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Cased EK I 1914 with 1939 type Frame

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This EK I 1914 is marked 26  B. H. Mayer, Kunstprägeanstalt, Pfrozheim.

I'm not sure if I'm correct here, but if a person was entitled and could proof that he was awarded the Cross in an earlier campaign could get a replacement at a later stage, in this case during the period of WW II.

Can I please ask members here for any knowledge.


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Yes, this is a WW2 made replacement (or private purchase) cross of an 1914 cross. The entitled person to wear a EK1 or EK2 could own as many crosses he liked but only wear one of each class at the same time.

It's not unusual that the WW1 and WW2 veterans had often two EK1's, their award piece and a privately purchased cross for parade or just as spare.



This cross is a beautiful B.H.Mayer product and the case is a bit strange.

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I thought private-purchase pieces were LdO marked, but I had one of these marked ones as well a while ago.


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