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1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment 1888?

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Can anyone tell me where the 1st battalion was stationed in 1888. I believe the regimental depot was in North Camp and the 2nd Battalion were in India. But am curious to know where the 1st Battalion was in that year? Can anyone assist me?



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I believe I've answered my own question. I've done a bit more digging and believe they were in Preston by 1888, having landed in Portsmouth in 1885, but if anyone can fill that 3 year gap for me, that would be great!

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BJoW  -  Hi.   I am fortunate to have bought some years ago a very thick book called Records and Badges of the British Army.  It was

published in 1895 - with a final up-date in 1900.   I can help with Regimental and Cavalry prior to 1900.


The Royal Sussex Regt.  -  the 35th  -  served in India until 1865 ,  when they returned to Britain.   In 1875 they were sent to Barbados and were there until 1880, when they were sent to Malta.   In 1881-2 they were in Cyprus and after the Bombardment of Alexandria

were present in operations in Egypt.  The Battalion served throughout the 1884 Nile Campaign and fought at Abu Klea.

A detachment were on board Gordon's steamers in Sir Charles Wilson's expedition to Khartoum in 1884. 

The Battalion returned home in 1885.


The 2nd Battalion returned from India in 1875.  In 1881 it came under the Territorial changes and was the 2nd Bn. Royal Sussex Regt..

In 1882 it went to Malta and then in January 1885 to Egypt.   Still in that year it was sent onto India and was still there in 1899. 


Interesting that both Bns. served in the same areas and  at the same times.


Hope this helps.   Mervyn

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Hi M,


Thanks for your reply. I've discovered that my guy was only in Egypt for about 6 months and was back home by 1883ish. So didn't take part in any of the later campaign. It is interesting to see both battalions deployed at the same time, I always thought they tried to avoid this sort of thing following the Zulu War?



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