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    1. Wonderful photo! Would a scan of the front row right guy be possible? I have a feeling I know another photo of that guy. Best regards, Daniel
    2. A good Otto Schickle from the 1920's or 1930's.
    3. It's a Victoria DRGM from the 1920's. It has unfortunately a replaced pin.
    4. It's a 1914 cross that looks like a 1914 wide framed Godet.
    5. A really nice A14 type EK1 here. These are very early and produced around 1914.
    6. Hi, I have a quostion about a Militärpass I got recently for a member in the Park/Pionier Kompanie of S.B. 5 (Rohr). The cursive writing is really hard on this one (for me) and this is what I decyphered so far. The underlined and italic parts of the following text are parts I'm not sure about. Thanks for the help! Unfortunatley the "best stamp" has faded out... Best regards, Daniel Uffz. Erich Leopold Minder Sturmbattaillon 5 (Rohr), Park/Pionier kompanie 21.5.1915, 5. Ersatz kompanie / Pionier Ersatz Battaillon 7 28.5.1915 Zur Park kompanie des Sturmbattaillon 5 (Rohr) Next page, the only thing I can make out of the stamp is Pionier kompanie. The rest has faded out. - Stellungskämpfe Lorettohöhe 29.5.1915 – 25.6.1915 - Arras 1.7.1915 – 31.8.1915 - Hartm. Weilerk. (Hartmannsweilerkopf) 1.11.1915 – 31.11.1915(?) u. 22.11.1915- 10.1.1916 - Sturm Hirtzstein 8.1.1916 - Kämpfe u. Gefechte u. Verdun 21.2. – 27.4.1916 - Stellungskämpfe 28.4.1916 – 13.11.1918 (Propably Verdun) - Sturm Souvilleschlucht? 3.9.1916(?) - Sturm Malancourt-Esnes 01.08.1917 - Sturm Verdun (Vaux?) 10.10.1917 EK2 12.10(?).1916 30.11.1915 Gefreiter, 31.5.1916. Unteroffizier
    7. Thank you. You have been great help! You wouldn't happen to know the ballpark price for this sabre? I found from the internet so far just gilt and/or engraved officer models which are considerably more expensive than this "troopers" model.
    8. Schnitzler & Kirschbaum, from Sollingen seems to be the manuafcturer, so blade is German manufactured? Is it rare that it is?
    9. Thank you for the comment! I heard someone hinting it could be a saxon one as well? I'll check for markings. The sword fits in the scabbard like a fist in the eye. The scabbard even has for those "spikes(?)" vertically with the blade a place (see photo). Edit: It has a mark behind one of these spikes on the root of the blade, S&K.
    10. I believe I have here a 1788 light troopers cavalry sabre. Could anyone shed me some light on this? The handle.
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