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    1. A friend of ours who grew up in Singapore recalls being told to lie down on the floor of the car on certain stretches of road in Malaya when they went to visit relatives Michael.
    2. https://www.culture.fr/Grand-Memorial works for me. Michael
    3. I can't speak for the early issues, but later ones to women are "Mlle" (Mademoiselle) and "Me" (Madame). And Marie is not exclusively a female name. My grandfather was Marie Adrien Emile Darte. Known as Emile or "Milo" However I do not see any matricules for a Marie Meillier, so I would say a woman.
    4. It appears to be a medal for large families, perhaps a precursor (or maybe a prototype?) to the official medal instituted in May 1920 in three classes.
    5. It will be part of my exhibition at the Oakville Ontario Museum to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force.
    6. Given that the Second Republic ended in 1851, it is possible that the gorget might have still been in use during the Crimean War. All depends on how swiftly new plates were made. And again, were the gorgets issued or were officers required to purchase them? Michael
    7. It looks like a tour souvenir, but unusual as it appears to be a female soldier.
    8. I once had a group to a man who served in the Boer War, Northwest Frontier 1908, and in the First War from 1914. Order was QSA, IGS, 1914 Star trio. Wish I'd kept it. Michael
    9. All silver since the star pattern was replaced. I would say a minimum of .800 and a maximum of .925 silver, but that is based on Canadian Second War Medals.
    10. I reupped. The ability to use wildcards is crucial when you are dealing with medals. Michael
    11. The fastest way I've found is to search as follows: "surname first name middle name" supplement [Assuming there is more than one first name on the medal] You can enter a date range based on the obverse of the medal if you get too many hits. Searching Eason this way turned up one hit - the right one. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/45877/supplement/571 Michael
    12. According to the Ancestry medal rolls he had Egypt, AGS Somaliland 1908-10, NGS Persian Gulf 1909-1914, and a British War Medal for the First War. Michael
    13. You really have to go Premium, though. Sadly I let mine lapse, so could not filter by birthdate, which with a common name would be a real problem.
    14. I think this is probably your man: https://gw.geneanet.org/vpelletant?n=blay&oc=&p=xavier+auguste Gives a snapshot of his service with the SNCF. His military service record is here: https://archives.ladrome.fr/ark:/24626/sxthnj8r15f2/64c575d1-eb86-4f6c-95ae-26bb07749c3a Image 747 It indicates that he held the Carte de Combattant, which would have entitled him to the Combatant's Cross. Coincidently, he was born on the other side of Lyon from Chaponost, where my maternal grandmother was born. I've posted a number of times about her brother, Capitaine Marcel Verzieux. Michael
    15. Next batch arrived. negative on all three G. Larramendys, but lots on Emile Cointo, who was a PoW. He was in Stalag XVIIC, in Austria. Several of the scenes from The Sound of Music were filmed nearby. Also includes letters from his wife asking the SNCF to try to get his release for health reasons. COINTO EMILE FERNAND LUCIEN 2002_019_PERSO_0067_012.pdf
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