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Regimental histories and references




One interesting aspect of this endeavor is an attempt to piece together some history of the Imperial German Artillery during the First World War. Of course, many of the regiments, particularly those with lineages existing before August 1914, published a written history of the regiment's wartime service. These are also highly collectible and I have three regimental histories already in my collection; 4. FAR, 49. FAR, 7. Bayr. FAR. There are many more out there and I'm always on the watch to add new volumes. There are also Das Ehrenbuch der Deutschen Feldartillerie and Das Ehrenbuch der Deutschen Schweren Artillerie, which include references to many regiments. Unfortunately, I still don't have these volumes. Like all collectors, my wish list seems longer than my holdings list!

It's often said, buy the book first and I wholeheartedly agree. Other references are useful for gaining an understanding of the basic organization of the Artillery within the German Army and of the guns with which the batteries were armed. My basic library includes the following books and I recommend this as a basic starting bibliography for the Imperial German Artillery enthusiast:

Imperial German Army 1914-18; Hermann Cron
Handbook of the German Army, 1918; British General Staff
Handbook of Imperial Germany; Robinson and Robinson
251 Divisions of the German Army; US Army G2
Artillerie im 20. Jahrhundert; Franz Kosar
German Artillery of World War One; Herbert Jager

Certainly, this list is not exhaustive; simply a good starting point. Any suggestions of references specifically related to German Artillery are greatly welcomed in the comments.



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Irish Gunner

I find the German regimental histories an interesting item to own. I own two myself, but I have used both for family military research. I was lucky and have the associated maps and authors' letters in each mine also. I also have some of the other books that you have mentioned as well as some books published by the Imperial War Muesum. As I continue to do more research, I hope to find more down the road.

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