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Taking care of my wife...




Hello all,

Sorry for my sporadic drop ins of the past few weeks. My wife took a nose dive 2 weeks ago and fractured her femur requiring emergency surgery and insertion of multiple stainless steel screws. I've spent the last 14 days in hospital whenever not at work. She's at home now but requires rest for the next 6 weeks prior to reevaluation of her case... It'll either be physio, or another surgery. Bottom line is she'll require my constant help for weeks to come limiting my time on line.




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Please give her our fond regards - and tell her she's got work to do in the kitchen !

Seriously though, that is a nasty thing to happen and I hope she makes as quick
a recovery as possible. Mervyn

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Hello Frank,

Extend my best wishes for a speedy recovery to your wife.
Now's your chance for you to do the house work and take care of her for a while.

Warmest regards

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Sorry to hear of your wife's mishap and hope she is, at least, comfortable (pain free) during what I hope will be a speedy recovery. My best to both of you.


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Hello,Ive just joined,& was having a looksee,& came across your blog...
I hope you dont mind if I join in with the others on here & wish your wife well.Kindest Regards,Bob.

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Thanks guys, I passed on your wishes, she almost cracked a smile, drooled a few extra bubbles and slipped into another morphine induced semi-coma... LMAO!

She's actually up and about with a walker. I've screwed a bicycle basket on it so I don't have to fetch stuff for her all the time and duct taped mop heads to the walker's legs, she might as well do something useful like cleaning the floor while she drags her sorry butt around the house, the lazy little darling... Imagine that "but I've got a broken femur!" How lame... Pfffft!

I have to go now before she reads this over my shoulder and puts ME in hospital! Cheers all!

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Good news, doctor says the bone seems to be heeling nicely. Still walking with a cane but she's going back to work Monday.

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Good to hear that she is doing well. Physio is no fun (as I remember from a time 12 years ago when a ladder decided to obey the laws of gravity).


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Hold the presses... The doctor was wrong. The bone is NOT healing as hoped... And she's in pain.

She's now on an "emergency waiting list" (oxymoron of the year!) for surgery to have the femoral head replaced with a ceramic prosthesis.

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Well... My wife is going back under the knife on September 19th... The bone did not heal, she's in constant pain but still manages to work and smile. Quite the gal I married!

She'll be getting a ceramic prostesis replacing the femoral head. Any spare positive thoughts and vibes you might have lying about will be much appreciated...

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The operation went well, but they really kick you out of the hospital quickly these days! 2 days after the operation and she's home!

I took a leave from work to be at home with her, she can barely move!

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Finishing my 5th day at home taking care of the wifey... What a horrible operation! She's black and blue and swollen like she'd been hit by a truck!

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