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The Battle For The Falkland Islands.

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You are all overlooking the real reason behind all of this. The 200 mile exclusion zone around the Falklands and South Georgia

controls a great extent of the World's oil reserves. We may not have a strong navy - however, a substantial number of troops are

stationed there for 'training'. The element of surprise would not be with them in another attack - and at the end of the day who wants

an unstable regime like Argentine having control over the oil ? Mervyn

ps : Geologically - the Falklands were originally part of NATAL in Sth. Africa. This was before Gondwanaland and oceanic drift.

I have this on good authority from Brett , who before retirement was Curator of our Geographical Museum. Personally, I

think that Natalians should reclaim our territory - we probably have more personal weapons then the Brit. Army...........

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You are all overlooking the real reason behind all of this.

On the contrary. While the dispute has been called "two bald men fighting over a comb" in the past, I don't see anyone in this particular discussion disputing the fact that control of the Falklands/Malvinas means literally millions in fishing rights, oil exploitation, and access to the Antarctic – where there is even more wealth. What we are saying is that now it's two impotent bald men fight over a comb - albeit a valuable one. Their militaries are quite incapable of mounting much of an effort. That's the really sad statement here...which translates into how in the world can Britain shoulder it's share of responsibility on security issues with much more seriousness. That's what is being overlooked here.

Frankly, I doubt the Falklands would come to blows again - but if it did - it would be quite an sad show by either "armed" force.

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