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Europian Union

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European Union had a monitoring mission in the former Yugoslavia. Former EUMM began operating in July 1991 under the name of ECMM (European Community Monitor Mission). The mission was financed by the European Commission and consisted of 75 field specialists. The mission was headquartered in Zagreb and its designated area included Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. ECMM was renamed as European Union Monitoring Mission on 22 December 2000.[1]The full number of awards-75.

In January 1992, the mission was briefly suspended following the helicopter downing that killed five of its observers.[2]Only 5 sets o were awarde to Czecho-Slovakia.In my opinion, the set was made in Switzerland.It is in silver,mark 925.It remembers the sad part of history in Europe.The participants of mission were called Ice-cream sellers,because of white uniforms they were wearing.The dimension of case-11cmX13cm.





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