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  1. Most interesting, never saw a combination like that before. Prussian medal on the first place plus the fact that type of mount was extremely rare in Serbia suggest the recipient was not Serbian. The document is actually for the Medal for Military Virtues (Медаља за војничке врлине), obviously dated 1901, but awarded for merits in the War of 1876-77. Unfortunately I can't read the name of the recipient, if I understood well he's treasurer, volunteer and former lieutenant 1st class. One more interesting detail, the document is signed by general Dragutin Franasović (Драгутин Франасовић). Many thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for additional information!
  3. Thanks for sharing, that's a new one to me as well. I think I SSRNH acronym of the mentioned organization can be seen on the front side of the plaque. Could you please tell us its approximate size?
  4. Actually I believe these monograms are Prince Mihailo's and they were introduced in 1939. while the epaulettes are from earlier period.
  5. "Serbia, Kingdom. A Set of Army Colonels' Epaulettes, Adjutant to King Alexander 1897-1900 (Epolete višeg pešadijskog Oficira, Kraljevog ađutanta u činu Pukovnika); constructed of high quality material, of multi piece construction, with gilded and silvered metal parts, gilded fringes, silvered Royal Chyper superimposed on top (Milan Obrenovic), and red fabric underneath. Of highest quality manufacture, likely Austrian, in near mint condition case of issue (case showing some age); a very rare and desirable set of Epaulettes in top quality and condition." Wrong description, king's adjutants wore monograms of the current, not the past ruler. Apart from that, the monogram is from a different period., Photos found HERE.
  6. The medal ended up on emedals: https://www.emedals.com/europe/serbia/serbia-kingdom-a-gold-medal-of-anointment-of-king-alexander-i-1889
  7. Interesting find, even the box is very nicely preserved. I've never seen one of those, thanks for sharing.
  8. Thank you Eric, it good to back. Both types of hallmarks were used to mark the same thing but the "woman's head" was the large hallmark while the "rooster" was the small hallmark.
  9. Most interesting, thanks for sharing, luckily your family member managed to save it. God only knows how much documents ended up in garbage all around former Yugoslav republics...
  10. You can find couple of photos HERE. Police is not my area of interest but I believe they wore dark blue.
  11. Greetings BalkanCollector, nice to hear from you. Don't mention it, I'll do my best to be more active in the future.
  12. I'm not sure about the red mouth detail, as I mentioned this is really not my filed, but the back side looks good. I've never even held one of those in my hands but it seems to me that the wolf's head can be easily separated from the base of the badge.
  13. Here's an illustration from the Official Gazette (Службени лист), apologies if I already posted it in this topic. -Silver fineness I (.950) "rooster" in square. -Silver fineness II (.900) "rooster" in pentagon. -Silver fineness III (.800) "rooster" in hexagon.
  14. JSO is really not my field but could you post a photo of the back side? Based on my very limited knowledge the back side tells a lot about the authenticity of the badge. If you can see impressed wreath it should be good.
  15. Charity Cross, different types, awarded to the same person.
  16. My theory - "follow the numbers". TYPE 1 (based on what I've seen so far): -ZIN/ZNB wider screw nut, numbers ranging from (probably) 1 to ~20K -IKOM wider screw nut, numbers ranging from ~20K to ~70K -ZIN/ZNB wider screw nut, numbers ranging from ~70K to ~77K -ZIN/ZNB narrower screw nut, numbers ranging from ~78K to ~82K -IKOM narrower screw nut, numbers ranging from ~70K to ~192K (numbers overlapping with some of the ZIN/ZNB's wider screw nut orders) -ZIN/ZNB narrower screw nut, numbers ranging from ~193K to ~200K
  17. Greetings everyone, It's been months since my last visit to the forum so it will take me a while until I go through everything posted since. That being said I'll try to shed some light on the decoration presented by Gunner 1. First of all, BalkanCollector already mentioned something interesting, as far as I know, they stopped writing down numbers on the certificates in 1960. I have to check this later but I believe I have several numbered decorations (most probably remade ones) awarded post-1960 without numbers on the certificates. The main problem with the order in question is the fact it's a second type, i. e. post-1973 type, while the certificate itself is dated 1962. That leads me to believe someone paired up that particular order with a box and a certificate of another decoration. The only other option that comes to mind is a possibility of a replacement. Perhaps this lady was awarded with the first type which got lost some time later, post-1973, so they gave her a replacement piece (2nd type) upon her request.
  18. I visited National Military History Museum in Sofia around 5 years ago and I was quite surprised with the number of exhibited Serbian decorations, especially Takovo. There are probably more of them on display in Sofia than in Belgrade. General Dragutin Franasović (Драгутин Франасовић), photo from the 1890s. We can see Bulgarian Order for Bravery 4th Class 2nd grade on his medal bar. I presume he was decorated for the actions during 1876-78 Wars even though the order was established in 1880.
  19. Doesn't matter, still an interesting find
  20. Bayern, thank you for your prompt reply. So we can definitely exclude Denmark, what about Netherlands and Belgium? I forgot to mention its size - 5,5x5,5 cm.
  21. Unfortunately I can't find any information about it. I don't remember seeing them in wear nor stumbling upon them in literature. As far as I know Serbian regulations don't mention "embroidered decorations", I don't know about Montenegro. If you discover anything, please let us know.
  22. Greetings, Does anyone recognize this navy cap badge, presumably European? A fellow collector received it recently and we can't find any information about it. I wasn't sure in which category to put it but since the most monarchies are located in the northern part of the Old Continent this seemed like the best option. All comments are more than welcome.
  23. Very nice, thanks for sharing. Interesting to see Takovo III around his neck
  24. Thanks for sharing! Is the wreath of the 2nd or the 3rd class hallmarked? I don't remember seeing 2nd classes like that before but of course that doesn't mean they don't exist.
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