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Swiss Military Medals?

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The July-August 2015 issue of the Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America pages 35 to 41 has an article by Graham Wilson titled "Abzeichen der Schweier Armee: Ribbons and Medals of the Swiss Army.

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If you want to know ALL about the current insignias (medals included) of the Swiss Armed Forces, see the following link:


or order the

"Reglement 51.009/III dfie" (issued in German, French, Italian and English) 

at the following address:

Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FBL; 3003 Bern; Switzerland.

RE the medals: ONLY the ribbon bars are worn on the uniform, NOT the medals (officially called "mission insignias"). The medals are only issued to servicemen as a commemorative token, to be displayed on their mantleshelf or kept in a drawer.  

Please note that OFFICIAL orders, distinctions and medals (such as the French Legion d'honneur, etc.) CAN be worn by Swiss officials (such as an ambassador, for instance) PROVIDED they get a special authorization from the Federal Counsel (Government), although NOT on uniforms. 

Also note that the Pope's Swiss Guards do receive Vatican medals and wear them on their rather colourful uniform, even on such occasions as the visit of the Pope in Switzerland or other Catholic celebrations.   

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