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  1. I have another grouping where a Captain who was awarded a medal was 50 years old when awarded the medal and there is documentation to support the statement. I think age might be a smaller thing. Compared to the US forces; I have seen brits having weird ages for ranks in some capacities. Right now at my job there is a 51 year old RN Commander serving in a LNO job. He was just promoted last year and has been in for 35 years.
  2. I appreciate everyone’s responses. Then what is that number? I looked over the tunic more and brought it to a recent show and there was no belief that anything was fake. I also asked about the holes in the collar next to the exploding bomb and it was explained he could have been in another unit before going to royal artillery. The ribbons bars have been there a while because I cut stitching on the middle of the ribbon bar and there is discoloration. the two options given to me this past weekend 1) was that it was put together in the 60s-80 or 2) it is perfectly legit. Too bad there is no name in it. No one could explain the number but it was put in a place in the inner pocket just as the Germans put there’s and could be an identification number. i am lost. I guess I need to try to look at some rolls of post 1945 or retired officers with that medal rack and try to tie a few options as previously mentioned. i have another nice grouping for an MBE winner who went from private to Captain. Started in the royal artillery and won a M.M. As a private in WWI and in 1946 was give an MBE. at this point what a shame because it is a really nice uniform.
  3. Weasel thanks for your response. the first ribbon is the military cross and the second is the General Service medal with palm for being mentioned in dispatches. Is there anyway to put a name to identify who wore this ribbon bar?
  4. WW2 MEDAL RIBBON BAR. MILITARY CROSS , G.S.M WITH M.I.D & WW2 MEDALS . It is supposedly from a Royal Engineers Grouping Any additional information would help if Ribbon Bar is identified. It is part of my 11yr olds Son’s Bday present and I don’t know much about UK Militaria thanks in advance
  5. Royal Artillery (WWI and WWII) Vet I am looking to see if someone can put a name to this ribbon bar... Royal Artillery Colonel from WWII who was Great War Veteran 1) Military Cross w/ Rosette (2x) 2) 1914 Mons Star w/ Rosette (not 1914-1915 Mons Star) 3) British War Medal (WWI) 4) WWI Victory Medal 5) 1945 Defense Medal 6) War Medal 1939-1945 7) Efficiency Medal Thanks for any help. Any additional information would be welcomed.
  6. As previously stated, neither the Afghan Medal nor the Iraq medal will not be awarded to US Soldiers. Grandpa Jo got one, some very senior leaders, and some troops present did within the US (like 15 total). Iraq is in such turmoil as is Afghanistan, and of it is ever authorized those who served will get it when we are old and crusty.
  7. Bayern, I looked up the award and it definitely looks to be correct. I think 922f is defining right. So I wonder if there is A role out there with Italian roles. I tried looking for a rank list and could not find it. Do you know of a website out there that may have list of Italian WWii Generals out there? thanks
  8. I saw this interesting Ribbon bar. I know that the officer is a WW2 Italian Air Force Engineer Officer. I was able to identify the all of the ribbons: ROW 1: Medal for Military Valor (Silver Star), Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus (3d Class Commander), Order of the Crown of Italy (Commander) ROW 2: Silver Officer's Service Cross (16 years), Order of Saint Joseph(Commander) ,Cross for Military Valor ROW 3: The Cross for War Merit, Commemorative Medal for Military Operations in East Africa (Ethiopia)[1935/36], 1940-43 Campaign Medal (3 stars = 3 years) What I find interesting is that an Army Long Service Medal and a very rare Order of St. Joseph (Commander), which means he was knighted from Tuscany. Can anyone help? If this is in the wrong section, I apologize.
  9. If anyone has access to NARA files or anything on him it would be appreciated. The only that I know is that he earned a DKiG at a different rank from someone at another forum who has a tunic of his. I have a EKII document of his. I didn’t think much of it until he brought up since I have had the document for some years now. I didn’t even know he was a DKiG winner. thanks in advance.
  10. I would leave them as is, however, in order to neutralize further metal corrosion I would take Vaseline and rub a light coat over the metal. This will stop the metal from getting worse.
  11. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. I am definitely going to request the records. Great research. I definitely do not think either of those two were him.
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