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Bernhard H.Holst

Hungarian uprising, Oct.- Nov. 1956

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Hello readers.

To nudge memories with the following:

The very noteworthy uprising against the communist regime in power in Hungary following WW II started in October 1956 and was not put down until November 1956.

Only the intervention of Soviet forces caused the defeat of Hungarian freedom fighters with the subsequent trials and execution of most of the leaders.

As a little aside I wish to tell the following:

being stationed at the then Headquarters of the French Foreign Legion I shared a room with another N.C.O. who was of Hungarian origin. He listened to news on his short wave radio until the early hours and related them to me later.

The department I was assigned to ( aptitude testing of new and reassigned personnel ) processed two Hungarian legionnaires at the time who had taken the opportunity to flee Hungary for Vienna where they reported at the French Embassy. They had been captured in Indochina by communist forces and through the " leniency " of Uncle Ho were sent back to their homeland which was part of the peace camp. They had to report to the police each week and took the route out of there. I do not know the further events with these two but wished them well.

Bernhard H. Holst

former member of the French Foreign Legion

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thank you for sharing this story!

The communist authorities always tried to dissuade the youth for the joining of the Legion. An "educational" filmstrip from 1960, the title is "Escape from the Foreign Legion".


Greetings from Hungary!



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