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  1. Claudio, That is a beautiful Pickelhaube!! Here is some information regarding its owner. Andy Rudolf Urtel (06.08.1875-??) The 1941 Berlin Adreßbuch shows him as an Ingenieur living in Lichterfelde at Salzunger Pfad 11 22.03.15 Hptm. b. Personenkraftwagen Park d. Festung Metz 27.01.08-1914 Leutn./Oberlt. d.R. d. Kraftfahr B. [1908 Reserve Dienstaltersliste shows his profession as Ober Ingenieur in Berlin-Friedenau] 27.01.04-27.01.08 Leutn. d. Res. d. IR 94 all commissions were Reserve commissions Hptm. 22-03-15 Oberlt. 18-02-13 Leutn. 27-01-04
  2. Claudio, That is a really nice photograph. The notes on the back appear to have been written long after the fact and are a little confused. Here are the highlights of Heinrich's short military career. Andy Heinrich Gr. zu Rantzau (03.06.1871-20.04.1912) 20.04.12 infolge einer Operation an Herzschwäche zu Berlin gestorben 22.03.07-20.04.12 k. als Milit. Attaché b.d. Gesandtschaft i. Bern 12.03.07-22.03.07 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. 01.11.05—12.03.07 k.z. Dienstl. b. Gen. St. d. XIV. AK, d. Komdo ist einer Versetzung gleichzuachten 16.03.05-01.11.05 aggr. d. Gen. St., b. gr. Gen. St. 01.04.03-16.03.05 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. 01.10.98-21.07.01 k.z. Kr. Akad. 16.04.92-01.10.98 Kompanie Offizer im Garde Füs. R. 16.04.92 Sek.Lt. 17.12.91 Port. Fähnr. 01.06.91 als Fahnenj. in Garde Füsilier R. eingetr. Major 18-10-11 Hptm. 22-04-05 Oberlt. 14-09-00 Sek.Lt. 16-04-92 Vater: Landtagsmarschall, Wirkl. Geh. Rat. m.d. Präd. Excellenz Mutter: Karoline, geb. Gräfin von Reventlow a.d. H. Wittenberg Gemählin: Editha, geb. von Arenstedt Quelle: Eberhardt, Magnus von "Offizier Stammliste des Garde Füsilier Regiments von 1826 bis 1918, nebst Liste der Offiziere der Beurlaubtenstandes (Reserve und Garde Füsiulier Landwehr Regiment) sowie der Sanitätsoffiziere und Zahlmeister" 529 S., Klasing; Berlin 1922 Seite 264
  3. The 1870 Marine Rangliste shows the "Hohenzollernsche Denkmünze" among his awards and decorations. I believe that is the one you are asking about.
  4. Seems he had a very short military career for a man of his age. I can't tell you where he might have seen combat. Andy Karl Siegmund Schwarzschild 11.05.1916 he died in Potsdam, having last served on the staff of "General der Fußartillerie 10" 02.09.1915 promoted to Leutn. d. Landwehr Fußartillerie 1. Aufgebots from Landwehr Bez. Potsdam. At this time he was serving with the I. Ersatz Batl. of Fußart. R. 8 09.10.1873 born in Frankfurt a.M.
  5. Perhaps this list might be of some help. His awards from the 1898 Prussian Rangliste- immediately after he left UR 19. PRAO 4 Preußen Roter Adler 4. Kl. HEK3 Fürstl. Hohenzollern. Ehrenkeuz 3. Kl. LH.EK2 Lippe Hausorden Ehrenkreuz 2. Kl WV2 Waldeck Militär Verdienstkreuz 2. Kl. WK3c Württ. Kronenorden, Ritterkreuz WF3a Württ. Friederichs Orden Ritterkreuz 1. Kl. WMD1 Würrt. Dienstauszeichnung 1. Kl. JZ4 Japan Orden d. heiligen Schatzes, Offizierkreuz NgL4 Nassau Hausorden vom goldenen Löwen 4. Kl. RA2 Russisch St. Annen Orden 2. Kl. also, in the 1897 Württ. Rangliste he is shown as having the "silberne Jubiläums Medaille, " which does not show up in the Prussian Rangliste. Andy
  6. Claudio, Here are two Stammlisten entries regarding Frhr. v. Röder. The first is from Hus. R. 1 and the 2nd from Drag. R. 14. He commanded the 27. Kav. Brig. until 19.10.1905. Based on this information, he served in UR 19. The HR 1 entry shows him having an EK2. I think this is a mistake, as there is not evidence anywhere that he had an EK. Andy
  7. Chris, Another nice document. Here are a few dates of possible interest. I could find no mention of him in the 1914-1918 IR 111 regimental history. Andy Gustav Tilger (29.11.1862-29.03.1925) 22.05.15 als Kom. d. I. Ers./Inf. R. 111 d. Char. als Major erhalt. 1914 Kaufmann in Leipzig 23.03.01 Hptm.d.R. d. FR 40 18.11.93 Prem.Lt. d.R. d. FR 40 14.08.84 Sek.Lt. d.R. d. FR 40
  8. David, In the MWB Nr. 163/164, dated 5 April 1917, Louis' naming as a "Ritter" of the Johanniter Orden was published. So, we know the photo was taken after that approximate date. Andy
  9. Matt, He was born 27.02.1887. He received at least these: HOH3X, BZ3bX, BMV4X Andy
  10. His EK2 shows up in the 1818 Rangliste and all subsequent ones. Also, the painting shows him as a Major rather than as a Sec.Lt. The silver "fringe" on the epaulettes is the clue. So, the painting was completed after his retirement in 1841.
