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  1. The last bargain.The order bestowed on Romanian general with a decree,number 234. 240000 Romanian soldiers took part in lthe iberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazi Germany in 1944-1945.They were the part of 40th and 53rd Soviet Army.12000 were killed during the fights,more 65000 were wounded and lost. The order bestowed on Ján Hanulík has been sold.
  2. Excuse me,I realised it was Oestereichischer Skiverband.
  3. Identify this badge,please.Many thanks for your answer.I hope Germany 30th.The badge is in Silver-marks.
  4. 2.https://cornet.cc/en/123099/red-army-badges-the-best/ 1.Approximately it is not difficult to find out.
  5. The award paper with the description of the deed .
  6. No topic has been made in this division for some time,so I decided to correct it and fill the gap.Probably somebody will find time to look at it.The first order of the sergeant scout Vasiliy Sergeevich Pakhomov.Born 1913.An heroic deed 22nd August 1943.A place of auction Volkhov and Leningrad front. Other awards of V.S.Pakhomov: Medal For Valour,Order of Red Star,and Order of Red Banner,of course. The badge of order with some dames in the obverse as you can see.
  7. Though this Guard Border is common,but in the complet is nice.That is my point of view.I did not want to look for the topic Guard Border Badges of Hungary,so I added the photos here.
  8. Many thanks to each of you who took the part in topic.The badge was sold for 12euro.
  9. Next set of documents on Czechoslovak officer Arnosht Chayka.Soviet booklet For Victory over Germany and Czechoslovak ones:Medal For Merit - 1st Grade,Order of Slovak National Uprising -2nd Grade,Commemorative Medal of SNU
  10. I am glad you like it.Is it possible to prompt the price?Some more pictures.
  11. Please,identify this badge.Exemplary Border Guard?
  12. I am glad you like the topic. The list of his awards. Medal for Valour 26.7.1942 Order of Alexandr Nevskiy 18.11.1944 Order of Patriotic War 2 Grade 8.2. 1945 Order of Red Star 24.2.1945 Order of Patriotic War 1 Grade Jubilee 9.5.1985 His terminal rank :Captain
  13. A next piece for examination-George Cross 4 Grade.Is it OK?Thanks for your answers.
  14. I bought this photo 20 years ago in the Czech Republic at the meeting of collectors.Size 8x12 cm.
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