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Guys, Have this document signed by an obscure Oberleutnant (Schonberger, maybe?) The unit is Bay. Fernsprech AbteilungOblt.thumb.jpg.fe9b8fb78ea2020d02a7ffb9c66e9059.jpg

Anybody could check it?

Thanks again

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That is Johann Schönberger, *06.08.1882 in Weiden and Leutn.d.R. d. 11. bay. IR in 1914.  He spent the war in Bavarian signal units:   He was a "telegraphischer Postsekretär" in Augsbrg as a civilan.

02.08.14-31.12.16   b. Etappen Telegrpahen Direktion 6  

01.01.17-24.02.17   B. Armeefernsprech Abtl 106

25.02.17-11.09.17   Fernsprech Abtl. 663

12.09.17-??             Fernsptrech Abtl. 603


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