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  1. Only about 325 or so men received the 3rd award of the Combat badge an exclusive club !
  2. I am not sure any arrowheads were awarded for Vietnam ?
  3. Here’s info on incident. Bio, Hasenback, Paul A..pdf
  4. I believe since he was on a combat patrol and apparently taken by VC force as a possible POW ? Also has an OLC on his PH so possibly all ready WIA prior . Waiting on his file .
  5. More info on this mission 21.06.1944 712th Bomber Squadron B-24H Liberator 2nd.Lt. Cleve J. Howell, Seething, Meteln, Germany, War Crimes.pdf
  6. Killed 2 days after crashing in B24 after being hit over Berlin . Taken prisoner and shot by local nazi officials.
  7. Rare aviation group shot down 1966 v device missing from Navy commendation medal .
  8. Lost on a combat patrol . Type iii navy heart
  9. A recent trade Article on this battle. Safari - Aug 30, 2019 at 6:33 PM.pdf
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