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  1. Czech garnet-a halfgem.Happy to show you something interesting.
  2. As I promised the ribbon bar of Order of Friendship.
  3. Thanks for response and interest.The ribbon bar for State Price of Klement Gottwald-Státni cena Klementa Gottwalda was also made from silver.Look at the photos. I think also ribbon bars of Order of Friendship and Order od Republik-the latest edition were made from silver. The button ribbons bars of Order of 25th February were made from silver.I will have to take the pictures and create the topic.
  4. A small ribbon of the order of 1st type was from silver.Look at the marks.
  5. Collegue SovPha liked my topic Orekhov Nikolay Mikhaylovich very much so I decided to make the next topic for him.I hope he will like it too. I hope he can read Russian very well and he will be able to read Kobzevs awarded list and all data about him.Sorry but I do not own Order of Glory and Medal for Combat Service those could make the set. http://podvignaroda.ru/?#id=16774012&tab=navDetailManAward Кобзев Григорий Григорьевич 1918г.р.
  6. My Orders of Red Stars are placed in black leather case 15x20cm. numb.147556 without OB probably awarded on Czechoslovak numb.163250 -with OB Grigorij Grigorievich Kobzev-if you are interested I am able to create the topic numb.782664 without OB probably awarded on Czechoslovak numb.865231 with OB Ivashko Iakov Antonovich The set of 2 Orders of Red Stars with OB on Orekhov Nikolai Mikhailovich,numbers 1827242,3389365 numb.2991993 with OB on Klyvnyak Anisiy Leontyevich -the ste is shown here Sorry , my Orders of Red Stars ,together
  7. Order of Red Star 3389363 Probably for years in service Medal For Merit in Battle also belongs to the set. I do not own the certificate to Medal for Victory over Japan. I think there are not many sets concernig war with Japan in this division,that is why I created the topic.
  8. First-Lieutenant in Red Army from 1939,agitpropist. He served in 84th Cavalry Division http://tankfront.ru/ussr/kd/kd084.html His awards and the orders booklet Order of Red Star 18244242 and the certificate about award He inspired with his personal act the unit in the War with Japan ,22nd August 1945.This auction is noted here. https://topwar.ru/123483-po-doline-reki-dashigouhe.html
  9. Yes,you right the order was bestowed on Czechoslovak worker of Ministery of Foreign Trade.The order was sold and a new owner does not wish to announce the name,I am sorry.
  10. A next example of this award with a law number.I do not want the topic to dust in omittance.
  11. A nice example of the set on the second-lieutenant of the border guard František Mihna. Typ 1,ČSR,number 17.The text in the certificate-For exeptional demonstration of heroism and courage. The set is not mine.It is impossible to own all awards which I like.
  12. Klybnyak Anisij Leontyevich .The complet of NKVD- worker.
  13. No,they are not.Only two of them have connection with Korean War in the early 50th.
  14. Order of Friendship Star 1st Grade
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