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    I must've been a very very good boy this year!?!



    XMas shopping is easy between the wife and I... We set a budget then she buys what she wants for herself and I buy what I want for myself, we thank each other and are never dissapointed with our gifts! Works like a charm! :love:

    This year, (like previous years :rolleyes:), I decided to blow my entire budget on more Russian medals, especially on a few high end bravery and valour awards. My Moscow contact acquired them and I sent him the money via Western Union, am now anxiously awaiting their arrival! Then, 2 evenings ago... Browsing the web, I came accross an incredible deal. A French 5th republic "Commander of the Legion of Honour" at an incredibly reasonable price!! Less than 1/2 of the lowest price I had ever before seen. I could barely believe my eyes so I asked a buddy in France to have a look at it (in person). His reply, filled with curses for not having found it before me confirmed its impeccable state. But... My XMas budget is already gone and this puppy is still $300...

    My wife saw the preplexed and pained look on my face staring at this beauty on my computer screen... She said, "WTH, go for it"... :o:love: "But buy me something nice!". :whistle:

    So it's also on its way from Europe, but now I have to go XMas shopping... YUCK! :banger:

    Waddya all think? Good trade off? And yes, my wife does have a sister but she's short, fat, married and quite the penny pincher so :P .


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    Sounds like you made a great deal - all around. But I suggest "something nice" for your wife should be in the $600 range. Just in case...

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    And what did you get your wife?????

    Er... Hum... Lemme see...

    - A new hair dryer

    - A new wireless head set for the TV (so I can sleep when she watches the late show)

    - Perfume ($$$+++)

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