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  1. Three of newspaper articles from 1888 involving Constable Carson. The first one concerning "Little Sarah" is slightly perplexing? Would like to hear anyone's opinions on it. Is "Little Sarah" slang for something perhaps?
  2. Here's a little project, I'm currently working on. Picked this pair of medals up recently from Ebay was the only bidder and as such got them for a very reasonable price. What I particularly like about medal collecting if uncovering the long forgotten stories. PC S CARSON Y Division is a classic example. Had he have been H Division there would have been a feeding frenzy, I'm in no doubt................. Oh wait he was!!!!! Not only that he certainly was involved in several rather interesting situations..... He joined in 1885, newspaper wise there doesn't appear to be any mention of him. Then all of a sudden in 1888 he appears numerous times between April and August, fighting with drunks and being assaulted by enlarge. Then he disappears again........ was he posted from Y to H Division during the Ripper scare? Who knows, but what I can confirm is that in July 1889 he appears again, in Y Division. The article makes mention of him being in the habit of visiting "Little Sarah" in her house....... who or rather WHAT was "Little Sarah". I'll leave that to your imaginations for now. In 1892 he appears again still in Y Division. Then at some point between 1892 and 1901 he's posted to H Division. Wonder why? He then goes on to give evidence at the Old Bailey for two Whitechapel related robberies. Work in progress granted, but this is what I've put together so far................ Samuel CARSON Born County Down Ireland Circ 1863 Joined Metropolitan Police 1886 13th February 1888 Islington Gazette was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Hornsey road on the previous evening. Police Constable Samuel Carson, 248 Y, stated that he was on duty in Hornsey-road on the previous afternoon, when saw the prisoner drunk and disorderly ... 17th April 1888 Islington Gazette Finchley, was charged with being drank and disorderly in Tollington Park on the previous evening. Police Constable Samuel Carson, 248 Y, stated that the previous evening at 8 o’clock, he saw the prisoner drunk and disorderly in Tollington Park with a large ... Islington Gazatte 23rd April 1888 Mary Sullivan, aged 36, of Goodwin Street, Fontbill Road, was charged by Police Constable Samuel Carson, 248 Y, with being drunk aud incapable at Stroud Green Road, on the previous evening. 6th July 1888 Islington Gazette John Wells, 10, Albert Place, Queensland road, was summoned for unlawfully assaulting Police Constable Samuel Carson, Y, in the execution of his duty in Queensland road, striking him across the shoulders with stick and on the face with ... 14th August 1888 Islington Gazette Clerkenwell Police-court: John Barker, aged 37, of Monsell Road, Holloway, commission agent, charged by Police-constable Samuel Carson, Y, with being drunk and disorderly, and causing crowd to assemble at Monsell-road. The prisoner said, yary sorry. bad ... 15th July 1889 Islington Gazette ... using bad language. Prisoner said she was sober and did not use had language. Police Constable 248 Y corroborated the first witness. Prisoner said this latter constable was in the habit of visiting Little Sarah at her house, and, consequence of some ... 15th September 1892 Islington Gazette .. of Hornsey-road, were charged with being concerned in assaulting Police Constables Samuel Carson, Y, Mid Mowbray, 622 Y. Both showed signs of *********. Carson that the previous afternoon be was in tbe Homsey Road. He and Mowbray had come out ... At some point between 1892 and 1901, Carson transfers from Y Division to H Division. Changing his collar number from 248Y to 378H. 10th September 1901 Gave evidence at the Old Bailey, in a robbery case (Whitechapel). https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp?id=t19010910-661&div=t19010910-661&terms=Samuel Carson#highlight 20th June 1904 Gave evidence at the Old Bailey, in another robbery case (Whitechapel). https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp?id=t19040620-519&div=t19040620-519&terms=Samuel Carson#highlight
  3. Yet again Alan, you have me GREEN with envy. What a cracking little group and write up!!!!!
  4. Thought this might be of interest? https://taskandpurpose.com/iraq-commitment-medal-kickstarter-2639991583.amp.html
  5. Kevin, have you tried the Old Bailey website? You never know he might have given evidence at some point. I’ve discovered a wealth of information from this source whilst researching the medals in my collection. Certainly worth a try!! Gordon.
  6. I agree with or without the Mizen connection, £15 is a bargain of bargains!!!! The collar numbers letters and studs alone are worth that!!!!
  7. 😆😆😆 you might well be onto something there Paul. Wonder whether his medals still exist?
  8. Ladies & Gents, Saw this picture yesterday in the Malta Police Museum in Valletta, thought it might be of interest? I believe this chap is wearing the Egypt Medal & Khedive’s Star? Assume he must have either had previous service in the British army or navy and then settled in Malta When he was discharged? Or perhaps he was Maltese? His collar number appears to be 387 and he is also wearing RHS medal perhaps? Wonder with this information is it possible to identify who he is?
  9. Thought this might be of interest? (click on the image).
  10. Cracking write up on PC RAVEN Alan!! Interesting that he lived on New Union Street, PC PHIPPS lived there in 1871. Wonder whether this was a block of Bobby addresses? That being said could RAVEN have in fact been stationed at Bishops Gate?
