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Air Force Badge - Please Help ID

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Some time ago I bought a nice set of pins of various Yugoslav military schools and academies, among them was this one. If I remember well the seller wrote it's a badge of a foreign students (not sure from which country) enrolled in the Yugoslav Air Force Academy. Unfortunately I can't read the inscription so I'd be grateful if someone could help me with translation. Airplane silhouette and opened book below it do suggest it might be related to some Air Force educational institution.

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The Arabic reads "Air College" (al-kuliyya al-gawiyya). Judging by the roundel and the silhouette (a Mirage III or V) it's probably from Libya.



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Thank you very much, Chris!
I wasn't sure about the silhouette but the roundel made me think of Libya even though other countries used or still use those colors today (Egypt and Yemen for example). Many Libyans were enrolled in Yugoslav Military Academies, especially Air Force Academy, besides that a certain number of Yugoslav flight instructors were sent to Libya. It's interesting to mention that Libya purchased over 100 Yugoslav Soko G-2 Galeb jets.

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