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  1. For example-The last awarding 479 Jaroslav Bareš -a fireman.His deed is described in the certificate-For the personal courage at the liquidation of the fire in television studio. Julius Varga 306-Julius Varga was a frontier guard who was wounded in the fight with intruders of the frontier.The intruders wanted to run to West Germany. Miroslav Staník-2nd Lieutenant -policeman 1470 for personal courage at the disposal of the dangerous criminal Zdenka Tomišková 492-for personal bravery and assistance at the disposal of the dangerous criminal.More details are not known for me. I have complets of J.Varga,M.Staník and Zd.Tomišková in my collection. As it is known mostly-firemen,policemen,soldiers,mine rescue workers were bestowed on this decoration. Only 1503 awarded. Jarmila Janú 1413 a nurse For bravery and moral at the performance of the tasks abroad This nurse was working in Angola in hospital when the hospital was captured by Unita.She was in capture 3 months.
  2. I like this award very much so I cannot resist to add the next complet fot the fireman-for liquidation of big fire in television studio in Brno.Have a nice look.The award is not mine.I have enough 3 complets of these medals in my collection.
  3. And what about this medal?Is the ornamental hanger imperative here?I am asking about the medals in blue fields.Only medal in the white field is OK?
  4. Hi,collegues,and what can we say about this order?A type-period of awarding?A price?Is this etue Ok?Thanks for answers.
  5. I have already bought Medal Army Abroad for you.London version.
  6. Medal of Štefan Banič Awarded by the Club of Military Paratroopers of SR for Merit in Developing of Parashuting Štefan Banič Inventor of the Parashute
  7. Ok,Dave here you are War Cross 1939,Czechoslovak Army Abroad.I do not have Medal For Merit of Spink & Son production,because I prefer to have Czechoslovak silver medal with the marks of silver in rib. WC 1939 is the first place,compare with the others of Prague emission. Army Abroad/obverse,reverse Medals For Merit of 1st and 2nd Grade with a certificate in original etui
  8. Your medal is of London emission.A very nice condition.Medals of London emission are a little expensive than those of Prague emission.In this picture of my medails it is in the 2nd place.
  9. John,thank you very much.I have found prices:70euro for the first award and about 100euro for the second one.
  10. Please,advice with the originality and price of these 2 awards.Many thanks. 2.
  11. The another piece from my collection.This order was bestowed on the city,number 663.The second version with with some differences in etue.
  12. My opinion:Order of Patriotic War 2nd Grade is an original,but the Nevsky is not an original.
  13. Dear collegues,I hope somebody will be able to say the the price of this award.Many thanks.
  14. It is the right answer I needed.Once more-thank you.
  15. Colleagues from Former Jugoslavia,tell me the price of this set.Thanks a lot.
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