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    May Day 2012

    Greg Collins


    Happy May Day to all! Not a big holiday here in the US (although it did start here) except for the "faithful" (hard core Reds). Did catch the Moscow goings-on via RT earlier today- they covered events all over the world. Good to see the Moscow parades, although I wish they still went through Red Square. Noticed that even the oligarchs participated in the parade (Medvedev)- hmmmmm. Also good to see the general strike called by the Occupy movement- still strong. All together much more going on this year than last... could be indicative of something- we'll see. Anyway, rather than blather on ad nauseum, thought I'd leave a few colourful images that look better if you hum a chorus of The Internationale while viewing (no kidding). The first is a rather meager collection of May Day badges from the USSR and DDR along with a badge of our founder, followed by two images of some USSR postcards from the '70's and '80's (just like Mom used to send). Enjoy!

    Workers of All Nations Unite!
    You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains!


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    It is interesting that you've tied the Occupy movement to communism, I never thought of them in that way. However, now you mention it I suspose they are much alike. The old, "I don't want to risk anything or invest anything, except possibly sweat, but I want a bigger piece of the riches". I do respect your views and defend your right to state them...unlike the communist party. Chains are chains only the holders of the keys change.

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    Greg - I didn't think any Communist movement still existed in the US - I thought
    McCarthy purged everything ?

    South Africa has a very strong black communist party - they are in partnership with
    the ANC and are presently having some serious 'partnership' fights.

    The communist movement died in the UK in the period after the war when the last
    communist MP died. He was only there because his electorate were fond of him.

    The Labour party suddenly inherited all of the far left MP's and they are still running
    the place.

    I remember years ago, talking to a friend in the Met. Special Branch. He said the
    experts knew that the left wing had given themselves three generations to take over
    teachers - and through them the schools and universities.

    I would say that their plans have been fairly succesful. In fact, I would say that at present it is
    a race to see which group of extremists can destroy the Country first.

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    Without getting too steeped in politics (this is the wrong place for that), I would simply answer, "I am what I am (thanks to Popeye for that phrase), and we're still here in spite of McCarthy and Reagan- and they aren't". I don't believe the Occupy movement is any one thing (yet), although there is a strong social element to it.

    Kev, sorry about the St. Pat's parades. I've not been as active with the IRSP as I had been in the past. We'll work on that...

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    Oh Greg, bringing Popeye in on this discussion on your side. How can I argue with that.
    As long as we remain friends there is always room for the differences.

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    I will resort to all sorts of underhanded methods and celebrities to further my point... Popeye, the Roadrunner, Daffy Duck, the Freak Brothers and, upon occassion, Cheech Wizard... whatever works ;-)

    Friends absolutely! And always with respect for different points of view that are well argued.

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    What in the name of all that's pagan is this tosh doing at the top of my GMIC page?

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    What in the name of all that's pagan is this tosh doing at the top of my GMIC page?

    Another tolerate Christian?

    "and they shouted back, "Crucify Him"!"

    Simply the luck of the draw...

    Nope. You are current feature ;)

    P.S. Down with the commies! :lol:

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