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Thanks - Jamie. Collectors should join one of the two Police collectors clubs - one always needs help and if the work has been done, why duplicate it. Do you perhaps know the contact details for them ?

Hi Mervyn,

The club I was refering to are internet based - it is the 'Police Memorabilia Collectors Club' at http://www.pmcc-club.co.uk/

They have a substantial list of benefits which are noted on the web-site along with a growing on-line museum and photographic reference of current and historic head-dress.

I don't want to sound like a salesman, but I've certainly found them to be good value for my £10 per year.

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A Shropshire Constabulary helmet with blackened white metal plate.

The helmet has never had a different plate fitted and when the plate is (carefully!) removed the exact faded outline of the plate can clearly be seen on the cloth covering.

The only thing that concerns me is that it is a two panel - all the victorian helmets I can recall handling were six panel. Does anyone know of two panel helmets used during the Victorian period?

Hi Jamie,

I have a Somersetshire Constabulary helmet of Victorian period origin. It is a two panel helmet very similar to the one that you have shown.

Ross Mather www.britishpolicehelmet.co.uk

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