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  1. There more of them...but I took only 2
  2. Aleksej Nikitovich Asmolov right Kharchenko Dmitrij Karpovich left A.N.Asmolov- commander of Slovak partisan movement in SNU in 1944.Notice the Czechoslovak Order of Jan Žižka 1 st Grade.Only 5 awards were bestowed. Mikhail Semenovich Carigradskiy,he took care of partisant desants to Slovakia.In photo left
  3. Next photos from the assest of Ján Prna.I decided to continue...Prna standing second left with the next fighters from the Slovak village Bolešov. Prnas comrades from the catacombs in Odesa
  4. https://forum.faleristika.info/viewtopic.php?f=526&t=717568 It is not difficult to find out the awarded person now.Also here in this forum are people who can find information by the number.For 20$. I said only my point of view.
  5. The order is an awarded piece.It is not difficult to find out a recipient.
  6. I am going to add one.It would be interesting,how much is that badge?I mean the price.10euro?
  7. I am glad you like it.The Czechoslovak Republic was inspired in all decorations:orders,medals and badges in the Soviet Union. I am going to add.For Active Work in Trade Unions.
  8. 2 types of the silver badges of Ministry of Steelmills and Mines-Ministerstvo hutí a dolú-in Czeck language.Look at the marks of siver in the back side of badges.
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