  11. Saw this earlier on another platform, thought it might be of interest? Noticed the medal ribbon is slightly different. But it is reported to be to DOD specs? Although authorisation for wear is still pending it seems. This would be a step in the right direction as the Iraqi's originally said "we" were to produce it ourselves and issue it to our troops.
  12. Happened across this photograph recently. What I found particularly interesting was the custodian helmet being worn by the chap on the right. Not sure when the photo might have been taken?
  13. Have found a few more tantalizing pieces of information..... 1888: 44 Prince's Block, Petticoat Square, Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Register of Freemen being liverymen from The British Library] This is curious as according to the baptism entry they were living at 5 King's Block in 1887 and then 1890: 5 King's Block, Artizans' Street. Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Electoral Register 1890 from The British Library]. So unless they moved out briefly perhaps? Prince's Block and King's Block are next to each other with Queen's Block between them. There's also this 1884: 20 Block B, Peabody Buildings, Whitechapel. Registered only under the name of Joseph Phipps (as opposed to Joseph Daniel Phipps) so it is not a definite that this is the correct entry [Electoral Register, St. Mary Whitechapel]. Not entirely sure about this information as there appears to be two Joseph PHIPPS living in Whitechapel in the 1881 census, so it's possible this is one of them?
  14. Unfortunately, it appears that because Isaac died in service, his papers haven't be retained. However given the nature of his illness, I suspect that he contracted it during the Canadian Campaign on 1836-37. I have however been able to ascertain a bit more about the family... Family tree Phipp - the name under which Isaac's death was registered. According to the tree, Joseph's mother was Charlotte Noakes who married Isaac in 1833. She remarried to William Knight just before the 1851 census. Joseph is in the 1861 census as Joseph Knight, 13. His mother is Charlotte Knight born Essex, Ongar. They lived at White Horse Yard, St Stephens, London. Four siblings for Joseph are listed. Joseph's birth was registered as 'Phipp,' Q2 Marylebone 47. Joseph died: 18-11-1933, Hendon, Middx.
  15. Joseph & Jack................. Interesting points to note. PHIPPS lived at 8 King's Block in 1891. Was he living there in September 1888? The Ripper is purported to have fled Mitre Square his footsteps being following in that direction before being lost, via King's Block. It is alleged he left graffiti there, that was subsequently photograph by the City Police. Was PHIPPS involved in crowd control or securing the Mitre Square scene, we'll never know. But one thing that we can say with some level of certainty is that given that he served with the City Police from at least 1871 to at least 1891 or indeed 1897. He would without a doubt have had Mitre Square as part of his beat at some point?
  16. Few more pieces of the jigsaw have come to light. Charles RITCHARDS is in fact Sarah's brother. Joseph and Sarah got married on the 26th April 1868 as St James's Church Clapton (Hackney). Joseph is aged 23 and his occupation is Porter his address looks like 26 James's Walk Clerkenwell Green. Sarah is aged 26 and her occupation is Service her address is unreadable Road Clapton. But................ the really interesting thing is Joseph's fathers occupation is "Guardsman"!! So he may well have been born in the Tower of London after all. He would have born in 1845 and his father was still serving in 1868. There is a good chance that Isaac fought in the Crimean War? *** 26 St James's Walk is a stones throw from where Clerkenwell Prison once stood, which was attacked by Fenians on the 13th December 1867, was Joseph living there at the time??*** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerkenwell_explosion
  17. Assuming that it is in fact Tower of London and not Tower of Renton. Which might explain why I can't find such a place. He is certainly listed as being born in St George Middlesex on the other censuses so this would seem to make more sense? Interestingly in the 1871 census it appears that he's living in Union Street with his wife Sarah and young child. But of particular interest is that the census also states that a chap called Charles RICHARDS as also resident there and listed as his brother? Perhaps Joseph's mother was widowed or remarried? If he was born in the Tower of London, I wonder whether his father was a soldier? Perhaps he died during some far off Victorian period campaign leaving his mother a widow? Certainly something else for me to look into?
  18. It has been suggested to me that the original 1911 census, actually gives "The Tower of London" as his place of birth? Is anyone in a position to confirm that for me? Would this unusual place of birth perhaps suggest that he was the son of a soldier? Is there anyway of exploring this further? Which regiment was stationed in the Tower in 1845, I assume some Guards Regiment?
