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Actually........I just happen to have a couple jars of the air ole AH breathed....I'll sell some ..cheap. There seem's to be no end to what people will try and sell. I would like to see some one try and sell this....it's in Camp Pollom out side of Daruvar, a former JNA base used by the Germans during WW2, and due to the large underground complex there, I would assume it's being used by the Cro Army now. Wall art left by a "Van Doo" the Royale 22eme Regiment de Canada.

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Actually that's a very good deal! This painting really looks like a woman and costs only 14 000. At the same time, there are many paintings, pretending to be women or men, but nothing like women or men seen n them, just ugly splotches - and still selling for hundreds of thousands... go figure! :o:catjava:

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