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  1. Miniature of Pg Major diameter 23 mm Partisan Group Vtáčnik also issued to the 75th Anniversary of Slovak National Uprising
  2. The next Order of Romanian Star of the post-WW II period. Simply,I want the topic to be alive.
  3. Please,help me, to identify this Polish Medal.I am sure the eagle looks like Polish.Many thanks.
  4. Time Left: 12 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Medal. 30 years of Soviet Army. Gilted brass. Shipping 5 euros.


  5. Next certificate to Michal Kováč-Medal For bravery,and Medal For merit for the second time.Simple but a complete.
  6. I am sorry but nothing more.This stuff was bougt for 50euro in one antiques shop .I can see you have nice comments to my topic.
  7. Ervín Feran,I am sure ,deserves his topic.Active in Czechoslovac Army Abroad from 1940 to 1945-notice the bars in the ribbon.The most interesting thing is the break in the rules of awarding.Only one grade o Czechoslovak Medal For Merit could be bestowed-either 1st Grade or 2nd one ,but look at booklet,he had 2 of both grades.No Medal For Bravery,no War Cross 1939.
  8. My point of view-the original medal in excellent condition.
  9. Personally,I do not like the scripts in the Order booklet.But I am not authorized to say what is the truth.I only expressed my point of view.
  10. Dear collegues,please, help me to identify this buckle.I hope somebody already has seen or met with this article.Many thanks for your reply.
  11. Good afternoon! What is the necessity to get,to be awardred by this award?Simply to donate some sum of money to the foundation?
  12. If somebody needs it I will sell it.
  13. Please,tell what award this etue belongs. Size-12,5x8x2cm. If somebody needs,write to this topic.
  14. Period cca 1917-white metal.It is for sale,I hope somebody will be interested in it.
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