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Document Archive




Document Archive

I have recently refreshed this area and want to explain its purpose and use.

The document archive allows members to upload and download files in a large format. It is like an online library which allows the archiving of material in a variety of formats including PDF files which our members can access to support their research of military history or military collectables. I see it as an area to upload scans of books, or lengthy documents.

This is primarily a free resource in that it is free to upload and download files. However there is is the facility for members to upload files which attract a fee for other members to download. This essentially allows members posting the document the facility to charge a cost per download. GMIC handles this fee (a small administrative charge is made to the member selling files to support the forum) and passes it on to the member via electronic payment.

As with all uploads on GMIC the member uploading must be clear on who owns the copyright to any work, especially when a charge is being made to download it. For further information on costs and methods of payment please contact me direct.

When an article is uploaded a support post is automatically created in the Document Archive Forum which allows members to comment or ask further questions to the members posting the documentation.



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I have 2 questions with regards to the archive having never used it before. Firstly, would it upload a file/database compiled on an Excel Spreadsheet, and secondly if I was to post a file (of any format) is there a facility that allows me to edit that post so I can remove an old file and replace it with a more updated version as and when needed?
I ask as I am currently working on a large name/position Excel Spreadsheet database of officers who served with Inf.Rgt Großdeutschland (and subsequent designations) down to Kompanie and even, where possible, Zugführer level. It isn't ready for posting as there is still a fair amount of work to do on it but with such an undertaking it will probably always be a work in progress as new names are discovered and added/amended/deleted etc so if I did post it (and I do intend to share the database when the time is right) on X Day would I be able to replace it on Z Day having found some new entries since the original version was posted?

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Excel is now supported but it will need to be saved as a .xml .xls or .xlsx file. I can format other file types so let me know what type of file extension is being used.

The system is designed to allow uploading of new versions. It is easy to update with new versions and by default the system will archive the old versions. To keep track the system asks you to apply version numbers to the files to make things easier.

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