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  1. Could it be a cap originally issued to German colonial troops before the end of the Empire (pre-1919) and used during the Weimar Republik by its owner as a member of the Brunswick branch of the Kyffhaeuserbund (by adding the corresponding oval cockade at the top) … ?
  2. Good evening Gentlemen, About 15 years ago, I bought an old peaked cap sporting a Brunswick officer's cockade and an enamelled oval Kyffhaeuserbund badge. It is made of khaki cotton material, with red woollen piping and red-brown cotton lining. Does anyone have any info about it? See pictures in attachment. All the best. Jean-Sam. Karlen
  3. … Plus the fact that the seller (pseudonym KORSHUN on eBay) did not even bother answering me when I questioned him about all that ! Does anyone know him ? Should this guy be put on the buyers' black list ?
  4. All in all, one has to be extra careful in any case. I'll try to get these details (name and entry in Podvignaroda) from the seller.
  5. … and the related document, with corresponding numbers.
  6. Would that give any clue …? Sorry I cannot get better photos than these...
  7. Good evening Gentlemen, I have recently seen these orders for sale on a famous online shopping site. They both look OK … but everyone knows that the devil is hiding in the details. Are they original, or not ? If not, why? J-SK
  8. Splendid! That's a great idea! I hope they speak English, since I have noticed that the front page is in Finnish only… and I hope I'll be able to get through...
  9. Well, yes, Indeed, your arguments do sound quite logical. Maybe I should try to get in touch with Mr. Tiainen who could give us more specific details to actually be able to get it all cleared… and by the same token I could also ask him to send me one of his books...
  10. By the way, what does "R3" stands for? Is it some kind of "rarity class" used by Tiainen? Regarding "variation 3", does it mean that numbers 1000-1059 + unnumbered crosses were ONLY manufactured for museum and collectors… OR were they ALSO manufactured for museum and collectors? If only variations 1 and 2 were issued to SS veterans, I make out that only circa 720 of them received the cross, although about 1140 could have received it out of the 1408 who voluntered in the Finnish SS battalion (circa 270 were killed or missing) = 420 suitable beneficiaries did not receive the cross… Unless they got one of the variation 3 type…(?)… It is slightly puzzling, I must say...
  11. Splendid ! Thanks a lot ! This is an invaluable information. Regarding "R3" for museums and collectors, is there any reason why 60 (1000 - 1059) were numbered when the others were not ? That sounds weird, doesn't it ? Is there a specific significance ? What is so special about the numbered ones ?
  12. How interesting! Thank you very much for your offering to scan the pages with the SS cross. I am quite interested! You can Indeed PM the scans to my address (kfamily@hispeed.ch) or share them here on GMIC. All the best.
  13. Thank you JohanH for your message and information. I have heard that the first batch of crosses (up to circa n°400) were made of iron. One such medal was sold by the Canadian seller Emedals. But I know that Jani Tiainen is THE reference on this topic. I have read extremely positive feedbacks about his book and I have always tried to get one copy, but I do not know where I can get it (and my knowledge of the Finnish language is about… well almost ZERO...)
  14. Hi again, Does anybody know if the cross issued in 1958 for the Finnish SS volunteers was ONLY made of iron? Any variation as regards the metal used (bronze, brass, etc.)?
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