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    Bronzing The Gold


    Back in the 1990s, Mister Ohio All Brass Frankenstein Bars got hold of a fairly large supply of ORIGINAL N.S.D.A.P. 15 years long service devices. (there were a lot lying around never used in 1945. :rolleyes: ). In order to inflate his Hollywood-style cartoon fakes, he then PAINTED these original devices gold and brown (ugh) to pass off as 25 and 10 year devices. You do not EVER want to see silver peeping through gold or bronze.

    If he had won an Olympic Gold Medal, I'm sure he would have been SO proud, he've have had it bronzed.

    Crime may "pay," but not as well as "criminal master minds" THINK they are doing. :speechless:

    These are ORIGINAL 15 years devices painted... gold and brown. ORIGINALS MADE INTO FAKES. :banger:

    From the album:

    Fake Ribbon Bars & How to Spot Them

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