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Hi, I have a Grimsby Police Belt Buckle, but only one half of it. Can anyone throw any light on what the missing part should be like? Crown, Coat of Arms??

Grimsby Belt Buckle.jpg

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I've never seen this pattern before. As you know, I have a belt plate featuring the full Coat of Arms of the Borough plus the designation "Grimsby Borough Police" Yours looks chrome plated. If it is, it may have been produced to comply with the 1935 Clothing Committee Report. In which case I would suggest that a King's Crown would be on the male half.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comment.

Before I took a picture of this buckle, I had only just polished it which is why it doe's indeed look like chrome, but it is in fact white metal.

Only a short while after my original post I then thought to look at Cyril Kent Simms fine collection of belt buckles (http://alan.swain.me.uk/reference2.htm boards 53 & 57) and (http://alan.swain.me.uk/reference.htm board 34) these excellent examples in his collection gives me good insight into how police belt buckles were.

With my example, with the missing 'male' part I wonder if a 'make up' is acceptable. I have a spare white metal Grimsby Borough helmet plate centre as seen in picture, the centre part of this... centre, is exactly the size of the female part of buckle. I'm very tempted to make up something to replace what would be a very hard part to find original part If I could find a donor male part. Do you think this would look authentic if the original was to have been a coat of arms as opposed to having a crown?


Belt Buckle & Badge Centre.jpg

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