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  1. Somebody was interested in the number 3814.You can me write once more,I forgot your name.The order is for sale again.It is for a Czechoslovak doctor who was serving there in the early 50ies.
  2. Many thanks,that means the medal is with the bad ribbon and is more than 100 years old? I hope, somebody will prompt a price,too.
  3. Dear experts on Danish Phaleristic,give me as more information as possible about this medal:period of awarding,price,material...etc.Many thanks.
  4. Please,give me some more information about this medal.Time and period of awarding,price...etc.many thanks.
  5. Having some more time I will do some more pictures.
  6. I did not go through the division,so the medal could be here,if not see this new topic.Classic etue.
  7. Gefreiter Sukheckij Petr Romanovich Lance Corporal=Gefreiter
  8. Medal of Slovak Red cross-For Lifesaving.Gold-plated bronze.
  9. It is an award of CO-civilná obrana means Civil Defence or Air -Raid Precautions.Vzorný pracovník-Exemplary Worker.
  10. This Cross of Resistance is also for sale.Not a cheap thing. I think this topic will be showing interesting pieces of awards of the Slovak Republic 1939-1945.
  11. Miniature of Pg Major diameter 23 mm Partisan Group Vtáčnik also issued to the 75th Anniversary of Slovak National Uprising
  12. The next Order of Romanian Star of the post-WW II period. Simply,I want the topic to be alive.
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