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Chris Boonzaier

57 Croix de Valeur for the REP

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Here is an article with some nice photos...


What is interesting is the roll of recipients at the bottom. Some people have names in Brackets next to their names.

These are probably people who have been "rectified" ... ie. Cpl Nazarenko had been given the name Nivikov when he joined, had gone to Afghanistan as Nivikov, but by the time the award came through, he was rectified and has his original name of Nazarenko back.

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Very nice indeed. I wonder are the modern certificates in the rectified name all the time ? The old Indochina era ones certainly were.


I imagine in the old if they were approved in the old.

I ws rectified in Bosnia, but kept my Legion name till we got back because they figured the UN would not understand a name change... so my UN medal is on the Legion name although I was rectified at the time.

I really wonder if that list of names was released (I doubt it)... or a wily journalist got it.



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