster was changed to remove criticisms of police, but notes about drunk fans were kept in, a jury heard. PC Maxwell Groome was on duty for the match at Sheffield Wednesday's stadium. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-56987464.amp PC Maxwell Groome had been on duty at Hillsborough during the disaster. A line in his original statement reading, “The control room seemed to have been hit by some sort of paralysis,” was removed in an amended version. https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/51744/Solicitor+advised+police+officer+to+review+criticism+of+top+cops+after+Hillsborough+disaster
  12. Interesting that he was awarded the war medal and not the defence medal or indeed both? Also curious that he has the British war medal not the Indian?
  13. Interesting theory Alan!! Such a shame all aren’t identified. I wonder whether PC Phipps is in there somewhere? On a similar theme is the above thread, although not Watkins related, thought it might be of interest?
  14. The possibility of there being different versions of the PJM, perhaps aren’t as far fetched as initially thought. There are several different versions of the DJM.
  15. Saw this on another forum, as anyone else heard about the possibility that there will be 4 different versions of the Platinum Jubilee Medal?? “four reverses for UK recipients. The reverses will have a border of thistles for the Scots; one of dragons and leeks for Wales and the N Ireland type is still under discussion. Each version will have a differing emblem on the ribbon, i.e. silver thistle, leek, etc.”
  16. Unfortunately the medal itself remains in English. It’s just the engraving of the rank which is done in Welsh.
  17. Rumour' has it that the medal has the Jody Clarke obverse, the Royal Arms on the reverse with the dates 1952-2022, and is suspended from a ribbon that's almost identical to the 52 Coronation but without the central crimson stripe, i.e. solid blue.
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