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Matt Tiller Becomes a Parish Constable

Mervyn Mitton




Firstly, this is a genre outside of the usual Blogs and entries to be found on Forums - it is an ongoing Novel.

I have had the idea for many years to write a series of Novels on our early British Police - starting in the late
18th Century and continuing to the start of the Metropolitan Police in 1829. This is a big undertaking and one
that I have put off. However, our new blog section is now doing well, Greg is writing regularly and is interesting
and Brian has a brilliant little series coming out twice a month - and very thought provoking they are.

My story will be fictional and will start in 1796 (216 years ago). THe young central figure - Matt Tiller, will go
through many adventures over coming years and we will follow his achievements and promotions.

This is a story with author's license - I have created my own characters and the villages and Manor Houses
that they will be living in and around. You will quickly realise that I have used the area around Kent near the
Medway and near to the Cathedral City of Rochester. By not using existing villages and areas it allows the story
to move in different directions. However, the historical context is as close to reality as it can be - with this distance in time.

I am allowing GMIC to have first viewership of the story - which - If I live long enough, will extend to some 15 chapters -
each a self contained short story. When finished I expect it will be published. I retain ownership and copyright and any
similarity to persons living or, dead is co-incidental.

I am aware that to people living outside of the UK some of the story and terms may not be immediately clear -
please do not hesitate to ask questions in the Comments section.



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So Mervyn,
Will we be able to recognize any of "US" as your characters? Looking forward to many, MANY exciting chapters!

Good luck my friend :-)


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