  19. Joseph Daniel PHIPPS Born circ 1846 Middlesex St George (in the Tower of London). Registered at Marylebone. The son of Isaac (2nd Btn Grenadier Guards 1826-1848) and Charlotte (Noakes). Isaac and Charlotte married in 1833. Isaac died on the 14th December 1848 (see attached newspaper article). Charlotte remarried in 1851 to William KNIGHT. Joseph is on the 1851 & 1861 censuses as Joseph KNIGHT. They lived at White Horse Yard, St Stephens, London. Joseph had four siblings. Joins City of London Police c1871 collar number 882. Posted Bishopsgate Police Station. 26th April 1868 Marries Sarah RITCHARDS aged 26 (Joseph is 23) His address 26 James's Walk Clerkenwell Green (which still exists) Sarah's address ? Road Clapton. Joseph's occupation Porter. Joseph's father Isaac PHIPPS occupation Guardsman. 26 is a stones throw from where Clerkenwell Prison once stood. Fenian's bombed it on the 13th December 1867, was Joseph living there then? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerkenwell_explosion 2 April 1871 census - has him living at 11 New Union Street, St. Giles Without Cripplegate. [City Police Officer]. With his wife Sarah and young child. Also listed is Charles RICHARDS, sarah's brother. 4th August 1871 PHIPPS is mentioned in the London Daily Chronicle and Clerkenwell News - ....treatement recieved that night. He had been ill ever since and unable to do duty, indeed, could not raise his arm. Joseph PHIPPS 882, saw the assault spoken of WRIGHT and DAVIES, corroborated all they said. William KERRIDGE 871 said from information.......... 23rd October 1874 PHIPPS is mentioned in a newspaper report from The Morning Post - ....or dead?? she came to her senses she gave instructions to the police to apprehend the prisoner and that night Jospeh PHIPPS 882 took him into custody, slightly under the influence of drink. When he told that he was charged with kicking his wife, he................ 15th September 1879 he gives evidence at the Old Bailey, relating to coining offences at the Raven Public House 185-187 Bishopsgate Street, (4 minute walk from 182 Bishopsgate, the police station.) https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse. ... #highlight 26th April 1880 he gives evidence at a murder trial which centered around the Railway Tavern, 15 Liverpool Street (4 minute walk from Bishopsgate Station). https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse. ... #highlight 3 April 1881 census - 31 Huntingdon Buildings, Bethnal Green. [City Police Constable]. 1884: Joseph Phipps 20 Block B, Peabody Buildings, Whitechapel. [Electoral Register, St. Mary Whitechapel. 1884]. 21st September 1884 PHIPPS is mentioned in the Lloyd's Weekly newspaper - ....Taylor in the emply of Mr PLATT were summoned for wantone driving with their horse and omnibuses on Cornhill. Police Constable 882 said at midnight on Friday the 12th instance, he saw the defendants driving thier horses and ominbuses in Cornhill at full..... 22nd November 1886 he gives evidence again at the Old Bailey, this time relating to an incident of theft at the Sir John Flagstaff public house 45-46 Houndsditch & Cutler Street, (4 minute walk from Bishopsgate Station. Also note within a few minutes walk of his 1891 address at King's Block.) https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse. ... #highlight 20th February 1887 PHIPPS is mentioned in the Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper- ....attempting to commit suicide on the 23rd January by cutting his throat with a razor, the evidence of Police Constable Joseph PHIPPS. It appeared that on the 23rd January last he was called to 28 Aldergate Street and that that a man had attempted....... 16th October 1887 Joseph & Sarah have a son called William Joseph born March 1883 and a daughter called Sybil Grace, born 1880. Baptised at St Botolph, their address is given as 5 King's Block. 1888: 44 Prince's Block, Petticoat Square, Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Register of Freemen being liverymen from The British Library]. 1890: 5 King's Block, Artizans' Street. Portsoken Ward. [City of London. Electoral Register from The British Library 9th March 1890 - PHIPPS is mentioned in the newspaper The People Newspaper ...pieces, and at a Police Court with being drunk and assaulting thirds wits so much injured that he shortly after Police Constable PHIPPS 882. She had been tens wards died times convicted and the alderman said he hardly two serious accidents have happened.. 1890 Electoral Registers - 5 King's block, Artizans' street, London 5 April 1891 census - 8 Kings Block, St Botolph Aldgate. [Policeman]. 1901 now retired and living in Bromley 1911 living in Marylebone. Place of birth given as Tower of London. Occupation Night Watchman. Married and aged 65. No service papers exist with the City of London Police relating to PHIPPS. Only 60% of all their records survive. Death: 18-11-1933, Hendon, Middx. No service papers exist with the City of London Police relating to PHIPPS. Only 60% of all their records survive.
  20. Here's another article to pretty much the same effect. It's interesting how the facts have become so convoluted......... Recollections of Det. Insp. Robert Sagar, City of London Police. As you know, the perpetrator of these outrages was never brought to justice, but I believe he came the nearest to being captured after the murder of the woman Kelly in Mitre-square. A police officer met a well-known man of Jewish appearance coming out of the court near the square, and a few moments after fell over the body. He blew his whistle, and other officers running up, they set off in pursuit of the man who had just left. The officers were wearing indiarubber boots, and the retreating footsteps of a man could be clearly heard. The sounds were followed to King's-block in the model dwellings in Stoney-lane, but we did not see the man again that night. Daily News, 9 Jan. 1905. Sagar is not unique in his confused recollections. Pretty much every bobby who claimed to have been involved in some capacity in the case, who has put pen to paper, has gone on to document a catalogue of errors. It all makes for ripping reading but is frustrating to say the least, for us to try and confirm facts some 130 odd years later. I believe it was Frederick WENSLEY who claims to have come up with the idea of rubber on the soles of their boots?
  21. Found this photograph of King's Block (building on the left), then made the below images which I thought might be of interest?
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