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  1. Kooking at his head, I would say rather a Chicken magnet....
  2. ... So if you don't have one... time to get moving!!! It is OBVIOUSLY the ring article that is making it sell out!!! ūüėČ
  3. A goodbye gift to Duncan Rykaart Some googling will give you some info... Retired after commanding the South African 5th Recce Regiment, then with Executive Outcomes in Angola, The first commander for EO in Sierra Leone, then founded his own company with some interesting contracts in Libya, then in Sudan against US backed troops.... A pic of him receiving a medal, then with one of his Recon teams in the 80s..... really not my collecting field, but I am very happy to have it..... He can be seen in this video, the guy in the pink t-shirt... this was a night off for the men of Executive
  4. Initially I wanted a single blue tunic... and it just grew and grew ... I still prefer the Feldgrau... but the blue is growing on me....
  5. Hi Eric... that is a good argument... if the 1914-18 cross was "cheap"... the 1870 cross was "cheaper" ... Just saw a rough draft this week... the article looks really good!!
  6. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    This is a pretty rare one... the W√ľrttemberg RIR 247 medal worn on a bar, and a separate bar with its ribbon... you occasionally find the medal, but is was not official and to find them on a bar is very very unusual... It seems to have been reserved for the men who were part of the Regiment in Ypres in 1914... EUR245


  7. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    A really nice one indeed! EUR135


  8. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Hi, a nice doc, Condition as pictured, has been framed at some stage, 2 fine slits where a ribbon went through, but difficult to see... EUR115


  9. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Original and unmessed with... the Anniversary Medal is rusted and can be kept or replaced for display EUR175


  10. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    2 Great crosses, a Fritz Zimmermann and a wartime Souval, with Zimmermann Packet... EUR195 for all


  11. Hi, for some reason all of his posts were missing the photos... so 90% of the thread was titles, but the covers were not there to be soon. I invisabled them for now
  12. It took some time to find one for some reason, and then for a regiment I had given little thought to (6th b.I.R. from Amberg)... but I was pleased to finally add an officers blue tunic to the collection.... Was also happy to get the white gloves... Am not 100% how this neck cloth is worn....
  13. I assume it was a dislike of the Prussians... it was strong back then... I remember a book by a Prussian who landed up in a Bavarian hospital... he was treated terribly until he convinced them he was a saxon.... It is not rare to see Bavarians wearing the EK backwards, the Oakleaves to the fore...
  14. The sash is a bugger to find. I don't know that anyone had specifically prewar or wartime uniforms, unless they were a pattern no longer worn after a certain date. I thought of the EK ribon after seein a number of photos of very highly decorated officers wearing just an EK1 and ribbon... all the way up to GFM... Having said that... as he probably had a homefront EK2, I am not sure he would have pushed it to the fore....
  15. Just the tailor tag, I must check the date. There were 2 in the auction. ihave a postcard somewhere of him wearing one around 1914.... the HH auktion had many nice pics, but just very early ones of him from what I could see
  16. I am wondering if he maybe did wear it... he was still Obersthoffmeister until the end of the war, and continued to be in the close entourage until the death of Ludwig III... and then looked after the family affairs for a short while afterwards... He did visit the front on various occasions with Ludwig but I am assuming on regular duties back in M√ľnchen he would have made use of all the Blue stuff in a wardrobe?
  17. Hi, indeed... but as it is the √úberrock of Leonrod, I need something he would have worn ūüėČ
  18. Indded, there is a minimalist approach which fits here... I had missed the fact that it does have loops for a single steck kreuz. The Plettenberg Photo is about as much as I would go, but Price is an issue as it is not really my collecting field. You sometimes see Generals or GFM with only an OK ribbon and EK1... As Leonrod had an EK2, maybe just the ribbon? Although a fitting neck order would look very cool...
  19. oooooohhhhh.... I was hoping for something a little bit cheaper... like an EK2 ribbon? ūüôā
  20. Hi, thanks, that is clearer than I have found in a day of hitting the books... So with my Überrock of von Leonrod I could go with achselbänder, belt, sword, and Pickelhaube ? The Medal situation seems to have been totally minimalist, on neiter of his Überrock are any loops at all.... Thanks Chris
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