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WWI & frei corp Berlin Police medal bar

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Here my latest ! Decided to branch into WWII era bars and I love the Police and Olympic combo to a WWI and Frei IMG_2449.thumb.JPG.ebc61756d3434b9d4235fdd33b6cbadd.JPGIMG_2448.thumb.JPG.459eb13f4f8c729018a4e0b606dcb4b5.JPGIMG_2447.thumb.JPG.bc83b4ca5baa044d65b0791c96016785.JPG corp vet ! Posted this in other forum for Silesian Eagle also ! 

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Hi Scott,

Very nice! Love them police medal bars having an Olympic Medal. And the Silesian Eagle makes it nicer still.:thumbup:

Best regards,


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