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    Wanted British Colonial Cyprus Police Badge




    I am urgently looking for a detailed high resolution image of a Colonial Cyprus Police Badge. This is on behalf of a charity who are placing a memorial in Northern Cyprus this year to recognise those Police Officers killed during the Cyprus conflict. If anyone can supply a high resolution image (attached is a low resolution image which is not sufficiently detailed) it would be appreciated as this is needed to assist with the cutting of the memorial stone.

    Image taken for reference from http://www.hamwichouse.com/


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    Well, it certainly won't be this example - lighting is not even.

    Members - please check your collections to see if you have a good example ?

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    It would be easier to recreate the badge as a vector image. The lion is generic British Army and the rest is straight from stock.

    A competent designer should be able to produce one in an hour so.

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