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    Collecting Imperial German Artillery Regiments



    In December 2009, I set for myself the goal of collecting at least one item (medals, postcards, death cards, photos, shoulder straps, militarpass, etc) from each Imperial German Artillery regiment and other Artillery units, both Feld-Artillerie and Fuss-Artillerie. This clearly is a daunting task considering the number of German Artillery regiments (Prussian, Bavarian, active, reserve) and the number of separate battalions, batteries, and munitions columns.

    As of March 2011, I have collected 59 regiments and 15 other Artillery units, as well as several photos and postcards from unknown units representing the guns and uniforms of the Imperial German Artillery. I have also added several Austrian, British, French, and American units and artillery pieces to the mix.

    There is still a long, long way to go and I am looking for any artillery-related items of Imperial Germany. This blog hopefully will document my search for these many regiments.


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    4th (Magdeburg) Field Artillery Regiment "Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria"

    IV Corps (German Empire)

    7th Field Artillery Brigade;  4th (Magdeburg) Field Artillery Regiment

    The IV Army Corps was a corps level command of the Prussian and then the Imperial German Armies from the 19th Century to World War I. It was established on 3 October 1815 as the General Command in the Duchy of Saxony and became the IV Army Corps on August 30, 1818. Its headquarters was in Magdeburg and its catchment area included the Prussian Province of Saxony and the adjacent Saxon Duchies and Principalities.

    In peacetime, the Corps was assigned to the VI Army Inspectorate but joined the 1st Army at the start of the First World War. It was still in existence at the end of the war in the 6th Army, Heeresgruppe Kronprinz Rupprecht on the Western Front. The Corps was disbanded with the demobilisation of the German Army after World War I.




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    Images for 4th (Magdeburg) Field Artillery "Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria"   


    “Ginj.Freiw.D.Nebelungâ€, Ginj. Freiwilliger der Nebelung = Ginj . Volunteer of the Nebelung

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