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  1. next piece of the medal -100 birth of Lenin waiting for the certificate
  2. I am sorry to say,but they are not any awards,these are imitations of awards or rattles.What material are they made from?Aluminium,tin?
  3. A next piece of MC of Zaire.Tell the price ,please.
  4. Do you mean that one?A pure circle?In Slovak-delostrelecký automobilný personál-artillery automotive crew
  5. The emblems on the sleeves means-machine-gunners section,period early 20ies XX century The beret caps mean the using of the French uniforms
  6. Somebody was interested in the number 3814.You can me write once more,I forgot your name.The order is for sale again.It is for a Czechoslovak doctor who was serving there in the early 50ies.
  7. Many thanks,that means the medal is with the bad ribbon and is more than 100 years old? I hope, somebody will prompt a price,too.
  8. Dear experts on Danish Phaleristic,give me as more information as possible about this medal:period of awarding,price,material...etc.Many thanks.
  9. Please,give me some more information about this medal.Time and period of awarding,price...etc.many thanks.
  10. Having some more time I will do some more pictures.
  11. I did not go through the division,so the medal could be here,if not see this new topic.Classic etue.
  12. Gefreiter Sukheckij Petr Romanovich Lance Corporal=Gefreiter
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