  11. Laurentius, There is only one officer named "Leber" in the 1817 Rangliste. He was a Sec.Lt. and adjutant of the 4. Art. Brig. He retired on 11 August 1841 still a captain in the 5. Art. Brig. He was given the "Charakter" as a Major upon retirement. His awards in the 1841 Rangliste are EK2 PDK and RG5. I think this is the man you are looking for. His RG5 is listed in the 1817 Rangliste as well, but no EK2 yet. He seems to have received it a few years later, not an uncommon occurrence. Andy
  12. Roman, Such a wonderful set deserves as much information about the owners as possible. So, here is what I have on father and son. Unfortunately, I can not find the dates he transferred to Lippstadt. also, note that he entered the army in IR 22, his father's last regiment but switched to the field artillery upon commissioning as a Leutn. Andy Ferdinand Metze (18.07.1878-02.11.1964) 1951 Zivil Ingenieur, Bremen, Joseph Haydn Str. 24 1942 Major a.D., Zivil Ingen., Handelsvertreter, Bremen, Joseph Haydn Str. 24 1930 Major a.D., Zivil Ingen., Bremen, Geisbergstr. 10 19.06.12-1914 Verw. Mitgl. d. Art. Werkst. i. Spandau 16.07.09-19.06.12 k.z. Dienstl. b.d. Art. Werkst. i. Spandau 01.10.07-15.07.09 k.z. Militärtechn. Akad. 1907-01.10.07 k.z. Art. u. Ing. Sch. 1905-1906 in 5./Feldart. R. 36 (Danzig) 1903-1904 in 6./Feldart. R. 36 (Danzig) 1902 in 4./Feldart. R. 36 (Danzig) 18.08.99-1901 in 1./Feldart. R. 36 (Danzig) 18.08.99 als Leutn. in Feldart. R. 36 vers. 08.10.98 Port. Fähnr. in Inf. R. 22 Hptm. 01-10-13 M35m* Oberlt. 17-09-09 J6i Leutn. 18-08-99 F3f *ern. 19-06-12 Adolph Metze (12.02.1848-29.01.1920) 18.04.99 d. Absch. m. Pens. u.d. Erlaubn. z. Tr. d. Unif. d. Inf. R. 17 bew. 22.03.97 etatsm. St. Offiz. im Inf. R. 22 22.03.97 Oberstlt. 18.06.92 Kom. d. I. u. IV./Inf. R. 63 18.11.90 überzähliger Major im Inf. R. 17 12.03.81-18.11.90 Chef 8./Inf. R. 17 12.03.81 Hptm. 11.03.73 Prem.Lt. 12.07.66 Sek.Lt. 09.12.65 Port. Fähnr. 18.04.65 als char. Port. Fähnr. v. Kad. K. d. Inf. R. 17 überw. 1866: Gefecht von Münchengrätz, Schlacht b. Königgrätz 1871: 26.07.70-08.06.71 beim Ersatz Batl. d. IR 17
  13. Not to make this more complicated, but Laurentius' statement that the PRAO4mSchw was only awarded in 1864 and 1866 (prior to the colonial period, of course) is a widely held misconception. I have identified 312 recipients of that award for events surrounding the events of 1848/49. and not all of them were Prussians, either. Andy
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