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    Bad Chickens! EK Spangen


    Both of these are the same x500 scale to each other.

    On the left we have the "high tech" fake of the 1990s. Apparently stamped-- and mass produced-- it's tell tale right (as viewed) wing higher than the left and "blob butt" under that wing immediately reveal the Squashed Marshmallow Easter Chick Fake.

    There are so many of these floating around that it is often found on later fakes.

    The Plucked Pullet was apparently a one-off attampt at grinding down a ? cast piece to make it look stamped. Yeaaaaaaah. Real good job there, Bubba!

    QUALITY CONTROL, folks. :rolleyes:

    From the album:

    Fake Ribbon Bars & How to Spot Them

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