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  1. Great valor group to A f-80 pilot who returned from Korea and was killed in a F-89 While testing engines in the all weather interceptor. officially engraved SS PH AM . And odd privately engraved SS. Interned in Arlington cemetery. He shot down a north Korean YAK jet in Nov 1950 . I believe the odd engraved may have been locally engraved or privately done for him at an Hamilton AFB in California? Some articles
  2. Only about 325 or so men received the 3rd award of the Combat badge an exclusive club !
  3. I am not sure any arrowheads were awarded for Vietnam ?
  4. Here’s info on incident. Bio, Hasenback, Paul A..pdf
  5. I believe since he was on a combat patrol and apparently taken by VC force as a possible POW ? Also has an OLC on his PH so possibly all ready WIA prior . Waiting on his file .
  6. More info on this mission 21.06.1944 712th Bomber Squadron B-24H Liberator 2nd.Lt. Cleve J. Howell, Seething, Meteln, Germany, War Crimes.pdf
  7. Killed 2 days after crashing in B24 after being hit over Berlin . Taken prisoner and shot by local nazi officials.
  8. Rare aviation group shot down 1966 v device missing from Navy commendation medal .
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