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  1. I mentioned on another forum tht Craig Gottleib would try to get in on this. He is an Uber-douche. I met him at a show once and was a total asshole. people that dig up graves for profit are wankers. I hope the right thing is done here and maybe this tunnel can be preserved for others to cherish history.
  2. That will be amazing if you can figure this out. Can you post a colored photo of the uniform you have? Do you have all original medals on it?
  3. This is so hard for me to decide. If this thread is limited to Imperial German, then It narrow it down a little. Though it has little value to the collector community, it is extremely valuable to me: It would have to be my Great Grandpa’s Grouping. 1) Broke ‘14 EKII 2)MilitarpaB 3) Trenchart Bracelet that was used as engagement Ring when he got married in 1917. 4) 1922 Deutchmark/Reichmark the year he immigrated to the US. *I have posted before, but I will post again. Second would be the R109 (Baden RIR 109) Pickelhaube Cover that I collected.
  4. Rusted, Frame around the iron core loose, and Ring broken off. I have it in riker box mounted on wall with rest of his items...
  5. Good point. I know my Great Grandfather highly prized his EKII so much he carried in his pocket his entire life until he died in the US in 1960. The story was almost legendary throughout my extended family how “Grandpa” had an Iron Cross from WWI. I was lucky enough to have it given to me after I returned from my first tour in Iraq in 2005 when it just popped up. I have seen a lot of interesting photos of guys in the paramilitary groups who just had the Hindenburg Cross; I wonder how they felt when they saw a guy to their left or right with that extra little EKII or similar state
  6. BG Chuck Yeager died last night at 97. WWII Ace and first to break the sound barrier.
  7. I can’t even read it because it is so worn Any other thoughts out there. Thanks to everyone who has tried to help with this mystery so far.
  8. There doesn’t see to be a stamp. I found the tailors tag (very worn) and took a photo of the liner. I looked everywhere where I would know to find a date stamp, but with luck.
  9. Again, I am not familiar with the Dut CC Award System. WWII-wise, I know there was a Dutch Marine Battalion that fought off German Paratroopers at a Bridgehead
  10. Gents Like the title states, I recently acquired an amazing WWII Dutch Marine Uniform. It has loops for either two medals or a longer ribbon bar. I do not know much about Dutch stuff, but what could the possibility of combination of medals for this uniform? rank is Ensign or second lieutenant equivalent.
  11. Well, I think you had many german soldiers doing valorous things in 1914-1918. I think the criteria may have changed due to the trench warfare. I know for fact my Great Grandfather was awarded his EKII in 1917 for for staying in a position MG by himself so his entire section of the trench could pull out. He was awarded his Baden Silver Merit Medal (Baden EKII equivalent) for recovering his entire MG horse team while under fire by himself so they could retrograde resulting in two MG08s. These two stories were told to me by my great aunt before she died. I think there is no cheapening there
  12. Kinda crazy And stupid. I collect American Silver Eagles. The Philadelphia Mint 2017 is the lowest produced Silver Eagle (no I don’t know what this one is), but it is selling for average $5k USD. This year, 2020, West Point Mint shut down forever (as told by USMINT) and they are doing another low montage of Philadelphia Mint Silver Eagles and they are being press for $495 USD. Will be second lowest montage of coin. Also, FYSA, this is the last year the Silver Eagle will have this design.
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