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  1. I think right under last name is rank and 1st name ? Last letter is W . i believe under that is a 91
  2. No I believe it the name I said but I could be wrong it’s hard to read Er??ienger unless E is 1st initial and beginning of last name is not visible? I will keep trying to read it !
  3. It could be Erdhienger ? But I believe the n is the letter ! It’s very hard to read ! But 99% sure of Erd?ienger . It’s an n or h ? It’s Erdnienger . Just looked at it again in nature light . More writing under name but visor is dark with age.
  4. A recent trade ! I thought it was a neat helmet needs proper cockades and a chin strap ! I ordered repro cockades and chinstrap until I can find originals that won't break the bank . BAX 1914 on rear visor and name Erdnienger in ink and other writing under that has been lost ! a bit brittle liner but all in all a nice helmet that's named to the soldier ! someone painted cockades and messed them all up ! the green one was painted black as Prussian one I cleaned it with mineral spirits but the white is still coated with repainted white enamel did not want to go to crazy and ruin it ! what state is this ? I don't think its correct for this helmet ? BAX 1914 I think is Prussian Hannover depot mark ? not sure why pics are sideways ?
  5. Thanks Chris I probably over paid in trade But it’s my 1st spike and I am hooked now ! Will post better pics ASAP .
  6. I desided to go for the trade ! I think pre 1897 due to only one cockade ? It’s a very small size . It was coated with major dirt and dust ! So as a 1st helmet I am not taking it apart so I cleaned it with a damp cloth and q tips just with warm water and wow what a diffrence !
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