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  1. As previously stated, neither the Afghan Medal nor the Iraq medal will not be awarded to US Soldiers. Grandpa Jo got one, some very senior leaders, and some troops present did within the US (like 15 total). Iraq is in such turmoil as is Afghanistan, and of it is ever authorized those who served will get it when we are old and crusty.
  2. Bayern, I looked up the award and it definitely looks to be correct. I think 922f is defining right. So I wonder if there is A role out there with Italian roles. I tried looking for a rank list and could not find it. Do you know of a website out there that may have list of Italian WWii Generals out there? thanks
  3. I saw this interesting Ribbon bar. I know that the officer is a WW2 Italian Air Force Engineer Officer. I was able to identify the all of the ribbons: ROW 1: Medal for Military Valor (Silver Star), Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus (3d Class Commander), Order of the Crown of Italy (Commander) ROW 2: Silver Officer's Service Cross (16 years), Order of Saint Joseph(Commander) ,Cross for Military Valor ROW 3: The Cross for War Merit, Commemorative Medal for Military Operations in East Africa (Ethiopia)[1935/36], 1940-43 Campaign Medal (3 stars = 3 years) What I find interesting is that an Army Long Service Medal and a very rare Order of St. Joseph (Commander), which means he was knighted from Tuscany. Can anyone help? If this is in the wrong section, I apologize.
  4. If anyone has access to NARA files or anything on him it would be appreciated. The only that I know is that he earned a DKiG at a different rank from someone at another forum who has a tunic of his. I have a EKII document of his. I didn’t think much of it until he brought up since I have had the document for some years now. I didn’t even know he was a DKiG winner. thanks in advance.
  5. I would leave them as is, however, in order to neutralize further metal corrosion I would take Vaseline and rub a light coat over the metal. This will stop the metal from getting worse.
  6. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. I am definitely going to request the records. Great research. I definitely do not think either of those two were him.
  7. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. I am definitely going to request the records.
  8. I really appreciate your knowledge on all of this again. Do you think that it would be worth writing Italy to get his records? I do know definitely he is from San Germano. I think we could narrow it down if the 7th Regiment was from around that Region of the 7th Reg. It would be cool if this was him if I could get a copy of the Citation and photo in Uniform the buy the medal and make a nice display.
  9. Well I think this makes more sense than anything. The lady that I am speaking too, my Cousin is 87, so I think this is a difference between family hearsay and actual documentation. I just got an email from her after I posted and she stated he came into the US from Canada through Detroit not Ellis’s Island. I am going by everything she has stated to me and not by looking at actual documents, which she has copies of on top of my Grandma and father who have told me bits and pieces. It would make sense. Maybe he came to US in 1912 or 1913. If I get copies of act documentation. This is definitely getting more interesting and I don’t think there were many Eduardo Barberis’. I may be wrong. Any idea of where the 7th Infanterie was mustered out of? Thanks so much for finding this information. This seems like the same thing I went through with another family member on Mother’s side a couple of years ago. All of the family stories were nothing like what I found out from hard facts through documentation. This seems to be the case here. If you find out anything else please let me know!like rank or such. I definitely owe you one here.
  10. I have been looking through the gazette and cannot find anything.. I may need your help. I am just trying to search them from 1879-1910 for his name.
  11. So I just called my great aunt again last night and brought up the weirdness of being 1879 and WWII. Come to find out after looking through her family records, he served prior to WWI and immigrated to the US in 1912 as things heated up in Europe and was in the US during WWI and actually was interned when they hit Ellis Island for a month or so. I suppose things make a little more sense now.
  12. Bayern, Thank you again. These are all family stories, so maybe this will shed some light to the family mystery.
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