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  1. The Best Worker of the Light Industry Despite of the fact, my idea was to show only silver badges I like this badge very much,I decided to put it to this topic.
  2. k, Not Finnish, but Polish. The badge is for the 2nd Rakitanianski Light Horse Regiment. There is another very similar badge with the years 1915 (top arm) 1914 (left arm) and 1918 (right arm). Source: Polish Orders, Medals, Decorations and Insignia Military and Civilian Decorations 1705 – 1985 by Zdzislaw P Wessolowski 1986 Cheers, Ian Thanks for correcting me.It is a pity but the Google does not answer The badge is for the 2nd Rakitanianski Light Horse Regiment.
  3. Many thanks for the example of Soviet production.
  4. A Soviet variant or am I mistaken?
  5. Please,identify this unknown for me badge.Many thanks.
  6. I am ready to add the correct ribbon to the medal.Price 40euro.
  7. I have not noticed this award in the division but I think it deserves its place .It is the third in the rank of Czechoslovak orders.It was estabilshed in February,the 13,1973. It is made from gilt silver. In the obverse we can see the enameled star in the reverse the number.I have got a few of orders in my collection with the decrees.The number of awarded decorations-856. Sorry,the etue.
  8. the next item for sale-for eagerness 28mm I hope somebody will determine the period,I think the medal is not silver
  9. next piece of the medal -100 birth of Lenin waiting for the certificate
  10. I am sorry to say,but they are not any awards,these are imitations of awards or rattles.What material are they made from?Aluminium,tin?
  11. A next piece of MC of Zaire.Tell the price ,please.
  12. Do you mean that one?A pure circle?In Slovak-delostrelecký automobilný personál-artillery automotive crew
  13. The emblems on the sleeves means-machine-gunners section,period early 20ies XX century The beret caps mean the using of the French uniforms
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